Novel: Cross the world of female respect, marry Fulang, take the subject, step by step on the peak of rights …

Shang Qing was relieved, "It should not be."


He suddenly wanted to speak, and he didn’t know how to say his wife and mother for a while.

"what is it!"

"You can die in a hurry!"

Xia Yanjun saw what he knew, and she was not easy to break through the house of her father and mother, so she asked for inquiries.


He just said his own guess to his wife’s eyes, and suddenly the side door "creaked".

"Nothing!" Her father said.

Xia Yanjun’s eyes lighted, "Daddy and mother, are you getting up? Come and eat!"

Her monk Qing had put the meals on the table. In the warm morning, the warmth was lingering, and it was also porridge and a few side dishes. Of course, her dark dish, she placed in the corner, the most inconspicuous position.

Xia Mu Tian Jinguang glanced at her daughter, and then took the initiative to go to the kitchen to end the hot water, and washed it by herself.

And she was always waiting for her mother -in -law at that time, but she didn’t move.

This scene was surprised by Xia Yanjun.

This is what the original owner’s memory never has.

Xia Yanjun also pulled Fu Lang to wash it. The family went to the table. Xia’s father suddenly said: "Jun Jun, you are not small, Fu Lang’s silver you collect, you will be your own Lord in the future."

Xia Junjun’s chopsticks had a meal, and looked at her father, "Why do you say this suddenly?"

Although the expenses of the family were the money of Fu Lang, she never thought of taking it over to collect it. It was a dowry of Fulang. The family was very embarrassed. How could she get it?

Then Xia Yanjun didn’t care, but Xia’s father suddenly threw a news of a clear thunderbolt.

"In the future, you are a family, and your two small mouths will have a good time. This house is left for you."

Xia Yanjun finally noticed that he was wrong. Even if she was so nervous, she was not stupid.

She had a serious face, like the eyes of Xing’s eyes and Rouzhong’s British eyebrows, and put down the chopsticks with "pop", "Dad, do you encounter anything? Dad, what do you want to say?"

Looking at Dad’s elegant face, he had a taste when he was old, but Xia Yijun couldn’t understand what he wanted to express.

Can’t we say it clearly?

"Your dad meant!" Niang Tian Jinhua suddenly spoke, and his loud voice echoed in his ears. "Your dad means, you grow up, you can live independently, we are going to separate you and share it."


Xia Yanjun seemed to feel wrong.

Shang Qing’s chopsticks fell to the ground, and the whole person was stunned.


It doesn’t matter, but if the original owner is there, she will definitely ask why, not to mention Xia Xunjun is puzzled. The family in the original owner’s memory is warm and good.However, it can be seen that whether the original father and mother or the original owner, they love each other.

As for why that.

That was because Xia Yanjun got up. Last night, she dreamed of it. She dreamed that the original owner asked her to help her care for her father and mother. Her body was her.

That’s why Xia Xunjun, the original owner, was a bit difficult to accept for a while.


Tian Jinhua is also a little angry, "This is all your dad’s request!"

Xia Yanjun looked at his father again.

Finally, in the eyes of her daughter, Xia’s father couldn’t help crying, and choked: "Your mother’s Dong Xiaolangjun is pregnant. I heard that it is a girl.Come into the door. "

"But the situation in our family also knows that there is no text. Today, life still depends on the dowry of Shangqing. How can Dad can use Shangqing’s dowry and let him raise two more people. That is your money, soYou can divide it, how do you live with your mother, don’t you need to care! "

"It’s just about being tired. In the future, the tuition and living expenses of Junjun, diet and diet, all rely on you to take care of you."

Xia Yanjun’s brain "buzzed" and fried.

What?She wants to have a sister?Or is it the same?

Xia Yanjun felt that this was really an explosive news.

It was Shang Qing who did not expect that this was the case, and the whole person was stunned.

The family is obviously a delicious breakfast, but no one has appetite.

Xia Yanjun frowned, "Are you sure? Are you sure?"

"That’s a girl, I can’t help."

"No, the child hasn’t been born yet? Why is it so sure to be a girl?"


"Are you sure that child is yours?" She asked subconsciously.

This time you can make Tian Jinhua hot, "Why isn’t Donglang’s child not mine!"

"No, no, don’t be angry with you."

"I just say a fact."

"Naoto is outside, and you do n’t follow you twelve hours a day. If it is your mother, you will endure it, but if it is not, we must not be a big head."

This is the world. There are many husbands in a wife. There are so many confidants outside her mother. It is not impossible to get a child suddenly. This is the world.Angry, still calm.

Xia Yanjun’s words made Xia’s eyes lighten up.


In case Yan is not the wife’s owner …

"Impossible!" Tian Jinhua frowned suddenly: "The child could not be someone else. Donglang was good at me. He didn’t ask for names. He was not in the flower building. How could he like someone else!Don’t be afraid to soak the pig cage! "

Tian Jinhua is very confident in the charm of her woman. She does not believe that Donglang, who does not find her name for her, will be good to others. She went to him to hear the news yesterday. She was ecstatic.Her daughter is too small. If she is a husband, she is not rare, but the girl …

Because of her joy, she was excited and gave all the hundred or two silver to Donglang. This scene was just seen by Xia Da who was kicked over.

Go back the silver back.

Donglang cried grievantly, saying that he didn’t want his wife’s silver, but the child needed supplements, and he could not be hungry.

This remark made Tian Jinhua also aroused the fire, and felt that her husband Lang was too sensible. How could she murder her child? Is it not good to have only one husband in her husband in these years?

The two of them had a good argument for old things. The more noisy, the more the quarrels were, and they almost wanted to fight. Xia’s father wanted to say divorce, but to hold back, to hold back for her daughter.

In this world, the girl has a departure father, which is very shameful.

In the end, I didn’t want to come back in the last one, but I got the wife and the owner who wanted to marry someone. The two were caught in the Cold War. They did not break out last night, but did not sleep in the room all night.When he went out to be independent, he promised to marry someone.

This is the world. Parents do not have to pay for work, nor do they have to use big heads to support their brothers and sisters.

Although Xia Mother Tian Jinhua knew that if Shang Qing was divided out, she would not get any money, and she had no money to raise her daughter, but Xia Da couldn’t let it, she could only look at the promise first.

Xia Yanjun watched his father and mother stunned. He finally stopped to bear it. At the beginning, you came and went, and then he was surprised that although his father was the only husband of his mother, he was not very happy because of the blue confidant outside the mother.

And Dad thought his mother didn’t love him.

This made Tian Jinhua particularly angry, and almost patted the table: "I don’t love you one by one, one by one, and our family is poor, but some of them are given in vain.Didn’t I love you to let them enter the door! Are you not satisfied? "

Xia Da smiled bitterly, "I am content? I am content? Should I be content?"

I do n’t know why. When I saw such a Xia father, Shang Qing felt a little sad.

In the future, will his wife and owner be like a mother …


It will definitely!

There is also Liu Langjun in his wife’s heart!

He was really stunned by the sweetness of these two days, and he really sneaked, and he liked his wife.

He was suddenly cold.

If my heart is gone, what else?

Obviously he forgot that Xia Yanjun told him that he only liked him.

After all, Xia Yanjun likes Liu Langjun, which is almost ingrained by everyone.

Xia Yanjun saw that they had no rules, and from only words, Xia Yanjun grasped the key information sharply.

"Dad, mother!"

"It’s not the time to say!"

Everyone was immersed in emotions. In the upset, Xia Yanjun was extremely calm, and the keenness and toughness of the mall’s strong woman showed it at this moment.

"Everyone is quiet!"

She got up, looked at her mother, and said, "If Naoto is really pregnant, the child who is pregnant with her mother, must the mother come in, right?"

Tian Jinhua nodded.

"If this is the case, we will be separated at that time! My monk will give you 50 or two living expenses every month."

"What do you think?"

Xia’s father was shocked by his daughter’s fifty two.

However, Tian Jinhua actually frowned, "Will this be too much?"

Xia Yanjun’s eyes were warm, and he felt more, not to be saved.

"It’s just that the situation is really up, I have decided." She will make money as soon as possible. She never thought about where to get from Fu Lang, and she would give so much.This body father and mother repayment, but she is really separated, her repayment may only be so much.

"Of course, this is a solution I don’t want to see."

"Also, I want to ask my mother two questions."

Tian Jinhua also calmed down, and the fat body sat down and calmed down the excitement just now, "Daughter, you say."

"One, that person is pregnant with the child’s child, but if you marry, you want to blackmail our money?"

"Mother, do you want to get in?"

"How is it possible!" Tian Jinhua refused to accept, "Donglang is not like that!"

"Mother only needs to answer!"

Tian Jinhua was shocked by her daughter, and it was rare to stutter, "Then … that only the child is."

"Okay!" Xia Yanjun smiled, "Second, if Donglang is not a child’s child, or if he is not pregnant at all, will the mother still have to come in?"

The Jinhua’s head was much fresh, and he gritted his teeth: "If he dares to lie to me, I will only let him roll far away.

"That’s good!"

"So father and mother are a little safe. What do you do? We first figured out the situation? Mother, I know what you want to say, you believe Donglang will not betray you, but people’s hearts are unpredictable, Are you afraid of 10,000, just in case it is not? Since you want to come in, the daughter will be an official in the future. The mother of that mother must all be good. Is it terrible?","

As for why Donglang asked Xia Xunjun to doubt, it was because he wanted to marry in.

After so many years of following the mother, there is no name or division. Otherwise, if you marry it late, you will not say that he will marry with a rich dowry.

Xia Yijun didn’t want to think of human nature so dark, but when she played the person she wanted to protect her, she had to rationally eliminate all dangers.

"He will date you a few days later?" Xia Yanjun asked.

For the first time, Tian Jinhua was so embarrassed by his daughter’s straightforward affection. He was squeezed into a ball, "three days later."


"After three days, you do this … I will accompany you …"

Finally resolved the biggest dispute at home. It was eight o’clock. Xia Yanjun hurried to school.

Xia Yanjun ran to the school with panting, took half an hour.After half of the time, it happened to arrive in the upper class.

After three days of time, Xia Yanjun went home early that day, did not review his homework at school, and did not ask the master’s question. After packing things, he ran away.

Black girls who are not right can’t catch up.

Duan Mianhua looked at the back of Xia Yanjun’s wind and fire, while gritting his teeth, he was a little scared.

Since the fight that day, they no longer dare to find Xia Yijun to trouble, and they dare not be angry with her, and they dare not let her pay for them.

And they were shocked to find that Xia Yanjun changed his person after his marriage, not only did he study crazy after class, he didn’t smell out of the window.Essence

The most gratifying thing is the teacher. She feels that her education has played a role that day. She feels that Xia Yanjun is a person who knows that it is wrong to hear the teachings and has a good opinion of her.

And because of Xia Yanjun’s roll, even the master in the classroom saw that the four wastes were even more pleasing to the eye, and they were criticized for answering questions and criticizing them.

Duan Mianhua has been very upset these days, but has not vented. Looking at the back of Xia Yanjun’s wind and fire, she suddenly said: "Do you say … is Xia Yanjun?"

Because she didn’t disguise, she was extremely familiar with her cotton. Several people felt the most deeply, and the big girl only thought that her family couple had influenced her and made her work hard, because she felt that if her beloved husband was inShe will work hard around her.

As soon as Duan cotton came out, several others snapped together.

Over the way: "Is it Zhongxie? Let’s try her if you try it!"

"How to try?"

After clearing his eyes, you forgot, who do you like the most? She is obsessed with Liu Piaoling, and it is not a half -month vacation in two days? At that time, we … "

Several people murmured together.

Xia Yanjun has arrived at the place with her mother.

The next door of Yugouzi Village.

Yu Dong lived in this village.

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