Obstetrician and gynecologist: Biscuits, durian, milk tea, popsicles can be eaten after pregnancy!But there is a prerequisite

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I saw Dr. Zhu Baoju of the obstetrics and gynecology department on the Internet for a production inspection for mothers!

My mother asked very anxiously: I am pregnant, my mouth is nobble, can I want to eat sweets?

Dr. Zhu said: Yes, it’s nothing to eat a few biscuits a day, solve it!

Fruits can also be eaten, and even durian can be eaten!

Is my mother asking for milk tea again?The doctor said yes!

Is my mother asking for a popsicle?Dr. Zhu said yes!

Dr. Zhu mentioned that eating snacks does not mean that there is any great harm to children, the most important thing is likely to increase the weight of the mother!

Prerequisite 1: Control quantity

For example, my mother wants to drink milk tea, it is very rude, so just drink a small or half cup!Or the mother suddenly wanted to eat durian, and there was no problem eating a small and a half.”Zero plan”

Many snacks are high sugar, high calories, high fat, and mothers can solve it, but do not eat too much. Eating more will affect our normal intake, and it may cause mothers to grow too fast.

Prerequisite 2: Snacks should be selected first

For example, when eating biscuits, we can choose to eat a little more sugar. Nowadays, there are diverse snacks on the market. In fact, we will be very selective!

When you want to eat popsicles, choose to eat popsicles instead of ice cream. There are a lot of cream in the ice cream, trans fatty acids, and the fat content is relatively high. Mom is easy to obese!

When eating fruits, you can choose to choose sugar as much as possible. For example, durian occasionally eats it, but most of the time, the mother can eat some small tomatoes, or the cucumber that can be eaten.For the fruits you eat, mothers can eat a little more.

Prerequisite 3: It depends on your physical condition when eating snacks

For example, the mother’s blood sugar is high, so you need to limit high sugar in the choice of snacks. You have to drink milk tea, then you can choose to use pure milk tea without sugar tea. If you eat biscuits, you can eat some sugar -free sugar -freeBiscuits, if you want to eat fruits, you need to eat more fruit with low sugar index.

If the mother’s weight grows too fast, when eating snacks, choose some low -fat snacks as much as possible. For example, using whole wheat bread to replace biscuits, such as eating beef jerky instead of eating preserved pork.

When my mother is pregnant, because of the calories, protein, and various minerals, there will be more. There may be no way to meet the nutritional needs of the body through three meals a day.Mom eats happier, and allows the fetus to get more nutrients.

As a nutritionist, Jing also recommends a few meals for her mother.

★ Pure milk or low sugar yogurt

We recommend that our mother eats 400 ml of milk every day, and when drinking milk, it is generally recommended to separate from dining, because when the mother is eating dinner, there will be porridge or soup and water.Snacks are more suitable for meals.

★ Low sugar fruit

For example, the fruits with high moisture content of apples and pears as a meal can not only alleviate the symptoms of thirsty thirst during pregnancy, but also supplement a certain amount of heat. However, pay attention to rinse after eating fruit.It affects the health of the teeth.

★ All kinds of nuts

Mom is recommended to eat 10 grams of nuts every day when she is pregnant. The nuts are rich in essential fatty acids, which helps the fetal brain development, but the nuts of nuts are relatively high, so you can eat about 10 grams a day.Eat in the meal.

★ Non -added beef jerky

Beef is a kind of meat that belongs to high protein and low fat. If the mother feels hungry when she is pregnant, she can take jerky beef jerky. Because there are more connective tissues, the mother can actually exercise when the mother is chewing.Teeth can also make the mother’s fullness stronger!

★ All -wheat bread

In Chinese families, eating white rice or sophisticated noodles, the concept of eating coarse grains is still weak.Therefore, the mother chooses the whole wheat bread for meals during daily meals, which will not only make the fullness stronger, but also the whole wheat can also provide the mother with more B vitamins and dietary fiber, which will help the mother digestionSystem health!

Therefore, when my mother is pregnant, she is not ca n’t eat snacks, but it must be scientific. She selectively eat snacks!

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