Obviously pregnant, why suddenly come again?What about this situation in the early pregnancy?

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The big cousin called me early and whimpered: "I’m here for a holiday!" I was still not completely awake in my sleep. Isn’t it normal to come for a holiday?The big cousin was anxious on the phone: "Do you forget that I was still showing you the captain of my middle captain two days ago? The baby is gone, and the pregnancy fails!" Uh?IntersectionI suddenly came over.

The old cousin who has been confused has been preparing for pregnancy since last year, and strives to successfully embrace her two treasures before the age of 40.I have become the military division that she is the best choice. From food, food, housing, and physical examination, I have to check or wake up for her, especially in the diet.Ask me for a while.

A few days ago, she was very happy to take a picture of me in WeChat. The pregnancy test stick showed the traces of the captain, and couldn’t help cheering with her. Although she was a successful pregnancy, she had to worry about her in everything.As if I finally did a big thing.So, quickly arranged her to go to the hospital for more specific examinations to determine the pregnancy. After all, she was older, and many cases were not as young as when they were young.

On the same day, the big cousin went to check. The HCG value of the blood test increased, greater than 25mlu/ml. The doctor affirmed the result of pregnancy and opened progesterone for her to eat.It was a happy thing. Why did you suddenly come to the holiday today?

Once again, I went to the hospital with the big cousin. The doctor passed a series of examinations. As a result, the fertilized egg failed to bed and judged as a biochemical pregnancy.

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The concept of biochemical pregnancy seems to be more unfamiliar to many people. Many mothers do not know what biochemical pregnancy is.If the pregnant mother ’s holiday is postponed, there is a faint“ Chinese captain ”line with early pregnancy test paper, and even when the hospital is drawn to be suspected of pregnancy, the aunt visits it.Pass the shoulders.

In fact, biochemical pregnancy is an early abortion that usually occurs in the fifth week of pregnancy, and the condition in this period is not detected by the ultrasonic scanner.This process is that the sperm is fertilized by the eggs, but the eggs have not survived. The ultrasonic examination cannot see the gestational sac, indicating that the fertilized egg fails to bed, and it is also known as the "sub -clinical abortion".

1. Bleeding like menstruation.

2. There will be spasm or mild blood stains before bleeding.

3. Some pregnant women react. After doing the first reaction of early pregnancy test, they got a fuzzy positive result, but later, after a few days, some pale blood stains in the body.In a few days, there will be dark brown blood stains, but not like menstruation.

4. There are some women who have never done pregnancy tests. They do not know that they already have an early abortion, and they will simply regard bleeding as normal menstruation.

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1. The fertilized egg itself is defective

It is generally believed that abnormal embryonic chromosomes may be the main cause of biochemical pregnancy.In the early three months of pregnancy, more than 50%of the cause of abortion was chromosomal abnormalities.

2. The luteal function is not good

The laxatives are not good, leading to insufficient luteal secretion, abnormal endometrium, and influence the implantation of fertilized eggs in the uterus.

3. Uterine factors

Uterine dysplasia, submucosal fibroids, endometrium polyps, uterine cavity adhesion, and endometrial tuberculosis affect the fertilized eggs.

4. Genetic factors

Due to genetic factors, the number of chromosomes or abnormal structural abnormalities, resulting in poor embryo development, and dysplasia embryos will naturally abortion.In poor embryo development, genetic factors account for 60%to 70%.

5. External factors affect

Spelling mothers smoke (including second -hand smoke), drinking, contacting chemical poisons, severe noise and vibration, unusual emotional excitement, high temperature environment, etc., can cause placental dispenation and fetal injuries and abortion.

6. Disease and virus

Specific mothers are sick after pregnancy, infected with diseases and viruses in the body. The virus will affect the fertilized egg baby, affect her development, and cause miscarriage.

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For the unborn mothers who have been preparing for a long time, it is a pity that the baby’s abortion is naturally aborted, but in a sense, this natural abortion may not be a good thing. If it is a dysplasia embryo, natural abortion can reduce the birth of malformations.If the conditions of a woman are not suitable for breeding, they cannot barely develop the fetus in it.

There are many reasons for natural abortion, and abnormal pregnancy or embryonic development may be the main factor.According to the survey, in the three months of pregnancy, more than 70%of the abnormalities were aborted within three months of pregnancy.Premium ovarian abnormalities may be caused by the defects of sperm and eggs, including the number of chromosomal bodies and abnormalities.In other words, most of the pathological baby is naturally eliminated by abortion.Therefore, in a sense, natural miscarriage is a natural choice of survival of the fittest.

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After experiencing biochemical pregnancy, the big cousin, including many unbalanced mothers who also encountered, must be very concerned about this problem: Will it affect the next pregnancy?

Biochemical pregnancy is actually a normal phenomenon.People who are usually pregnant for the first time have the chance of this situation 50%-60%, but most of them have not been noticed.There are many reasons for this kind of natural miscarriage itself within 5 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, the bleeding time is not much different from the menstrual time, so it is often mistaken for menstruation. If you do not do HCG monitoring, some people who are big may have a big heart.I don’t know that my body has already had a pregnancy experience.Don’t lose confidence because of this, because there is a biochemical pregnancy, it does not mean that it will happen again.

Experts remind that there are no medical reasons to explain how long to wait to continue pregnancy.If the husband and wife want a child, do it directly.

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