Novel: She was kicked out of the family with her pregnancy, and her abdomen was hit. She could only ask for help from him passing by

"Roll, get out of the Pei family from now on, the Pei family has no dirty juniors as you."

By the carved retro gate, a magnificent and angry voice sounded, and the birds on the tree were shocked.

The middle -aged man raised his feet and kicked it towards a girl with a big belly.

Pei Xiaoxiao was knocked on the ground, tears flowing: "Uncle, this is my family, you can’t drive me away."

"Your home? The debt owed by your parents who jumped off the building to find death, this villa is not enough to pay."

"I asked you to marry Uncle Zhang. How about you forty years old? It hurts you. If you get married, you are worried about your life.

"Roll away, don’t get my eyes here."

The middle -aged man kicked up again. This foot was impartial, and he was kicked on the abdomen of Pei Xiaoxiao.

The severe pain hit, and Pei Xiaoxiao almost fainted.

The carved retro gate closed ruthlessly, closed all Pei Xiaoxiao’s thoughts, his stomach was painful, and his lower abdomen had a warm flow.

Pei Xiaoxiao slowly stood up from the ground, holding his belly step by step, and walking forward hard. Every step, there was a pool of blood behind him.

All the air became thin, like a double -invisible hand, holding her throat tightly, and the fear and fear shrouded in her heart.

She whispered weakly: "Baby, Mommy takes you to the hospital, soon, it doesn’t hurt."

I don’t know how far I walked, Pei Xiaoxiao almost lost consciousness. In confusion, she seemed to see a car driving a car in front of it. She walked in the middle of the road and opened her arms.

A harsh brake sound broke through the air, and the front of the car stopped only five centimeters away from Pei Xiaoxiao’s abdomen.

The winding wind blew her long black hair. She held her head in one hand, pressed her abdomen with one hand, and slowly squatted on the ground.

Her eyes were blurred, and she saw a man with a long figure standing in front of her, like grasping the life -saving straw, grabbing his trouser legs tightly.

"Please save me, save me and my children."

After weakly, Pei Xiaoxiao completely lost consciousness.


Pei Xiaoxiao had a dream, dreaming that she was holding a cute little girl in her arms, and the little girl called her mother with milk.

She also dreamed of her parents, but in a blink of an eye, she saw her parents taking her daughter away, and they went further and further, and she couldn’t catch up.

"Child-" Pei Xiaoxiao woke up from the nightmare. She sweated coldly, and her small face lost all the blood.

She struggled to get up from the bed, but as soon as she moved, severe pain came from her abdomen.

Pei Xiaoxiao murmured to himself: "Child."

She placed her hand on her abdomen, but she touched a flat piece.

Tears overflowed her eyes for a moment, she cried and shouted, "Child, my child, you will return the child to me."

When the doctor heard the movement in the ward, he quickly came in from outside the ward. Pei Xiaoxiao grasped the doctor’s arm tightly, and his tears were full of tears: "Doctor, what about my child, where is my child?"

"Sorry, the child was born in the hospital when he was sent to the hospital."

The words like the thunderbolt were passed into Pei Xiaoxiao’s ears. She shook her head desperately, and her eyes begged: "This is not true, you lie to me, you are all lied to me,"

"Sorry, lady, please be wail."

"I don’t believe you, I want to see my child."

Pei Xiaoxiao cried and pushed away the doctor, stepping on the ground barefoot.

On the outside of the newborn, Pei Xiaoxiao was stopped by two men in black suit.

There was a tall man standing behind them. The white shirt coat was wearing a black suit, and his strong suit lined his figure more slender. He was full of noble temperament.

At this moment, he was taking a puppet from the nurse’s hands.

Pei Xiaoxiao looked at the cricket, and she shouted with a dumb voice: "Child."

The man glanced over, and the light fell on his edges and corners. She wanted to open her eyes to see his face clearly, but tears passed the eyes, as hazy as if in the fog, how could she not see the appearance.

She stepped on the ground with white feet. At this moment, she was stained with a lot of stains, and her eyes looked at the man’s direction hazy, making the man’s fingers unable to curl it slightly.

She wanted to go forward, but was put on her arms, and the cold on the cold floor invaded the internal organs. The painful pain hit from the abdomen, and her consciousness gradually peeled.

The doctor ran over, and Bi Gongjing didn’t know what he said to the man.

"Let’s go." The man’s voice was low and magnetic.

"Don’t leave, my child."

It hurts, so cold, don’t leave!

At the end of the consciousness, only the doctor’s cold and emotional voice: "Miss, your child is already dead."

"Bang", the world is dark.

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