Novel: The young woman dreamed of going to jail, solved, I told her to get pregnant, she was panicked: This child can’t want

"Congratulations? Sympathy me? What do you mean?"

"Then let me talk about congratulations first." I paused for a moment, and then said."Congratulations, I am pregnant."

Xu Meng suddenly widened.

She froze for a few seconds before she suddenly returned to God, and then stood up at a glance.

"You, you, what are you talking about?" Xu Meng’s expression became very frightened.

She has such a reaction, and actually proves the conjecture in my heart.

"You mean, I’m pregnant?" Xu Meng’s hands were trembling, and his face was a little white.

"Indeed it is."

"Why, how is it, how is it possible? Every time I take precautions. Every time we wear that, how can we do it?" Then, she suddenly settled, and then opened her eyes again."That evening……"

Having said that she suddenly stomped and continued: "I must have drank too much that night, he …"


I guess right, this child should not be Xu Meng and her husband.

Otherwise, is she so nervous and scared?

"No, I can’t ask this child, I will remove it." After that, she turned out and went out.

"I don’t understand the dream?"

She froze all at once, hesitated, and returned again, then sat opposite me and asked, "Master Fang, am I really pregnant?"

"Generally speaking, if a married woman dreams of going to jail, it is a sign of pregnancy."

"But I didn’t go to jail."

"In your dreams, you wear striped clothes, and you walk on the boundless random stones. You also say that you hate striped clothes most.Clothes."

I continue to say, "Also, you walk barefoot on the stack of the stone. Every time you take a step, you will hurt more. You don’t want to go, but your feet are not controlled. It shows that you will be very difficult in the future.Life. Even if you don’t want to live, there is nothing helpless. "

Xu Meng’s face was lost and became particularly frustrated.

Seeing her like this, I couldn’t bear to continue talking.

However, my responsibility is to interpret dreams.

Since she wants me to help me explain my dreams, I have to be loyal.

"If this is just the case, it is good. It’s a pity that your suffering is not only there. Because, the chaotic stone pile is boundless and can’t see the end. The meaning of your life will be endless.. In other words, it is life imprisonment. "

Sweat beads on Xu Meng’s head.

"No, I don’t want to go to jail, I don’t want to go to jail, I don’t sit …" The more Xu Meng’s emotions became more and more fluctuating, and even in the end they almost shouted.

I hurriedly told her to calm down, don’t yell.

Good guy, you do n’t know what you have, I thought I was about you.

Xu Meng grabbed my hand again, and said with a pleading tone: "Master, you save me, please save me."

"Method, I have already told you. But you are not willing to do it by yourself, and I am helpless."

"I want to do it. But …"

"But what?"

"He didn’t want me to do this." Xu Meng said suddenly.

"Your love husband?"


"Why don’t he tell you not to do this?"

"Because of him, he …" Xu Meng hesitated again.It is estimated that this matter is very important and it is not convenient to say it.

"I ask you a question, you have to answer me honestly."

"you say."

"Your lover, is it the last name?"

"How do you know?" Xu Meng stunned.

"First of all, if you do what I said, there will be no prison. Although you dare not guarantee that you can live as good as it is now, at least it will not be too bad. However, he advises you not to do so, youListening, this leads you to that dream. "

I continue to say, "Secondly, your dream says that there is a monkey that looks like a monkey, give you a pair of shoes, and also said that you want to take you out. However, there is no hair on this monkey.Monkey, that is, to remove the back dog, isn’t it the surname Hou? "

"Furthermore, you can give you this promise when you are in jail. Generally, there are three kinds of people. Either, family. Either, the other half. Your father is not surnamed Hou, so you can rule out the possibility of your family.And the biggest possibility of you entering prison can only be because of your husband’s affairs. You have brought such a big shame to your husband, so this person cannot be your husband. "

"So, if you combine these three points, you can only be your lover of your surname. Only him will hurt you so hard. In the end, you have to stab you."

Xu Meng had been stunned on the spot and was speechless.

I continue to say, "You are sincere to others, and others may not return to your true feelings. Still that sentence, it is impossible to harm people, but the heart of preventing people must not be. Especially you are like you.Each of the needs is not at all, and it is not at all. Yes, it is just a period of time. Once you lose interest in you, you can kick away at any time. "

Xu Meng’s mood lowered to the extreme.Moreover, her eyes were slightly red.

I think she looks like this, and I can’t help asking: "Your lover is rich, looks handsome, and muscles?"

"She is not as rich as my husband. However, he looks handsome and has muscles. He is particularly man in clothes. He has a charm that I can’t resist."

Well, her taste has not changed.Moreover, with her words, I can also be regarded as the reason why she stepped on two boats.

Her husband is rich and can provide her with a generous material guarantee.The love husband is handsome and muscular, which is a manifestation.

She has to get fish and bear’s paw.

"Hey, how do you know that I like a man who is rich, handsome, and muscular?" Xu Meng suddenly asked.

I was hit a sudden attack, and I was a little overwhelmed.

"Your surname is Fang, called Fang Tian. I seem to be a bit impressed by this name, as if I heard it."

I was afraid that she remembered the past when she was studying, so she hurriedly opened the topic and asked her to think about my words. Don’t really be irreversible, only to know regret.

Just talking about it, the takeaway came.

I hurried out to pay, collect takeaway, and then ask her if there is anything else?If not, I want to eat it.

"I remember, your name is Fang Tian, we are junior high school and high school classmates."

Depend on!

Still remember.

Xu Meng’s face showed a joyful smile, and continued: "I remember, in junior high school, you seem to like me."

"No." I denied it.

I am also a person who wants to face. How can I admit this old thing?

"You have less, I remember all of them. When I was on the entrance examination, I lied to you, and then you ignored me."

I ignore you?

Have you ever had me in your eyes?

"Fang Tian, it’s really you. I didn’t see it a year. I didn’t expect that you have become so powerful now." Xu Meng looked up and down, and laughed.

"You got the wrong person."

"You are still as shy as junior high school." Xu Meng said with a smile."Actually, I also liked you very much at that time. But you are not handsome enough, and there is no money at home. Otherwise, we may now be married."


I have not forgotten to fight me.

What human nature.

"Fang Tian, the matter of the middle school entrance examination was that I am sorry for you. I now apologize for you. I hope that your adults will not remember the villain, and don’t generally know it with me."

Then, she said, "This time you helped me so much. I didn’t know how to repay you except for you. But if it was just given money, it seemed too much. After all, we were both.Many years of classmates. "

"Otherwise, I will introduce you to a girlfriend. Seeing your dress is not like a girlfriend. You are not young, and you should find a girlfriend."

She made me ignite me at all at once.

"Don’t you know how to repay me, is it? Well, I’ll give you a chance."

"You say. As long as I can do it, I will do it."

"Getting my promise when I fulfill the entrance examination!"

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