Obviously two bars, why do the doctor said that they were pregnant?

Some mothers who are preparing for pregnancy may encounter

Suddenly began to feel disgusting nausea

The belly has become a bit bigger

I remember my aunt hasn’t come recently

I quickly bought the test strip pregnancy test stick test

Sure enough, two bars are pregnant

The family went to the hospital to check the heavens.

As a result, the doctor said that he was not pregnant

This is the phenomenon of pseudo -pregnancy

What is false pregnancy?

Pseudo -pregnancy refers to women with some symptoms similar to pregnancy, such as stopping menstruation, nausea, vomiting, etc., and even the occurrence of conscious fetal movement and abdominal bloating, but the fact is not a real pregnancy, and under the B -ultrasound, it is fundamentally fundamentalNo pregnancy in the uterus or outside the uterus can be seen.

There are two possibilities:

1. There are interference factors during the first test, causing false positive results.

2. You have experienced a "biochemical pregnancy".Biochemical pregnancy refers to an early abortion that occurs within 5 weeks of pregnancy. It can find that the HCG in the blood is elevated or the urine pregnancy test is positive, but the ultrasonic examination will never see the pregnancy sac.Asian abortion ".

Psychological stress

Most mothers will get pregnant because of their psychological pressure.Some elderly people always look forward to holding their grandsons and grandson. When their children get married, they urge their children, especially the pressure given by her mother -in -law. Moms always think that they must work hard and get rid of the shattered thoughts early.

There are also some mothers who are stressed by themselves. Many may be because they get older when they get married. They are worried that they will become older women when they are born late, and babies will be more likely to occur.

Other mothers are because of their career planning. If you do not hurry to have a child in these two years, it may affect his work, so he thinks that he is pregnant every day, and there will be a false pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy

Biochemical pregnancy refers to an early abortion that occurs within 5 weeks of pregnancy. The HCG can be detected in the blood, which is more than 25 mLU/ml or a positive urine pregnancy test.Clinical abortion ".

Biochemical pregnancy is not uncommon, accounting for about 25-30%of the total pregnancy. If there is no special detection of HCG, some female friends may just think that the aunt is postponed once, and it will not realize that this is a biochemical pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy is essentially a natural choice of survival of the fittest. If such a situation is encountered, there is no need to be too nervous, no treatment and treatment, and generally will not affect the next pregnancy.

If this happens many times, it is necessary to go to the hospital for further detailed examination to find the cause and targeted treatment.Doctors will check the endometrium, luteal function and immune factors such as closed antibodies and unique antibodies as appropriate according to your situation.

Is biochemical pregnancy and abortion?

Both biochemical pregnancy and abortion are both pregnancy failure. Some young mothers think that biochemical pregnancy is abortion. Is the two one thing?In fact, biochemical pregnancy is a stage when pregnancy can only be detected by biochemical methods. It has not developed to the stage when the pregnancy can be diagnosed with ultrasonic sac. It can be regarded as a special type of early pregnancy loss.The abortion occurs after the embryo bed, which is the loss of clinical pregnancy.

Therefore, biochemical pregnancy and abortion are both the category of embryonic or pregnancy loss, but they occur in different physiological stages, so they are not in one size.

How long can I get pregnant after biochemical pregnancy?

There are no special regulations in this regard.If you are not particularly anxious to ask your children, you can consider rest for 3 months to 6 months, so that the uterus has enough time to "rest", improve the adverse condition that causes miscarriage and is out of the external environment that is not good for embryo development.

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