Novice raising pigs, how to raise pregnant sows

We often encounter sows that are difficult to produce. The sow’s piglets are uneven size, and all symptoms such as sows have no milk after giving birth. Most of these symptoms are not managed during pregnancy.How to manage sows during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, sow from conception to childbirth. During this period of time, sowing during pregnancy can be divided into three stages: early pregnancy, second and second pregnancy, and later pregnancy. Let me tell me how I manages the pregnant sow.

First, early pregnancy

Generally, I take sows from conception to forty days. This period is called sow in the early stages of pregnancy. The sows during this period are mainly follicles in bed.

Pregnant sow

After the sow is raised, the production record must be made to record the sow’s breeding time, which is convenient for the sow’s due date. It is conducive to the sow’s due date, which is conducive to making piglets when sow giving birth.The due date is calculated from the day of the breaking, 114 days, that is, three months, three weeks and three days; the sow’s breeding time is recorded to observe whether the sow’s next estrus is estrus.There is estrus from 18 to 23 days, indicating that the sow is not pregnant.

The sow is properly fed for the sow on the day of the breeding. If the feeding is full, it may cause semen to flow, and the follicles cannot be in bed. From the third day, the sows are fed normally. 6 catties.

After the sow is breed, feed the sow for pregnancy, so that the sow should keep the sow a quiet environment, so that the sows should not have too much stress. If the stress is too large, the sow may not be pregnant or have a miscarriage after pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is best not to do vaccines for sows and deworming sow.

Second, pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy

Forty days after the sow to 80 days of pregnancy, the sow is said to be in the middle of the pregnancy. In the middle of the pregnancy, the sows did not require too much nutrition in the middle of pregnancy.The sow was too fat, causing the sow to produce difficulty.

Generally, I feed the sow two meals, a kind of feed in the middle. In the past, the sow fed six pounds normally, and now it can be reduced to about four and a half pounds.

Sow in the middle of pregnancy

Third, late pregnancy

After 80 days of pregnancy, sows are called second trimester, and sows in the late pregnancy period due to the rapid development of the fetus in the body. During this time, the sow feeding is mainly increased, the sow’s nutrition is increased, and the sow’s nutrition is allowed to allow the sowsThe fetus can be uniform.

After 80 days of pregnancy, sow sow feeding sows will breastfeed, so that pigs can have sufficient milk after childbirth. If the sow feeding is not increased during this time, the fetus in the sow will develop unevenly.If the individual is not big, you will not keep up because the sow is nutrition. After delivery, the sow milk is insufficient, or there is no milk.

After the sow is pregnant, after preventing sows from giving birth, the piglets pull yellow and white or gastritis and pseudo -rabies.And pseudo -rabies vaccine.

In the later stages of sow pregnancy, the parasitic insects in the sow brought a piglet, and the sow had to be used to remove insects. You can choose a pregnant beast.

Sow in the late pregnancy

Ten days before the sow was about to give birth, the sow was caught up to the bed and asked the sow to give birth.

I am in the countryside. The above are what I do during the sow during pregnancy. When the pregnant sow manages well, the piglets will get less sick.

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