Novel: "I’m pregnant!", "I don’t mind", "I mind, you make me disgusting" "

Everyone began to applaud. I don’t know who holds the colorful flower cannon, and there are people sprinkled with petals. Chen Su cried with a smile and smiled.: "I am willing, I am willing."

Ye Jing felt a warm liquid flowing down on his face, and wiped his hand and wiped it. He didn’t know when he had burst into tears.

Lin Xin handed her a paper towel with a dumb voice. The eyes were shining under the mapping of the lights. "Really happy for them!"

She wiped her tears and said with a smile, "Yes!"

He handed her a piece of cake again, "You have been thin recently, and his face is not good. Is it uncomfortable?"

She took the cake and took a bite: "The stomach was cold, and there was nothing." I didn’t finish the words. She suddenly felt a tumbling in her stomach, and she was about to spit it out. She quickly put down the cake and ran to the bathroom.I ran to the public toilet before spitting up.

After I spit it, I rinsed my mouth and felt much better. When I came out, Lin Xinzheng waited at the door. He hurriedly stepped forward and asked, "What’s wrong?"

"It’s okay, it is a cold a few days ago, and I have been uncomfortable. Just go home and take a few medicines."

He walked with her for a while, and suddenly called her: "Quiet."

She stopped and looked at him in doubt: "What’s wrong?"

He thought about it, and it seemed that it was a great courage to say: "I have never forgotten what I said."

Ye Jing was a little puzzled. I didn’t understand why he suddenly said that, but saw what he took out from his pocket and held it in his hand, and stretched out her eyes to slowly spread his palm. It was actually a canned tank ring.

Once Lin Xin took her hand like this, and said with a smile, "Marry me after graduation!" It was just that he was not a ring for her, but this Yicai tanker.

She watched this pull ring for a long time, and suddenly smiled, "Why do you pick up a pull ring?"

He stunned, smiled bleak, his face could not be hidden, and his eyes were full of pain. He asked, "Why?"

She was silent, and he continued to ask: "Why? Why did you go at first? Do you know that I have been looking for you for a long time? At the beginning, I lie to myself just a prank with me. You hid me to find it. LaterI can find the place where you can understand, that is true, is it because the man? "

She was still silent, but the smile on her face was gone, staring at her toes, he seemed a little excited, grabbing her arm, "tell me why?"

She gritted her teeth and slowly raised her head, her voice was light: "Lin Xin, sorry, let him pass by."

His voice was angry, his expression was very embarrassed, "I don’t want you to say sorry."

In the impression of Ye Jing, Lin Xin has always been warm. The feeling of sunshine has never seen him like this now. His strength is very painful, but he has not ejected him. She said: "No matter what because it was, I can only say sorry now, because I have fallen in love with him and love deeply. "

He laughed and smiled even more ugly than crying, "I fell in love with him, but did he love you? I can see that you are not good. In this case, why do you still love?"

He suddenly hugged her, kissed her with a brute force, and called her name over and over again: "Quiet, quiet", his voice is deep and painful, "Don’t leave me? Follow meOK? "

She died desperately and roared: "Lin Xin, you are a bit awake, we can’t."

He cried out and murmured, "But I love you, what should I do? But I love you."

She bit her lips, her face was a little pale, and the whole person seemed to be crumbling. In the end, she couldn’t help flowing. She said, "I’m pregnant."

She lied, she knew this was cruel, but instead of making him pain, it would be better to cut her tumor in one sword.

Lin Xin also grabbed her hand and wanted to say to her. She tried to pull it back from his hand. She said to him, "Forgot me, find a good woman."

She was even laughing, because she didn’t know what she could put in except for laughing.

He finally let go of her hand, and seemed to calm down, he said, "Okay."

She smiled, turned away, and had passed in the past. She had no misunderstanding, no dog blood, and no fate.

Don’t think of me when you break up. You must live happier than me. Find someone to replace me. Please do not think of me again.

She didn’t return to the box again. When she got out of the door, the driver had waited there. After getting in the car, she called Chen Su and said that people were uncomfortable to go home first.

When she was in the car, she was sleepy. After arriving home, she went straight to the second floor and walked into the bedroom.

She did n’t sleep well, and the dream was dark, as if a few hands wanted to catch her and pulled her into a bottomless abyss. She was so scared. She desperately opened those horrible hands and shouted loudly."Help", but his throat was unable to make a sound as if he was blocked, and finally he opened his eyes and opened his eyes: "Nie and Jiang, save me."

Sure enough, Nie and Jiang were in front of him. He looked at her with his head. His eyes were bright in the darkness, just like the stars in the sky. He held her face and kissed very gently.

In the past three years, he had kissed her countless times, but never kissed so gentle. She thought that she must be dreaming, but just jumped from one dream to another dream.

She grinned and laughed so warmly, and he never saw her laughing like this, he held her in her arms.

This night she slept well, as if lying in the clouds, soft, soft, so warm.

When she woke up, the bed was empty, and the room was empty. She smiled a little bit: "It really is a dream!"

Inadvertently saw two cigarette butt in the ashtta on the bedside. Recently, Nie and Jiang have gone. How could there be a cigarette butt, and she didn’t even wear clothes, wasn’t it a dream last night, but real. He came back?

She stunned for a moment, and ran downstairs after setting up pajamas. Sister Zhang was cleaning. When she saw her come down and greeted, "The lady got up, why not sleep for a while?"

"Early" she smiled and wanted to ask a little hesitant, and finally said, "I’m hungry, help me prepare breakfast."

"Drink a bowl of bird’s nest first. When I walked in the morning, I ordered me to stew. I’m going to be prosperous."

"He is back?" She could be sure that it was not a dream last night, but she still wanted to confirm it subconsciously.

"Ah! Yeah!" Sister Zhang was puzzled, "Did the lady don’t know?" She stopped and said, "Yes, it is very late to return last night.I’m gone again, listen to Lao Song that I can be busy recently. ""

"Oh, I slept early last night." She was embarrassed to say that she thought she had done a night of spring dreams, which was too shameful.

"The lady is really a little drowsiness recently, but she has lost weight and eats less. This time, I really moved my vitality. I went to find a few earthworks to make up for the lady."

Sister Zhang said a bowl of bird’s nest for her. The tableware is the precious bone porcelain in the UK. A set of dishes is enough for ordinary families to live for one year.

The bird’s nest was very thick. It was a good blood swallow. She took a sip with a spoon. As soon as she entered her mouth, the sticky feeling made her stomach sour, and she immediately spit it out.

I rushed to the bathroom for a long time before stopping. Sister Zhang was startled, while patting her back while thinking: "The lady is really evil this time, so I haven’t seen it for so long." Sister Zhang suddenly stopped stopped.He came down and was shocked: "Yeah! Miss, will it be pregnant?"

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