Nurses who are 9 months pregnant kneel down and infusion of the elderly: I have a lot of experience, and I will not replace it.

Modern Express News (Reporter Sun Xuhui) "The mothers are about to be a mother, and they still have a heart -shaped patient! In order to puncture success, kneel on your knees! I am proud of you." Recently, a big belly in Siyang County, Suqian City kneeled on the ground.The pictures of the circle of friends were hot, and many netizens liked her.Modern Express reporter learned that the nursing nurse who kneel was 9 months pregnant at the time. Because the patient was older and the vein was difficult to find, she kneeled to the ground to help the patient complete the puncture smoothly.

"Sister Ling Ling, patients with 18 beds need to infuse, but he is older and has a blurred vein. I have not succeeded after a few times …" Recently, in the ward of the Seven Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Siyang County, Suqian City,The nurse asked Xu Lingling, who was more experienced, and immediately looked at the bed in front of the bed.

It is understood that Xu Lingling was 9 months pregnant at this time.After learning that she was pregnant, the hospital transferred her from the night shift to the white class, and transferred her from the bed nurse to the treatment class nurse, so that she could make her work slightly easier.However, Xu Lingling couldn’t help it. When he saw other colleagues need help, he immediately rushed over to help.

"The patient is older, and the vein is unclear, so you must find the puncture position more carefully when infusion." After checking the patient’s condition, Xu Lingling, who was holding a big bellyRemaining work.She told her colleagues next to her: "My care experience is slightly more abundant, and the veins in the patient’s hands are relatively thin. I have to slowly find which veins are suitable for puncture.

In order to accurately pierce the needle, Xu Lingling held a big belly and kneeled on the ground with one knee on one knee to pierce the patient on the patient’s bed.From disinfection to needles accurately plunged into the vein, although only two minutes, it seemed very difficult for Xu Lingling, who was almost nine months pregnant.

Looking at Xu Lingling’s full attention to puncture the patient, colleagues on the side couldn’t help taking out a few photos and posted it to her circle of friends to praise Xu Lingling.

"When the patient is lying on the hospital bed and the blood drawing, kneeling on the ground can make the patient have a better sense of comfort, so she chose to kneel on the ground." Said another nurse in the seven ward area, although this, although this, this, although this, although this, this, although thisIt is the "conventional operation" of many nurses, but Xu Lingling has been pregnant for nine months. In fact, she can stood up to puncture for patients. I did not expect that she could still consider whether the patient was comfortable, which made Zhiyuan very admired.

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