Novel: Female president eats ice cream, but the bodyguard reached out to wipe, and immediately went to the pinnacle of life

After walking with Ye Qingcheng for a whole afternoon, Ye Qingcheng’s mood gradually relaxed. Su Na called and said that the police went to the Ye’s Group to investigate the situation. They did not embarrass Su Na and did not take Amu away.

"Well? Let’s eat some ice cream." Looking at Ye Qingcheng’s lips a little dry, Yang Tian proposed.

"Hmm!" Ye Qingcheng nodded, her red face, and there were still fine sweat beads on her forehead. After a few hours of shopping, she felt a little tired, but enjoyed the free feeling with Yang Tian in her heart.Things have become interesting.

Yang Tian once again took Ye Qingcheng’s hand, and Ye Qingcheng still blushed and stopped struggling. The two were like a pair of lovers walk into the shelter not far away. There were many guests and a pair of lovers.

Find a two -person table near the window. Yang Tian asked Ye Qingcheng to rest and ran to line up.

Looking at Yang Tian’s tall body, standing in the team seems ordinary, but different, Ye Qingcheng’s mouth also swayed with a sweet smile. Is this the feeling of love?Ye Qingcheng didn’t understand, but the sweet feeling in her heart made her happy and a little shy.

Yang Tian bought a cup of love chocolate and a cup of Italian ice cream. He returned to Ye Qingcheng with excitement. In fact, he was not the first time he came to this kind of place.

"Qingcheng, which taste do you like?" Yang Tian asked, Ye Qingcheng was the first date. He was also the first time he came to this kind of place with girls. He forgot to ask Ye Qingcheng what he liked to drink.Essence

Ye Qingcheng smiled and felt that Yang Tian was a little cute. She pointed to the passionate chocolate milk tea, and Yang Tian hurriedly handed over.

The fragrance of milk tea and the silky sense of chocolate in the mouth in the mouth. Ye Qingcheng was slightly open, and she was secretly ecstatic. I did not know if it was the first time I drank this kind of thing or I felt sweet with Yang Tian. She felt that this was her.I have drank the best milk tea.

"Slowly drink, the corners of his mouth are stained." Yang Tian ate a few bites of ice cream, and saw Ye Qingcheng drink a big mouth, and the corners of his lips overflowed.Essence

Ye Qingcheng’s eyes stared at Yang Tian immediately, and the last line of defense in her heart also fell completely. This would have made her feel disgusting. Yang Tian’s hands have not been washed, but Ye Qingcheng still does not feel disgusted, but her heart is warm.My nose is sour.

"Yang Tian, are we falling in love?" Ye Qingcheng asked suddenly.

Yang Tian opened her eyes immediately, but she was also funny. At this moment, Ye Qingcheng simply looked like a girl who didn’t understand anything. She asked so seriously and asked such serious questions. Yang Tian didn’t know how to answer.

Yang Tian looked at a couple next to her, and she was about 20 years old. The young people are still very bold now. Obviously, the seats of the two people are not separated, they have to sit together.On, the two of you feed me a bite.

Following Yang Tian’s eyes, Ye Qingcheng also saw the intimacy of the couple next to her. Her face became crimson instantly, as magnificent as the glow. With her personality, she would never do such a bad thing in the big court.Essence

However, she also seemed to understand Yang Tian’s meaning, that is, she and Yang Tian still have a sense of distance. She is not active enough or enthusiastic.

"Children’s love will gap with our adults, but the essence of love is the same. They are attracting each other between men and women, and the hormones in the body are rapidly increasing."

Yang Tian grinned, handed his ice cream to Ye Qingcheng, and said with a smile: "Taste this."

Ye Qingcheng took a deep breath, stretched out the lilac tongue and licked gently, and Yang Tian’s face suddenly became strange. This action was too easy to make people want to be wrong. It seems that some women’s skills are naturally natural, and they are simply unprecedented.

Yang Tian decided to bring Ye Qingcheng to eat ice cream in the future, so that Ye Qingcheng practiced basic skills. In the future, he may be happy.

Ye Qingcheng naturally couldn’t guess the evil thoughts in Yang Tian’s mind. She saw that the girls around me had eaten ice cream like this, so she learned.

Just as soon as he was, Ye Qingcheng’s face was stiff, and his eyes looked straight ahead. His eyes were full of sorrow and tears.

Yang Tian hurriedly turned to look at it, and saw a pregnant woman who came in, and also brought a five or six -year -old girl. The woman was pregnant for at least eight months. The other queuing guests saw her condition and hurriedly let her cut into line. The womanI bought a glass of colorful fruit tea and took the little girl to sit at the door.

The little girl drank milk tea with a happy face, and the other hand pulled her mother’s hand and said, "Mom, after the younger brother is born, should we bring your younger brother to drink milk tea?"

"Wenwen is so good. After the younger brother is born, can you help your mother take care of your brother? Be a good sister who loves his brother." The woman touched her daughter’s head, and the other hand stroked her.The belly of the belly, the maternal glory.

Ye Qingcheng sobbed gently with his mouth covering his mouth, surprised Yang Tian, hurriedly got up to help Ye Qingcheng’s shoulder and said, "Qingcheng, let’s go out."

Ye Qingcheng nodded, and he cried with tears and left Yang Tian to leave the shelter. Yang Tian did not want to continue shopping, and he hugged Ye Qingcheng back to the car.

Although Yang Tian did not know why Ye Qingcheng was out of control, he realized that he was related to that pair of mother and daughter, but Yang Tian did not ask. Everyone had the secrets in their hearts. If Ye Qingcheng was willing, he would tell himself.

Ye Qingcheng lying in Yang Tianhuai, sobbing whispering, the emotion buried for 20 years in her heart was touched by the scene today, making it difficult for her to control it.

Yang Tian patted Ye Qingcheng’s back gently, letting Ye Qingcheng cry soaked his chest.

I don’t know how long it has passed, Ye Qingcheng was embarrassed to leave Yang Tian. Yang Tian hurriedly handed the paper towels. Ye Qingcheng wiped the tears on his face and whispered: "If the accident occurred, I also have a younger brother now."

"When I was five years old, my mother also took me to eat ice cream with her brother. She also bought only one copy. When she looked at me, she would often tell me that she would be a good sister and take care of my brother in the future."

Ye Qingcheng’s eyes condensed with sorrow, and his tone trembled: "But that night with a stormy night, the electric flashes were thunderous, the rain was poured, and the family suddenly turned off the power. The mother went downstairs to find a candle.At that time, she has been with her brother for nine months. "

Ye Qingcheng was full of tears in his eyes, and choked: "I heard my mother’s screams, and I couldn’t see anything when I ran out of the room. I didn’t see the mother who curled up there until I came into the house.It’s all blood on the body. "

"I ran down with climbing and wanted to raise my mother, but I couldn’t do it," Ye Qingcheng cried again, and then calmed down after a while.

"I want to find someone to help, but the rain outside is too heavy. The sound of thunder made me scare. I curled up beside my mother and grabbed my mother’s hand. I fell asleep when I fell asleep."

Ye Qingcheng looked at Yang Tiandao with tears: "Do you know how much I hate myself these years, why can’t I grow up at that time, and I have the strength to send my mother to the hospital.I can only watch the mother’s breathlessness, I am tired, sleepy, sleeping next to my mother’s cold body. "

Yang Tian’s heart trembled. This was the secret of Ye Qingcheng twenty years ago. Sister Xue naturally couldn’t investigate. Yang Tian only knew that Ye Qingcheng resented her father Ye An, and he finally understood why this was.

Ye An was not at home that night. If he would not happen at home, his wife was gone, and her unborn son was gone. Ye Qingcheng was only five years old. She experienced the terrible tragedy.What kind of helplessness and fear of the young mind.

"Over the years, whenever the night of rain and lightning, I can’t sleep, and even I am afraid of darkness. The wall lamps in the bedroom will be immortal overnight. Although I can’t remember my mother’s face, there are blood pictures everywhere.I can’t wave from my mind. "

Ye Qingcheng bit his lips tightly and said sadly, "Do you know what my father is doing?"

"Because his mother was pregnant, he had a new love outside. That night he stayed in another woman’s house. He didn’t return until the next morning, but he would never have the opportunity to see his son’s birth. Only the soul who left him was the soul.Try and guilt. "

Yang Tian’s face changed. The reason why Ye Qingcheng hated his father was not just Ye An was not at home, but Ye An actually betrayed his pregnant wife and changed to himself. It was always difficult for such a father.

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