Novel: "My daughter -in -law is about to give birth! My car just burst into the tire!"

I remembered that he didn’t hesitate to agree with me to do a piercing thing, and I felt that my heart was cold, and when I gritted my teeth, I simply pretended to stand for a long time. "I want to go back to rest first."

"Go." Xing Yifeng patted my back, looked at me with a pale look, frowned and whispered in my ear: "Don’t be afraid, it’s okay."

I sneered in my heart, pretending to be well -behaved on my face, and nodded back to the room.

I went back to the bedroom we had slept last time. I haven’t returned for a few days. The last time I was here, I ran to the window as soon as I entered the door.

The villas of the Xing family are terrible, and there are several villas before and after. During the period, there are a lot of security guards. Maybe because Father Xing is going to go right away, everyone is in a tight state.

I glanced at the terrain and ran to the kitchen on the first floor of the villa on the first floor to get two fruits. Taking advantage of the nanny not paying attention, the nanny on the first floor and the windows used by the guests were turned out.He ran to the parking lot with the terrain, and drove away casually.

When I drove out, the security guard at the door glanced at me. I pretended to be calm and gave him an impatient look. The security guard immediately opened the door and opened the door. After my throttle bombed for a few minutes, my phone rang.

"Where are you going?" On the other side of the phone, Xing Yifeng’s voice brought a few furies: "Come back!"

I drove the car quickly, and the wind sounded on the bank: "You dream! I won’t let you move my child!"

"Lan Zhiwei!" Xing Yifeng’s voice suddenly coldly: "I just said a rhetoric to them. I am so determined that they dare not really let you surgery!"

I drove quickly with the steering wheel at that time, and I didn’t believe what he said at all. For so long, he told me too much fake, so that he didn’t believe anything now.Discord.

"They all know what you ran. Now they have all been looking for you. You know what Xing Yun has done to us before, you think about it, if Xing Yun finds you, don’t talk about children, youDestiny is gone! "

In the last few words, Xing Yifeng almost shouted from his throat: "Where are you now!"

As soon as his words fell, suddenly I rushed out of a car in front of me. I turned a big turn and rejoiced the front of the car. The car hit my co -pilot seat and hit the co -pilot to depression in!I screamed in surprise, "slap", the phone fell to the ground, the black screen was.

I was frightened, thinking of Xing Yifeng, thinking that I was caught. It was when I was sweating, the person in the car suddenly rushed down and was a man.

"Miss, sorry, can you borrow your car?" A man in his thirties was full of sweat on his forehead: "My daughter -in -law is about to give birth! My car just burst into the tire!"

I pulled away from the unscrupulous state and glanced at the car. It really burst into the front of the tire, so I just ran out of control into my car, and on the back seat of the car, I was still lying on a large belly pregnant woman.A painful struggle.

It wasn’t the Xing family, but it was just a passerby who needed help. I was relieved and secretly laughed at myself too nervous.

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