Notice for pregnancy: Do not conceive these 6 times. These examinations should be done before pregnancy

Breeding a baby is a major event in life. Women intend to give birth to a baby. They must first condition their bodies. In good physical condition, they can bred a smart and healthy baby. Women intend to go to the hospital for physical examination before pregnancy to ensure whether the body is healthy and whether it is healthy.Adjust their bodies reasonably during pregnancy. Female friends should pay attention to six time periods, and do not get pregnant.

Wedding honeymoon period

After getting married, the young couple traveled together all day long. At this stage, they were the easiest to get pregnant. During the process of playing, couples were physically and mentally exhausted. At this time, pregnancy would affect the health of the fetus.

After abortion

It is not recommended to get pregnant within half a year after the miscarriage. The body has not been conditioned after abortion. At this time, pregnancy will affect the reproductive organs. It is best to wait for the body to recover before making pregnancy.

too much stress

When the couple’s work pressure is too high, it is not advisable to get pregnant. The stress of the work pressure is not good. During this period, pregnancy will affect the healthy development of the fetus, and may even induce various diseases.

Shortly ectopic pregnancy

It is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination after women’s ectopic pregnancy to ensure that it is necessary to regulate for more than half a year before pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy should not be pregnant soon.

Shortly after cesarean section

Clicter section surgery has a great impact on women’s bodies, and each organ needs to be repaired after childbirth. Clicporant production takes 2 to 3 years of repair time, so that the body can be completely recovered.

Smoke and drink

Smoking and drinking will affect the quality of eggs and sperm. It is best to quit smoking for more than half a year before making pregnancy. It is not recommended to get pregnant during smoking and drinking, otherwise the fetus is prone to problems.

Before pregnancy, go to the hospital for related examinations

Both husbands and wives need to do inspection and try to do a good job of physical examination. If the body has diseases, it should be treated as soon as possible. After the disease is treated, the body can be used to be pregnant before you can get pregnant.Healthy development.

The husband and wife need to quit smoking and drinking during pregnancy

Eat more nutritious foods, exercise your body every day, relieve mental stress, do not put the work pressure too much, and insist on exercising your body every day, which can make your body better and good physical fitness.Baby.

Women should calculate the accurate ovulation date

The same room during ovulation can increase the conception rate, and babies breed in the same room during ovulation are healthier. Women should pay attention to the hygiene of reproductive organs during ovulation, which is more conducive to women’s successful conception.Before you can condition your body and make the corresponding preparation.

The first thing that many mothers think of before marriage are pregnancy. When there is a baby at home, the atmosphere will be very lively, but in the best time period, you must give birth to your baby. Try to regulate your body to the best state.During the honeymoon, couples do not recommend pregnancy immediately, it is best to adjust their bodies first, and then intend to get pregnant.

Quick doctor, I wish everyone can have a healthy baby!

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