Novel: After the wife is pregnant, she has to skate with her friends, stupid and stupid, her husband is angry

In a few days, Tang Shan first sent Huo Chunhua a set of custom lipsticks, twenty -four tubes, enough for children to be born.

Huo Chunhua couldn’t help but can’t wait to get up one by one.Only a tube of fluorescent powder, squeezed out and looked at the paste, but did not move.

Tang Shanchu leaned on the window to brush the news and looked at her with a distraction, asking, "Why not try it?"

"Ma Xiaoyu said that this is Barbie, the ugliest."

"I think you like pink, don’t you have several pink skirts?"

"It is dozens of pieces," Huo Chunhua wiped off the lipstick on his mouth with a wet paper towel and asked him, "Is it ugly? I said the skirt. Ma Xiaoyu said ugly."

Tang Shan was at the beginning of a moment, but did not answer.

"I didn’t have a chance to wear it when I was a kid, and it was not suitable to grow up."

Tang Shanchu told her that it was suitable, "Why didn’t you wear it?"

Huo Chunhua laughed: "I have become an upstart household in the past few years. I used to have no money before, and I couldn’t afford it."

Tang Shanchu has a good family in his childhood, and has no concept of poverty, but he also understands that many times, poverty means that it is impossible.

Huo Chunhua didn’t talk about it anymore. In the mirror, applying a Barbie powder, twisted his head and asked him, "Is it good?"


Huo Chunhua didn’t believe it. Ma Xiaoyu said that this is the death Barbie powder.

But she is actually cold white skin, and she is easy to control any color.

In the gift, Huo Chunhua sent Tang Shanchu a set of valuable men’s perfume.

Tang Shan couldn’t cry and laughed. How could he use these?

"I return to gift, you say I don’t want to owe people, what about you, what do you say?"

"I want to make good friends happy."

She said frankly, he was embarrassed.Also, when did he become her good friend?

The two quarreled, but not like the previous diaphragm, it was much easier to get along.

Huo Chunhua wanted to get true, but he also understood that the strong and twisted melon was not sweet, not to mention that this melon was not easy to twist.Sometimes I think again, just twist it, isn’t he sweet?He did not see the little hairy kids in the world. Most of the little tricks she pursued could not work for him. He made up his mind and simply broke the can.There seemed to be two villains fighting in the head, pulling the nerves left and right, and making trouble.When I woke up, I suddenly realized that the most important thing in front of me was the child, and the rest may wish to leave the head first.

In her opinion, Tang Shanchu was obviously "big questions."

"Are you too nervous? I heard that children in foreign lives are like the eggs, and the confinement is not sitting. Not so much. You grew up abroad, don’t know this?"

"Different constitutions, be careful not to disadvantage."

"I will go on time on time, I don’t read the book, don’t care about it, I have a lot of mind."

Tang Shanchu had opinion of "counting in his heart".

This woman didn’t eat breakfast because he slowly changed.

A person is too lazy to move the pan. He used to save time for takeaway, and he also liked to eat junk food, and he was spicy and unhappy.

Once I caught up with the clock working leave, she took the opportunity to go to the nearby stall to eat hot and spicy.

A large bowl of bowls came up, adding pepper, and a layer of red oil floating on the soup noodles.

As soon as she opened her chopsticks and grinded off the wooden thorns, she was discovered by Tang Shanchu, who was passing by.

"This can’t be eaten."

After listening to the surrounding diners, they stopped chopsticks and looked at him nervously, thinking that there was something wrong.

The boss changed his face, raised his head, and looked at him fixedly, hesitating whether to put down his work and came to find him theory.

Huo Chunhua licked his lips and looked at the soup bowl. He said, "The money is given, you can’t waste it."

Tang Shan first sat down and dragged him in front of him. He was close.Huo Chunhua still stretched his chopsticks into the bowl and was intercepted by him.

The food that made her saliva suddenly became his. However, the honey of the honey of A, the frown of the Honey, frowned, and looked at each other with a lot of things, and then put it in her mouth to chew.

Seeing that he had eaten, diners and bosses took their hearts and did their own things.

Huo Chunhua swallowed his mouth, and told him several treasures that this was the Arctic Wing, which was sweet and not spicy.In addition to spicy Tang Shanchu, he couldn’t taste anything.With a bowl, my throat was smoking, and I kept drinking ice water.

Tang Shanchu went home to make a good meal and called Huo Chunhua to eat.Huo Chunhua also remembered the bowl of spicy spicy by him. After a few mouthfuls of interest, he took a few mouthfuls, and he took off his chopsticks.

Tang Shanchu didn’t say anything. She was a little embarrassed and suspected that she was arrogant. When she was busy, she took the time to run back and cook for her. She ate so much.

On the weekend, Tang Shanchu made boiled vegetables, packed in a big soup bowl, tune the sauce herself, and put on the table.

Huo Chunhua smelled his taste, staring at the bowl, nodded straight, picked up the chopsticks, and ate his head.

Tang Shanchu stood beside her and glanced inadvertently.

After eating, Huo Chunhua took the paper towels handed over by Tang Shanchu and wiped his mouth. As soon as he looked up, he saw him staring at her.

"What’s wrong?"

"You Got WECHAT."


When I picked it up, it was her fellow, Jin Xiaohui, asked her to skate.

She slipped well, Xiao Yi taught.

It ’s too long, it is inevitable itching.She returned to her immediately, touched her stomach, stood up lazily, and was about to call a car back to pick up shoes.

"I go out, I won’t come back for dinner."

"where to?"

"A friend asked me to go out to play."

"ice skating?"

Huo Chunhuan nodded and guess he might see it.

"Are you crazy?"

Huo Chunhua was startled,

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