Notice!These types of people, eat crayfish with caution

Summer is here, and the crayfish is on the season.Whether it is a dinner or home takeaway, crayfish have become the standard table for many people.While enjoying deliciousness, there are more patients with allergies or even critical illnesses due to crayfish.Which crowds should eat crayfish cautious and how to master the correct way of eating crayfish, today’s summer health posts will take you to understand.

1 crayfish is so delicious

But people with allergies should pay attention!

Now enter the peak season for eating crayfish.Swelling and poor chest tightness and breathing are not smooth. After being sent to the hospital, they were diagnosed with acute urticaria caused by eating crayfish allergies.

How is this going?

It turns out that crayfish allergies are caused by edible alien protein, and are generally allergic reactions.Some special groups are particularly sensitive to alien protein. The immune system will treat it as a foreignic invader and release immunoglobulin such as LGE antibodies to attack.LGE antibodies exist in many parts of the human body, such as lymphocytes such as nose, throat, trachea, skin, etc., and cause related antigen antibody reactions after the combination of allergens and LGE antibodies, which will cause people to develop urticaria, throat edema, blood pressure, blood pressure, blood pressureReduce symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Not only will there be the above symptoms, the blood pressure will be reduced after allergies. If the blood pressure is lower than 90/60 mm Hg, it may also occur, and it will be life -threatening if it is not treated in time.

Therefore, you must pay attention when eating crayfish, especially those with allergies, be careful.

2 Doctor’s reminder

Evaluate your physical condition before eating

Since eating crayfish may cause allergic reactions, how can diners judge?

The doctor suggested that for most people, crayfish are not foods that are often eaten, and evaluate their physical condition before eating.Especially after contacting a certain food for the first time, pay attention to observing the body’s response. Symptoms of allergies should be medical treatment in time.

The allergic reactions caused by crayfish are mostly allergic reactions. Generally, symptoms occur quickly, and symptoms will occur within a few minutes to a few hours.EssencePeople with allergies should eat such foods with caution.

In addition, even if there have never been similar food allergies before, it is not careless.

"There is another saying in medicine called high -sensitivity. At a certain time, you may be allergic to other things, such as cosmetics, food or pollen. The immune system is in a high -sensitivity state. At this time, alien protein can also cause allergic reactions after entering the human body.Yuan Juan, deputy chief physician of the Department of Poison Medicine, Hunan Province, reminded that the human immune system is not unchanged. As you get older, allergies may be more likely to occur and you must be vigilant.

3 Except for allergies

These types of people should also eat crayfish with caution!

Not all people are suitable for eating crayfish. Which groups should eat cautiously, let’s look at ↓ together

How to eat crayfish is healthier and safe?

For ordinary diners, how can we enjoy the delicious crayfish and the maximum possibility of eating risk?

In addition, you should remind everyone that the shrimp head should be eaten as much as possible.Some diners like to eat shrimp head, thinking that the shrimp head contains delicious "shrimp yellow", but this way of eating is not good for health."Shrimp heads do contain some nutrients, such as protein and trace elements, but shrimp heads are also the most absorbed of toxins. It is the most likely to accumulate diseases and parasites." Yuan Juan said that although the crayfish are mostly breeding shrimp now,The heavy metal content is small, but the crayfish shell and head are still the main gathering of heavy metals, so it is not recommended to eat shrimp head.

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