Novel: "When you are pregnant, you will be born." After listening to his wife’s face, his face changed greatly.

When he walked to the car, he stuffed Lan Xiaoling in, and then threw it on the door fiercely.After getting in the car, the throttle, the car drove away from the blue coffee.

Sitting in the car, looking at the fast -down street lights outside the car, Lan Xiaoling’s heart suddenly panicked.

Just now she was mad by Lan Xiaoqing’s provocation.At that moment, she just wanted to defend her love for more than ten years, but she completely forgot that in this relationship, she was just wishful thinking.

Should Bo Yihan hate her even more?Hate her again that he and Lan Xiaoqing’s re -edge.

Lan Xiaoling hit a cold war, and she suddenly found that she made things messy.She obviously went to ask Bo Yihan not to give up their home. What was the development of the matter completely deviated from her original expectation?

Lan Xiaoling regretted it, but she didn’t think about what to do next?With the sharp sound of the tire rubbing the ground, her body was planted forward.

Her brain was stunned for a while, but her hands tightly protected her belly subconsciously.

She panicked completely.

Previously, no matter how much Bo Yihan was against her, she bit her teeth silently, and no matter how much pain was, she also fell her teeth and swallowed her blood.

Because she knew he was revengeing her and humiliating her.Even if it is for Baiqiu, it is better to do the most effort to keep a dignity for yourself.

Also, there are children in her belly now, at this time, she can’t!

For the first time, Lan Xiaoling begged in front of Bo Yihan: "Please, let me go, I will never know it anymore, I promise to stay away from you, I listen to you,Please……"

Bo Yihan seems to have never heard her words at all

In the afternoon, he also called him to die to divorce, and at night, a mother -in -law arrested the trend to destroy his dinner.

What is she doing?Do you play him as a monkey?

She was sobbing in her mouth, but they were blocked between their two lips and teeth, and they were not clear.

But he could clearly feel that a salty liquid continued to flow into his mouth.

After staying for a few seconds, he seemed to finally understand what it was. He bowed his head and stared at the woman under him.

Lan Xiaoling’s face was pale and scary, her face was full of tears.She seemed to be scared. I was immersed in the nightmare. I didn’t feel that he had stopped at all, and repeatedly thought about it: "Please … please …"

Such a picture suddenly stabbed Bo Yihan’s heart.

She was still choking, and the whole person curled up into a ball, crying like a child.

Bo Yihan suddenly felt a little boring in the car, and quickly pressed the window.The breeze struck, and Lan Xiaoling next to him hit a cold.

He pressed the switch heavy and closed the window.


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