Novel: My wife is unhappy with her family.

That day, Liang Kuo looked at her and sighed deeply, "Fight?"

Liang Dongmo was stunned, and then pretended not to hear it, "What … what?"

Put, child, son, beat, drop, right?

Liang Kuo went on to say, one word and one meal, very clear.


Liang Dongmo has been pregnant for six months. She carefully underground stairs, very hard -working.

A family of four downstairs was sitting at the dinner table for dinner, not looking at her, let alone help her.

After finally sitting, there were only some residual cooler on the table.

Liang Dongmo was silent, eating all the rest bite, just because the child needs nutrition.

She has tried not to make a sound, but Mrs. Liang still dislikes her, "You child! How can you get pregnant like a sow? Eat so much every day? How can there be so many meters at home for you?"

"I’m sorry … Mom …" Liang Dongmo hurriedly apologized, and the bowls were not put on, nor was it.

Father Liang and Zhou Kewei pretended not to see it. Liang Kuo groaned for a while and asked her: "Dong Mo, are you thinking about it? Is willing to help Kewei for surrogacy?"

Liang Dongmo’s face was pale and refused to answer.

Seeing this, Father Liang glanced at Liang Kuo angrily, "Ke Wei’s helping the Liang family how many Dong Mo couldn’t know? She was not a person who was not reasonable, she must be willing to help Kewei surrogate!"

Hearing that everyone stopped, Qi brushed at Liang Dongmo, looking forward to her answer.

Liang Dongmo was very panicked in his heart, and stuttered: "But … but my child has been six months … can I be born …"

"But Dong Mo … If that’s that way, I can’t see my child’s birth …" Zhou Kewei choked her, her eyes were red.

"What kind of child? What are the good things for a wild species?" Mrs. Liang was irritable and couldn’t help scolding.

"He is not a wild species …" Liang Dongmo whispered.

She has always been afraid of the Liang family, and she never dares to reverse. This is the first time she argued with Mrs. Liang.

Mrs. Liang stood up "Teng", pointing at the tip of Liang Dongmo’s nose condemn, "Then you say who the child’s father is! You can’t tell yourself, not what the wild species is!"

She scolded unpleasantly, but no one stopped her. "Liang Dongmo! Your life can be given to you by the Liang family. Not only do you not be grateful, but also for a corrupt wild species, you want to break the Liang family!"

"I didn’t …" Liang Dongmo couldn’t help crying. She really wanted to say that the child in her belly was also from the Liang family!But she dare not …

"Forget it! Dong Mo didn’t want to surrogate, don’t force her!" Zhou Kewei shouted loudly, and his footsteps were stunned, and he ran out with tears.

Liang Kuang just wanted to say something, and in the end, he just gave Liang Dongmo and hurriedly chased Zhou Kewei.

Seeing this, Mrs. Liang even more anger accused Liang Dongmo, "If it wasn’t for it, our family would go bankrupt for a long time! Now she has a terminally ill, and can only live one year at most, but you will not be willing to surrogate?"

Liang Dongmo just bit her lips and said nothing. She didn’t want to lose the child …

"Dong Mo, if it weren’t for 20 years ago, your mother and I picked you up from the garbage dump, you have been frozen to death." Father Liang’s face was heavy and his tone was a little disappointed.?"

"I …" Liang Dongmo choked with grievances and didn’t know how to refute.

At this time, the door was suddenly opened, and Zhou Kiro, who was fainting, walked in.

He gently put Zhou Kewei on the sofa, and then got up. He changed his cold expression and yelled at her: "Liang Dongmo! But Wei has not had much time, you must induce labor immediately!"

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