Novel: My wife’s body is weak: I am pregnant!The president roar: I’m wrong, don’t leave me

Mrs. Lu, these three words, now it sounds so ridiculous.

Gu Xiaoshan smiled weakly, his eyes became darker, the consciousness was chaotic, and his soul seemed to be out of his body.

She feels like she is about to die …

Unfortunately, I haven’t worked hard for the children in the stomach.

The fierce man left, leaving Gu Xiaoshan alone and waiting for death.

Gu Xiaoshan closed his eyes and let the consciousness sink into the cold abyss …

After a while, perhaps a long time later, she suddenly heard countless chaotic sounds sounded in her ears.

Some people are shouting a doctor, and some people are asking her to hold on, don’t sleep.

Gu Xiaoshan tried to open her eyes, but she was too tired and she couldn’t open it.

"Gu Xiaoshan!" Lu Xishen’s anxious roar suddenly bombed next to her ear, "You are not allowed to die! I’m wrong, leave me!"

Gu Xiaoshan’s heart jumped, and at the same time, the doctor’s joy came: "Heartbeat has …"

"Gu Xiaoshan, I don’t allow you to die!"

Lu Xishen held Gu Xiaoshan’s cold fingers, and he didn’t find that he was shaking.

He did not receive Gu Xiaoshan’s text message reply, afraid that she was counting again, so he drove to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and just happened to see Gu Xiaoshan who was lifted out by passers -by.

When he was still on the ambulance, Gu Xiaoshan stopped heartbeat.

Now finally rescue the heartbeat.

Gu Xiaoshan stretched his eyes hard, and the light poured into his eyes. In a blurred vision of the strong light, she saw Lu Xishen’s face outline.

"Si …" Gu Xiaoshan said with a difficult word, and he couldn’t make a sound.

"I’m here." Lu Xishen held Gu Xiaoshan’s hand.

Gu Xiaoshan combined with his eyes, and used all his strength to say, "I’m pregnant …"

Lu Xishen stunned.

Gu Xiaoshan opened his eyes, and in the dark and clean eyes, he finally brightened weak, but his bright light: "You."

Lu Xishen’s lips moved, and the first reaction was still doubtful.

"Family members are troublesome to go out, we are going to surgery." The nurse asked Lu Xishen to go out.

Gu Xiaoshan suddenly held him.

Lu Xi looked down deeply, his eyes were dull, his eyes looked deeply, Gu Xiaoshan, who had no anger, with no anger.

"What’s wrong?" For the first time, he held her hand for the first time, and his tone was gentle.

Gu Xiaoshan laughed for a moment, and it was beautiful and beautiful.

"I’m true, I loved you." Gu Xiaoshan smiled, "But in the future, I won’t love you anymore, and I have never cheated you. Before, now, too."

If you love you, it is true.If you no longer love you, it is true.Never lie to you.

Lu Xishen’s heart shrank fiercely, as if he was hit by any giant.Panic and pain.

"Family members go out." The nurse pushed Lu Xishen out.

In the corridor, quiet and cold.

After Lu Xishen stood straight for a few seconds, he took out his mobile phone and called: "Give me all cases of Gu Xiaoshan, all hospitals!"

Ten minutes later, all cases Gu Xiaoshan’s cases were sent to Lu Xishen’s mobile phone.

Except for the Lu family’s hospital, the remaining three hospitals diagnosed Gu Xiaoshan suffering from medium -term gastric cancer, and the pregnancy diagnosis only appeared in cases three days ago.

Forty days during pregnancy, the relationship between him and Gu Xiaoshan just faced.

Therefore, the diagnosis of the Lujia Hospital is wrong.

At the end of the case, there was a report of Gu Xiaoshan’s car accident.

Lu Xishen tightened his fingers, and finally knew that Gu Xiaoshan disappeared for a whole month.

"I have never cheated you." This sentence suddenly echoed in Lu Xishen’s ears.

Click -the operating room door was suddenly pushed away.

The doctor came out with regret.

"Sorry, although the patient had just recovered for a period of heartbeat, her body was too weak and could not support it at the end."

Lu Xi’s brain was buzzing, but he couldn’t understand the meaning of the doctor.

"What did you say?"

The doctor’s words are clear: "Sorry, Miss Gu Xiaoshan’s rescue failed and died."

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