Novel: Dreaming about the baby, the fiancee has a big face and a hurry to rush to the hospital

Zhou Lao thought he had heard it wrong, and stood up from the chair with a surprise. "Okay, let the secretary arrange it immediately!"

I’m afraid that Song Xiqing will regret it, and she is worried about her current mood.

Song Xiqing saw that the grandfather with wrinkles on his face with white hair was still worried about her unconsciousness. The smile on her face deeply tedted her heart. She didn’t want to be seen by the grandfather.Grandpa’s arm, "Grandpa, you pay more attention to your body, I will eat with you at noon."

Zhou Lao was surprised that the former granddaughter was proud and arrogant. No matter what the elders said, she had to refute a few words, but now she becomes well -behaved. It is probably because of the change of the engagement banquet.

"No, go and see Jiayu, let him accompany you for lunch."

Song Xiqing knew Ling Jiazheng’s person in his heart, but couldn’t bear to worry his grandfather and agreed with a smile.

A MMS message suddenly came on the phone. The woman who couldn’t see who it was on the photo had a large area of skin exposed below the neck, and the face was beaten on the mosaic.

Song Xiqing glanced at the plan to ignore it, and suddenly seemed to think of something. She immediately called back the number. Such shameless things seemed to have done it.

Pei Siyu stared at the call number on the screen satisfactorily aroused the corner of his mouth, then buckled the phone on the table, and let it continue.

Song Xiqing kept calling Pei Siyu’s call, but his call has always been in a state of no one who answered. She was so angry that she did not believe that the man did not bring his mobile phone for several tens of seconds.

No one has been answering the phone. Song Xiqing broke it fiercely, and then sent a text message: It turned out that Mr. Pei had such a hobby, but the technology was not very good. I do n’t know if your girlfriend can be satisfied!

Finally attached a proud expression, Song Xiqing put away the phone with satisfaction.

Ling Jiazheng came out of the office and saw her smile cutely at her mobile phone. She wanted to talk to her to eat with her at noon. I didn’t want Song Xiqing to put away the mobile phone and directly entered the elevator.

Song Xiqing had seen Ling Jiayu who was about to come before leaving, and turned away without hesitation.

If he let him leave the Supreme Group so easily, it is really cheap!

Song Xiqing clenched her fist unconsciously. In the last life, she was killed by them and took the children in her belly. Although she did not know who the baby’s father was …


She was unbelievable on the elevator, and she was reborn to the night when they were framed. That is to say, her baby was Pei Siyu in the last life.The little hand unconsciously stroked his belly.

It seemed that after that time they did not take any measures, Song Xiqing was so scared that her face was pale, so she didn’t want to conceive Pei Siyu’s child.

After leaving the elevator Song Xiqing, he quickly got on the car and went straight to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital.

Thinking of the man’s child’s child in the last life, Song Xiqing was angry and hated Ling Jiazhang and Song Yu more deeply.

"Song Xiqing!" She stood up from the chair and took the test sheet to the doctor’s office.

"Do you …" Do you … "

The doctor looked up and looked at her so nervous, softening his voice, "You are still so young, everything is normal, and the child will have it sooner or later!"

Song Xiqing relieved from the hospital to leave, "Pei Siyu, I don’t want to conceive your child!"

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