Novice Moms Essential: Five major nursing points during pregnancy

Welcome to my blog!I am Mr. M.Today, I want to share with you the five major nursing points about pregnancy.This is what every novice mother must know to ensure the health of themselves and the baby.let’s start!

1. Balanced nutritional diet

During pregnancy, your body needs additional nutrition to support your baby’s development.According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the diet of pregnant women should contain sufficient protein, iron, folic acid and calcium 1.It is recommended to increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, choose all -valley food, and ensure diversification of protein sources.In addition, don’t forget to supplement the vitamin of pregnant women, especially folic acid to support the baby’s neurological development.

2. Appropriate exercise

Exercise is essential for maintaining health during pregnancy.According to the report of "Obstetrics and Gynecology" magazine, appropriate exercise can help reduce discomfort during pregnancy, such as back pain and edema, and help delivery 2.The recommended sports include walking, swimming and pregnant women yoga.However, be sure to consult a doctor before starting any exercise plan.

3. Regular checkup

Regular delivery is the key to monitoring you and your baby’s health.Through the checkup, doctors can find and deal with any possible problems in time.According to the "American Family Doctor" magazine, a birth checkup is conducted every 4-6 weeks in the early pregnancy, and the third trimester needs to be more frequent.Make sure you check in accordance with the doctor’s advice and ask the doctor for any questions.

4. Management pressure and emotions

During pregnancy, changes in hormones may affect your emotions.According to the research of "Stress and Health" magazine, excessive pressure may have a negative impact on pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, it is important to find the appropriate way to manage stress and emotions.You can try to breathe, meditate, or chat with friends to relax yourself.You can also consider participating in a pregnant woman’s support group or seeking psychological counseling.

5. Prepare for childbirth and parenting

During pregnancy, it is wise to prepare for childbirth and parenting.Participate in prenatal courses, understand the process of childbirth, pack your luggage for the hospital, and start considering your parenting plan.According to a study of "Fertility and Family" magazine, prenatal education can improve the confidence of new mothers and help reduce anxiety 5 during childbirth.


Pregnancy is a magical period, but it is also a period of paying special attention and care.You can create a healthy environment for yourself and your baby through nutritional diet, appropriate amount of exercise, regular production inspection, management pressure and emotion, and preparing for childbirth and parenting.

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