Novel: Tips for pregnancy, I want to know what you want to know

Back to the room.

Ji Yuqi was completely panicked: Can’t you get pregnant?Go to the hospital?No, the hospital knows almost all of them.

After thinking for a long time, I didn’t expect what to do.

Then he settled at the heart and went back to Hangzhou to check.

You can go back in half a month.

And Dexian, Yejia Village.

The next afternoon, two waves of guests came.

That’s right, Ye Nan’s two aunts: Ye Xiaozhen, Ye Xiaoyun.

Ye Nan still likes these two aunts. After the grandfather and sister went, the two aunts took over Ye Nan.

At the time, Ye Nan went to Hangzhou to say that he was not dignified.

Although I do n’t often come back, I often send things to my grandpa, for fear that our grandfather will be hungry.

"Aunt, little aunt." Ye Nan shouted politely.

"Well, Xiaonan, come, come, the red envelope given you."

"Xiaonan, the red envelope given to you by your aunt."

The two aunt began to make money again.

Grandpa came out of the room at this time: "Xiaozhen, Xiaoyun is here."



Two aunts were in unison.

"Just two of you? Child?" Grandpa frowned.

Now the two aunt asked aggressive.

"Grandpa, you sit first, and your aunt didn’t drink saliva." Ye Nan went to bubble wheat milk.

When he came back, he found that his aunt and grandfather were silent and did not speak out.

"Aunt, aunt, come to drink some milk."

Ye Nan placed two cups of wheat milk in front of two aunt.

"This is?"

"Wheat Milk Essence?"

The aunts were stunned. None of them could often drink wheat milk, but they did not expect that their nephews would soak themselves with wheat milk.

"Drink it, it’s not delicious when you get cold." Ye Nan said with a smile.

The two aunts didn’t say much, and they should drink something so far.

"Xiaonan, how is it recently? How about finding a job for you?" Aunt was still worried about his nephew’s livelihood.

The aunt was worried about his life. He always felt that he had married his daughter -in -law, and the man’s heart settled: "Xiao Nan, auntie finds you a matchmaker and introduce a daughter -in -law."

Grandpa heard these two opinions, and he was a little bit exciting: "I think the baby girl of Wangjiacun is pretty good. Last year, your grandmother also said to you."

The aunt is working hard: "Which one? I’m looking for someone to say a media."

My aunt was looking forward to it.

Ye Nan is depressed. Do you have to marry a daughter -in -law at the age of 21?The country has no provisions, it is really difficult: "Not in a hurry, Xiao Wei is still young, wait a few years."

"How can that, Xiao Wei a girl, how do you bring a big man?" Xiao aunt frowned.

"Find a sister -in -law who is good to her than to bring him better than you?" Aunt also agreed with Xiao aunt.

Ye Nanfa scratched his head sadly: "Auntie and aunt, let’s keep dinner, I’ll prepare dinner."

"Xiao Nan diverted the topic." The aunt was not depending on.

At this time, the second uncle and the second family also came and brought gifts.

"Xiaozhen, Xiaoyun is here." The second uncle Ye Shengfu laughed.

"Well, the second brother, the second sister"

"Second Brother, Second"

Six children came in at once:

"Aunt, aunt"

"Aunt, aunt"

"Da Gulu, School Aunt"


After being polite one by one, the aunt picked up Ye Wei said: "Xiao Wei seems to be fatter, and it becomes heavy."

The aunt also touched Ye Wei’s head, and said with a loving face and said, "Yeah, the cuteness is.

Everyone was silent.

They also knew that Ye Nan and Ye Wei were not very good, but in this era, none of them had a good family. If there were either old men, Ye Wei might not be able to survive.

Ye Nan suddenly thought: "Aunt, aunt, I want to go to the city to open a shop in the city after the years.

Aunt and aunt frowned.

Grandpa said aside: "The family eats this at home, and I am old." I am old. "

This is obviously a little aunt.

"What shop do you want to open?" The aunt asked first.

"It is not easy to do business, and there are often people who are arrested." Aunt also worried.

"Xiaonan, but the ability is ready to repair the house for his dad later." The second uncle praised Ye Nan.

The reason why his aunt and aunt were surprised. The reason why his husband and child were unwilling to come, most of them because the house was too broken, and he had to live for one night every time.

"I am going to open a catering, small snacks." Ye Nan thought about explaining: "It is mainly troublesome to find a store. It is best to find a two -story floor, you can live upstairs, you can do business downstairs."

"In a few days, I wanted the second uncle to help stare at the house at home. He also took Grandpa and Xiao Wei to Hangzhou. Xiao Wei was three years old and had to prepare to go to school."

The second uncle Ye Shengfu frowned: "Grandpa goes to Hangzhou with you, then don’t repair the house, waste that money to do."

Grandpa also frowned, and seemed to be struggling. In the end, he would not go to Hangshi. He went to Hangzhou grandson business to make more money, and his granddaughter could receive good education.However, at least the rural areas are at least hungry, and there are several sons who can help.

My aunt also said, "If you want to go to the city, don’t practice the house. It takes more than 1,000 to repair a house. It is better to buy a set in the city, which is better than yourself."

The aunt also said, "The two small buildings you said, buy at most five or six thousand."

Ye Nan didn’t echo, just looking at his grandpa.

"Hey, okay, don’t repair the house, go to the city to buy it. Go back to the second child, go to the village secretary, open an introduction letter, and say that you go to the fifth child and the sixth." Grandpa bowed his head for his grandchildren.The village that is about to leave for decades.

Ye Nan saw Grandpa’s loneliness: "Grandpa, we will come back, wait for me to make money, Xiao Wei grows up, I will accompany you back to repair your big house."

"Okay, okay, okay, you just have this heart." Grandpa nodded excitedly and blushed.

Speaking of the guests at the door.

"Xiao Nan is in?" A familiar voice.

When I saw people, Ye Nan didn’t calm down: "Grandma."

"Hey, I thought you were not at home, what about Xiao Wei?" Grandma and uncle, Wang Jun, Wang Hai, Wang Wenqian came.

Grandpa settled the mind and stood up and greeted: "Old girl, why are you here? Just have a bad body to bring a letter.

Grandma had a serious illness at a glance. She was younger than grandpa, and she was trembling on the stool before she said: "Brother, what do we say is also a relative, I come to see the grandchildren and granddaughter."

"This is your second child and the fifth child. The sixth child. I haven’t seen it for several years."




Uncle, aunt, aunt, all greeted.

"Hey, good, Haibo, send a red envelope to the children, I can’t move, you go." Grandma commanded.

"Okay, mom"

Grandma’s eyes stunned Ye Wei: "Oh, Xiao Wei, come to the grandmother to hold it, and my grandmother can hold you in a few days."

The aunt took the initiative to let go of Ye Wei and pushed the grandmother’s direction.

The little girl was also very warm, and she dangled into her grandmother’s arms.

Seeing Ye Wei, her grandmother could always think of her bitter daughter, always red eyes.

Ye Wei is also sensible and wipes her grandmother with tears: "No ~ cry, call"

"Hey, yes, call, don’t cry." Grandma smiled: "Xiao Nan, you have suffered your child."

"Grandma, don’t you suffer, are you better?" Ye Nan was a little bit stunned. When Grandpa and sister left, the grandmother heard the news and followed after a year.

"Okay, Xiaonan has the ability, we have made money. Grandma is okay. It depends on Xiaonan to marry a daughter -in -law and see that Xiaowei go to college." Grandma said with certainty.

Grandpa said at this time: "Old girl, you are just right, Xiaonan just said that we were ready to go to the city in a few days to do business, just to bring your family Wang Jun."

Grandpa’s mind, Ye Nan understood, and hoped to make his grandmother’s family better.

"Well, grandma, let Wang Jun go to the city with me, I take him to do business." Ye Nan looked at Wang Jun.

Grandma’s turbid eyes looked at Wang Jun: "Okay, as long as he wants to go, don’t let my old guy drag down his descendants."

时 Wang Haibo frowned at this time: "Mom"

"Okay, don’t say it, don’t say it anymore."

"Xiaonan, my grandmother came to introduce you to my daughter -in -law. Since you are going to the city, you’re going." Grandma continued: "Go to the city and try to marry a city daughter -in -law."

"Okay, Xiaonan marries you a grandson daughter -in -law in the city." Ye Nan followed.

Then everyone also talked about what happened to the city.

Later Grandpa decided that the county’s business could not be lost, so that the second uncle topped it: "You take 20 % to Xiaonan every month, and the others are counted as your family.

Ye Nan also said: "Uncle Second, I asked Wang Jun to teach you later. He will help you in the early days. When we make everything in our city, call Wang Jun."

Second Uncle Ye Shengfu nodded: "Don’t worry, I will do it well and strive to open a shop in the county."

Everyone nodded.

Immediately after, the aunt, aunt, and the second aunt went to the kitchen for dinner.

Grandma, a few people all left after dinner.

After eating dinner, the aunt and aunt left in an empty house to lay a bed in bed and return to the city with Ye Nan in a few days.

Wang Jun taught the second uncle and Ye Yongtai how to explode the potato chips, and went back.

Ye Nan was lying on the bed in bed and thinking about what business was doing.

Huaxia version of KFC?No, now the breeding industry cannot support such stores.

Melon seeds and peanuts?There are many brands of melon seeds and peanuts in later generations.Get some salted melon seeds, salty peanuts, Wu Xiang, milk fragrance, sweet.

This can be done, and the store does not need to be very large.

Then it is fried, and the radio business can also be done. After making money, go to Hong Kong Island to make a tape.

Ye Nanxin thought: Li Jiacheng has done business for thirty years to see if I can catch up with him for three years.At that time, after accumulating funds, go to Hong Kong Island to do business, harvest a wave of little devils, and then return to the mainland as a Hong Kong businessman.

I fell asleep thinking.

Dreaming of a girl in the dream, 168 height, fat and thin, and wearing wedding dresses, but no matter how Ye Nan was pulled, the mist on the girl’s face could not be opened.

1982, January 26th

Today is Ye Nan and aunt, the day when my aunt goes to the city.

Grandpa and Xiao Wei were still in the village, waiting for Ye Nan to arrange, and went to the city with Wang Jun.

Now, in the 1980s, the aunts and aunts were working in the city. They had only three days during the Spring Festival holiday, so they set off on the 26th.

Ye Nan could only keep up, and almost forgot that the Spring Festival in the 1980s was three days, May 1st day, New Year’s Day day.EssenceEssence

At noon, I arrived in Hangzhou. At this time, Hangshi said that it was really much worse than later generations.

The four seasons of the later generations have not yet started construction. It will only be opened in 1989. If you make money at that time, you may be able to enter one. After all, the four seasons of the later generations will still make money.

"If you have time, you must take Grandpa and Xiaowei to West Lake, and play with Lingyin Temple." Ye Nan murmured.

The aunt seemed to hear: "Well, there are free over there."

Speaking of Lingyin Temple, a sudden news appeared in Ye Nan’s mind.

In 2001, cultural relics unearthed from Leifeng Tower are still first.

It seems to be the golden bronze Buddha statue, and the four corners of the silver gilt tower.

In other words, it is still pressed below, and the most important Leifeng Tower fell in 1924.

Would you like to find a chance to dig out, can you go to Hong Kong Island directly?After thinking about it, Ye Nan still gave up. Since it was the country, it was still waiting for the country to discover it, and put it into the National Museum.

Besides, I have a chance to make money.Mainly he doesn’t like antiques, if he likes antiques, maybe he still collects himself.

Soon the destination, this is near Zhejiang University.

My aunt said: "I passed by before, there was two floors, with the shop, but I didn’t know how much price."

The aunt also looked at a two -story building in front of me: "Xiao Nan, this seems good, just don’t know how much money."

Ye Nan also nodded: "Just know."

Later, Ye Nan walked to a nearby shop and asked, "Uncle, do you know the landlord of the house on the side?" He said that he pointed at the house next to him.

"Oh oh, this is Professor Li’s house. He is a professor at Zhejiang University. It seems that something happened in the family and sells the house with money."

"How do you contact that landlord?" Ye Nan continued.

"He should be in the house on the street, the second floor of the street."

"Okay, thank you Uncle" Ye Nanchao’s streets who asked.

Aunt and aunt also followed.

Wait until the second floor, the door of Ye Nan lighting the door "deduction"


After a while, there would be a response, and the voice was fifty or sixty years old.

"Hello, I’m here to buy a house."

The door of Wen Shengfang opened: "Do you buy a house?"

"Is it Professor Li?"

Professor Li nodded: "Do you say those two floors?"

"Hmm, I look at the door for sale."

"That small building is more expensive, it costs 6,500." Professor Li thought for a while.

Ye Nan frowned: "Let us go in and see what it looks like. How can I know that I know it is worth it?"

The aunt and aunt nodded behind him.

Professor Li felt too, and said, "Wait for a while" to walk into the house, and it came out in two minutes.

"Let’s go, go to the house." Professor Li held a large key in his hand and dragged his slippers and left.

It looks like the Guangdong landlord of the later generations.

Ye Nan didn’t think much about it, and he took the aunt and aunt.

There are two small buildings, the first floor is quite flat, and the area is quite large. There are 150 square meters.

There are three rooms on the second floor, a toilet, or squatting. At least it is cleaner than the hutchs in the countryside.There is a wooden coffee table in a living room, which is not the quality.

Anyway, it is a transition, just change the coffee table and bed.There are all other things. The main see of the latter courtyard is the most important. There are still such a house near the university. It is very good.

"Professor Li, you can’t see a lot of furniture in this house, you can’t take it cheaply." Ye Nan said sincerely.

When Professor Li saw that he wanted to buy it sincerely, he thought about the opening: "6300 is the lowest."

"6000 immediately, go to the House Administration in the afternoon."

After a long time, Professor Li refused to relax: "It’s too low, 6000."

"I think you still have a big key in your hand, so I rent another house and want this nearby." Ye Nan rented another.

"Aren’t you buying it?" Professor Li was a little dizzy.

Ye Nan’s mouth was drawn, is he not clear?

"I bought this set of 6000, and I have to rent a set."

Professor Li thought for a while: "Okay, there is a yard next to the street, half or two layers smaller than this, fifteen yuan a month, and three bets."

Ye Nan showed a smile: "No, I pay a year directly, this set 6000 is okay?"

At this time, Professor Li smiled: "Yes, 180 a year adds 6000 here 6180."

The two parties reached a transaction and went to the Housing Administration to transfer in the afternoon. They could come down for about seven days.

Ye Nan thought that his uncle Li Yunxiang was from the Taxation Bureau: "Aunt, can a uncle can apply for an individual’s certificate?"

"It should be okay, I will ask you." My aunt didn’t dare to agree.

As soon as Professor Li heard a physical family, he came to interest: "Lady, individual household? Do you want to do business?"

"Yes, I came here to do business."

"Hello, I am Li Jianfeng, a professor of economics at Zhejiang University." Professor Li stretched out his right hand.

Ye Nan stretched out his hand: "Li … Professor Li is good."

Professor Li smiled: "Individual households, I do it for you, one hundred yuan, within three days. You only need to provide three -inch photos."

Auntie and aunt frowned at Ye Nan.

Ye Nan waved his hand and took out ten unity: "Trouble Professor Li, I will take the photos tomorrow, and you can get me with a table to fill it out."

"Good good." After that, Professor Li said, and waved his hand and said goodbye.

"Xiaonan, a hundred dollars, the aunt’s salary for three months, do you give him like this?" Aunt frowned.

"Aunt, if you want to run, you have to eat grass for the horses. Besides, the uncle will not ask for someone to do things. Why can money buy it?"

"Well, Xiaonan is now a businessman, talking one set. Sister, don’t worry about it. Xiaonan must have a lot of money, you can make so much money, and he will definitely not mess up." Xiao Aunt persuaded.

Ye Nan nodded: "Where can we go to dinner in the evening, I have to go to the guest house."

Aunt and aunt were a little embarrassed.

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