Obviously I want a child, why do the reproductive doctors prescribe "contraceptives"?

The little fairy who was diagnosed in the reproductive department was either on the road of pregnancy or preparing for pregnancy.Seeing this topic can’t help but murmur."What does this contraceptive have to do with us?" "I want to get pregnant, why do the doctor take me to take contraceptives?"

Sure enough, you are still "graphic Tusson Break".In fact, oral short -acting contraceptives, that is, doctors often written by doctors, have been widely used in gynecological and reproductive departments with their "versatile".The family of contraceptives is huge, with long -term and short -acting.The effect is similar, each with its own characteristics.But no matter how the names and types change, the most fundamental is small doses of estrogen and progesterone.

1. Adjust the menstrual cycle

Some small fairy with polycystic ovary syndrome often may often have such a problem: either it has not come to menstruation for a long time, or after menstruation is clean, dripped vaginal bleeding.Bleeding caused by the dysfunction of ovarian ovulation function can adjust the menstrual cycle through oral contraceptives after the doctor eliminates organic diseases to improve the hormone level in the body and protect the endometrium.

2. Improve the symptoms of Kaohsiung

"Acne Face", "Blackbeard", "Mao Arm" … This is a nightmare for many young girls who love beautiful girls.

When thinking about planting grass various beauty artifacts, we should be more alert to the abnormal and elevated androgens in the body.Oral contraceptives (currently commonly used in Da Ying-35) contained in unique progesterone (acetic acid cylnomone), which is just a good medicine against excessiverogens in the body.After being treated with a doctor for a while, you will be surprised to find that "accidental" skin will become better and better.

3. Easy to arrange the cycle plan

When menstruation is irregular, it is often a big problem when menstruation is often.The arrangement of reducing and ovulation promotion often needs to be arranged according to the menstrual cycle.Oral contraceptive pills can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, which is convenient for doctors to arrange treatment plans.There is no longer the embarrassment of "Aunt Auntie", which also reduces the number of times to and from the hospital and the cost of examination.

4. Reduce ovarian physiological cysts

Finally began to promote ovulation, but the B -ultrasound came out of the ovaries and emerged with a "CY (cyst)".In order to avoid the effects of these physiological cysts on ovulation, doctors usually take oral contraceptives for pre -treatment. By suppressing the growth of follicles before ovulation, the occurrence of ovarian cysts such as luteal atrophy, luteinization and non -ruined follicles cysts such as follicular follicles cysts occur., Make the follicle length more uniform.

1) For different diseases, doctors have different types and treatment plans.If it is the purpose of contraception, it is recommended to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, and do not increase or decrease the amount at will.And once it starts, be sure to take it on time every day. Do not miss it, otherwise it will cause hormone levels in the body to fluctuate, and problems such as irregular bleeding will occur.

2) When it is used to improve the symptoms of Kaohsiung and adjust the menstrual cycle, it is often necessary to adhere to the medicine for multiple cycles. It should be noted that the medication is taken at 3 to 5 days of the menstrual period, and the menstruation is natural after a box of drugs are taken.Start with the second box of medicines (so on and so on) on the 3rd to 5 days of the menstrual period.After 3 months of medication, a review was reviewed.Adjust the medication time according to the changes in hormone levels in the body.

3) Oral contraceptives do not affect pregnancy.Because it is a short -acting agent, it will soon be removed by metabolism in the body.Therefore, you can try your pregnancy after stopping the medicine.

4) Pay attention to contraception in the short term!Although the contraceptive effectiveness of short -acting contraceptives can reach 99%. In the first few cycles of medication, because the hormone feedback shaft is not completely suppressed or the drug leakage is impact, ovulation may occur and the "leakage fish" occurs.

5) Although the contraceptive pill is amazing, it is not possible to try it by yourself.The biggest risk of oral contraceptives is thrombosis.The necessary medical examination must be performed before taking the medicine. Under the guidance of a doctor, the medicine can be used before the medication can not be used.

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