Novel: You asked Miss Su to get pregnant!Why did you make her pregnant and not good at her?

Gu Shengqi looked at the man in front of him, and a displeased look flashed between his eyebrows.

"Who are you?" Gu Shengqi asked.

"I am the attending doctor of Miss Su." Saiwen gritted his teeth and wished to press the man on the ground and hammed his dog’s head.

"It turned out to be your scum! It was you who made Miss Su pregnant! Why did you make her pregnant and not good at her? Why did Miss Su like this? What did she do wrong?"

Saiwen has always had a hazy affection for Su Wenwen, and now it has reached the edge of the outbreak.

Gu Shengqi glanced at Saiwen strangely and said with a ridicule: "This is something between me and Su Wenwen, do you get you care?"

Saiwen laughed. He suddenly reached out his hand, pushed Gu Shengqi hard, pressed him on the wall, and punched his face on his face.

"It has nothing to do with me. I just can’t get used to Miss Su being bullied by you. Why do you let Miss Su donate blood? There is either blood in the blood bank, or because of the words of Liang Jiaxi’s woman, do you let Miss Su give his life?"

This fist directly caused a trace of blood from the corner of Gu Shengqi’s mouth.

After hearing the words of Saiwen, Gu Shengqi sank, and quickly asked, "What do you mean?"

That woman is tenacious like a Xiaoqiang, how can she not die, how can she abuse her, how to treat her, haven’t they come here for so many years?How can I die once?

Saiwen looked at him, his eyes were full of hatred, "Don’t you know? Miss Su has been ill. I usually tell her, don’t bleed. It is likely that it is just a small wound, for Miss SuIt ’s all fatal damage, but you are good, let her donate blood directly. She still has your child in her belly, how can you bear it?"

Gu Shengqi’s brain was blank. He was froze as a whole, and his bad hunch seemed to be true at this time.

"You lie to me!" Gu Sheng laughed. Although his face became very ugly, he insisted on saying, "You are the helper of that woman invited! I don’t believe what you say, she will not die like this, she will not die like this.! "

At this time, the operation was finally over.

The doctor came out and said to Gu Shengqi: "Mr. Gu, Miss Liang Jiaxi’s situation is very stable."

Gu Sheng stunned and asked loudly, "What about Su Wenwen?"

The doctor was silent, then lowered his head without answering.

"I don’t care about Mr.. Miss Su’s situation is not suitable for donating blood. I told you before the operation. You didn’t take it at your heart. I couldn’t save Miss Su. She was already a dead body."

Gu Shengqi was struck by lightning, and he did not expect that Su Wenwen was so dead!

Impossible, absolutely impossible, all this is fake!

"You are a liar! I ordered you to go in quickly and move me again! Be sure to save Su Wenwen!"

Gu Shengqi was crazy, holding the doctor’s collar, but the doctor kept saying that Su Wenwen was dead.

"The corpse is in it. If Mr. Gu doesn’t believe it, you can go in and see."

Gu Shengqi’s whole person became declining, and he stood up for a while, almost going to fall.

When he was close to the operating table, he saw a human figure covering a white cloth.

The man’s belly was slightly bulging, and he could see that he was pregnant.

Gu Sheng shook his hand, lifted the white cloth, and saw Su Wenwen’s paleness like paper.

I have no breathing anymore.

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