Note that this kind of "leopard mango" should be cautious

It is the mango fragrance season

Have you ever heard "Leopard Mango"?

Knowing Guifei Mang, Jinhuang Mang, Daqing Mang, Xiaotai Nong …

When did you come out "Leopard Mango"


It is rumored to be a fruit shop in Nanning, Guangxi

Selling 2 yuan a pound of "Leopard Earline Mango"

Cause heated discussion ↓↓↓

What exactly is this mango

Look at experts in the field of tropical fruit research



Wear "leopard" because mango is sick

In an interview with the China Consumer Daily reporter, Wu Jingbo, the South Asian Tropical Crops Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, analyzed:

There are many reasons for "leopard prints". The more common is "mango anthracnose". This is an important disease that is used for mango caused by plant pathogenic fungi.

It is a "destruction home" that can harm mango leaves, inflorescences, fruits and branches, causing a revenue before mining; it is also a "latent".Small brown spots appear on the peel, yellow halo around, and several large spots after combining several lesions.

However, mango anthracnose only invades plants in the plants does not endanger the safety of people’s lives.For tropical fruits, "anthracnose" is common.For example, the cooked banana has a lot of dark brown spots on the epidermis, which is also related to the "lurking" anthrax on the peel.

In addition to the pathogenic diseases such as anthracnogenic bacteria can cause mango dark spots, some physiological diseases can also cause similar "symptoms". The most common is the cold damage or squeezed scars caused by low temperature storage.Mango is a jumping fruit, and it is very cold -sensitivity.At the same time, mango peel contains polyphenol oxidase. After the above two cases are encountered, the cells in the peel will be damaged. The phenols in the cells will be released by oxidized into brown pyrines to form small dark spots.

Therefore, "leopard mango" is not a new variety, but the performance of mango quality levels decreases or stored for a long time.


Can "leopard print mango" be eaten?

Wu Jingbo believes:

If it is only caused by physiological diseases, in most cases, the flesh has no deterioration. After tearing off the epidermis, you can eat it with confidence.

If the lesions are caused by the germs, the black spots on the mango epidermis have the size of the nails, and the distribution is more, or the peel has cracks and the secretions exudate. It is recommended that you do not eat anymore.

Although the germ itself or the metabolites it produces does not necessarily endanger human life, it may pose a threat to human health.

Remind consumers: Whether it is physiological or pathological mango diseases, the quality of mango is greatly reduced.Mistake -deteriorating mango can cause food poisoning, and symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and headache.

If consumers cannot distinguish the cause of "leopard"

Should eat cautiously

Consumers are buying mango.Li Jian/Photo


How to judge whether mango matures?

Researcher Wang Songbiao, a researcher at the South Asia Institute of Tropical Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, said:

There are many mango varieties. There are about 2,000 varieties in the world. The hereditary diversity is rich. The color of the peel has green, yellow -green, yellow -green covering red or red red.Although most mango mature skin is golden yellow, there are also varieties that show yellow -red, yellow -green or green green.

for example:

Katemang native to the United States, most of the peel is pale green, and the sun and the fruit shoulders are light red;

Red ivory mang, peel is light pink and green;

Gui Qimang, coconut fragrance, and blue skin in Thailand are green green when picking, and some are green or green or green during some familiarity.

Therefore, the way to observe the beauty is not reliable.To distinguish whether the mango matures, it is best to judge by touching, smelling and other methods.

Touch: Gently push the mango shoulder with your hands. When you touch it, you feel that the flesh changes from hard to soft or elastic, which indicates that it is cooked and can be eaten.High and sweetness.

Wen: The mature mango has a strong fruity aroma, especially the parts close to the fruit, the fragrance is stronger.

Like bananas, it is breathing jumping fruit and is not resistant to storage and transportation.Mango generally can pick up 7 points or 8 points, and then concentrate on the transportation and sales place to ripen or directly on the shelf.

If the mango buying home is harder and not familiar with, consumers can put it with apples, bananas, peaches, etc. to the carton and other containers and seal them. The ethylene gases emitted from these fruits are cooked.

Generally speaking, it can mature in about two or three days. The higher the temperature, the shorter the mango softer.Putting directly in the room in summer can also become soft and mature.

There are diverse species of mango, and the peel is many colors.Li Jian/Photo


People with allergies eat mango with caution

Wu Jingbo told the "China Consumer Daily" reporter:

Mango is a food with high carotene, VC, selenium and dietary fiber. It has health effects such as beauty and beauty, antioxidant, anti -cancer, and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.At the same time, mangoes contain ingredients such as mangolin, cichtinin, and have auxiliary therapeutic effects on cough, sputum, asthma, etc.Therefore, in moderation, eating mango, which is good for health.

Although the mango is delicious, it should be noted:

First, don’t eat too much at one time.Mango contains very rich protein and sugar. Eating too much at one time can easily cause bloating.

Second, people with allergies eat with caution.Due to the more irritating substances such as fruit acids, amino acids, and various proteins contained in mango, people with allergies or allergies are prone to allergies after consumption, resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, and skin erythema.

Finally, it is recommended that people with high blood sugar eat less.The sugar content of mango is very high. Eating too much can lead to high blood sugar. People with diabetes and high blood sugar should eat less.

Reporter/Li Jian

Source: China Consumer News

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