Obstetrician: Women do not be born in this age.

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The third child has been liberalized, and even many places say that the second child is born, there are corresponding rewards in the third child. Some are cash rewards.”Zero plan”

But now after entering 00s of the marriage age, I feel far away from him about marriage and having children, and even feel trouble even in love, playing games at home is more fragrant!

Many post -95s are still working hard. Even if you talk about marriage, you don’t need to have children so fast!

After the 90s, there was still a half of the marriage. Half of the marriage was only because most of them were only children. They always felt that there was a child.Take care.

The age of 80 to 90 is between 42 and 32 years old. Instead, this age group is more wanted to have a second child or even a third child. There are even some fish that missed the net.Tire.

That is, many people in the society are in their 30s before giving birth to children!


But two days ago, I brushed a video. The protagonist of this video was Li Yingchun, a obstetrician and gynecologist in a three -level hospital in Guangdong. Dr. Li mentioned that after menopause, there is no ability to give birth, but it does not mean that women can go through menopause.Rain!

After the age of 35, women are "elderly mothers". Older women are not only easy to conceive their children. Even after they are pregnant, they can easily occur in the middle of pregnancy.

For example, diabetes during pregnancy, hypertension during pregnancy, and various problems during pregnancy.

It may also be because the mother is too old, causing fetal malformations!

"Williams Science" mentioned that women are more prone to chromosomal abnormalities after 35 years of age, causing fetal malformations.

The United States had statistics on more than 7 million inpatients in 2009, listed the relationship between complications and age of pregnant women, and found that the risk of complications during pregnancy, the overall risk of complications, indeed increased significantly after the age of 40.


Teachers generally focus on those bad students, and bad students will be deeper in their impression.

And as obstetricians, they will also come into contact with a variety of mothers. Many of the smooth maternal doctors do not remember to hold it, but many doctors who have various problems during pregnancy will remember more clearly.

Doctors have found that these people have a lot to do with age, and elderly mothers are more likely to have various conditions during pregnancy.

Some of the obstetricians are infertility or reproductive department, so many of the children who seek children are also older women, and all kinds of problems have appeared.

So from the perspective of the most conducive to mothers and children’s health, doctors are advised to not have children after 35 years old!


The aunt of his colleague Zhenzhen was pregnant with his third child when he was 37.

When she was pregnant, her aunt still felt nothing. Isn’t she pregnant?I always went to the hospital when I was born in the first two. I did not expect that the third child could torture her enough.

In the early pregnancy, it vomited darkly. Although it did not vomit in the second trimester, the indicators of the medical examination were not very good.

The doctor also suggested that she should pay attention to preventing fatigue, rest, and supplement more nutrition, so she did not dare to go to work during the whole pregnancy, and even in the middle of pregnancy, there was a small amount of bleeding.

Because Zhenzhen’s uncle was about to go to work, he resigned during that time, and then went to accompany his aunt for nearly half a year.

She lamented with us at the time: I am older, and I have a lot of problems. The doctor who went to the delivery test told you all kinds of problems, really scared people!My aunt eats more supplements and medicines every day than rice.

Aunt was born in a hospital in the townships when two aunt, but the third hospital in the county seat was hospitalized. Because the diabetes was in the third child, the fetus was too large. The doctor said that he could not give birth.Essence

After 39 weeks, the aunt was very painful when she got out of bed. I felt very scared when I saw it. In the future, I had a shadow when I had children!

Zhenzhen said that after giving birth to a child, her aunt was old to see her naked eye, her hair was white, and her hair was less. It seemed like a 50 -year -old person. She hugged the child and went out. People thought they were grandma.

Zhenzhen said that the child is now nearly three years old. A few days ago, the aunt took the child to see the kindergarten. The kindergarten teacher called her aunt as "grandma" from the beginning. The aunt did not rush to correct it at first, and later did not say it.

But when the child came back, he said to his mother: Mom, why are other people’s mother so beautiful, so young, and you are so old?

Zhenzhen said that once he took his little cousin to the street, his cousin quietly told her: Sister cousin, my mother often said that she would take me out of the street, because I thought she was my grandma, I am my grandma, I am my grandma, I am my grandma, I am my grandma, I am my grandma, I am my grandma, I am my grandma. I am my grandma. I am my grandma.Mom is so old to give birth to me, I am embarrassed to say in front of others!

Zhenzhen mentioned that when he was older, he had a child, not only suffering himself, but also inferior children!

Did you have a child around you?Is there anything embarrassing?Welcome to leave a message below the comment area.

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