Note | Don’t pick it up!Don’t pick up!Don’t eat randomly!

May from May to July each year

It’s the mature season of mango

A lot of thin (mouth) hearts (nagging) friends will find

Many roads in Guangdong

Full of green mango

Not only does it look bright

It smells very sweet

It’s hard to be unhappy

So, can these mangoes be eaten?

The roadside is full of green mango, can you eat it?

"Summer has not been smashed by mango, not to Guangzhou."

Right now is the season of mango mature. Many Guangdong friends said that they can be hit by mango on the side of the road.It is understood that there are more than 586,000 flora trees in Guangzhou, and mango green trees are even more common.Many people also ridiculed the scene, saying that Cantonese people were "reaching out to pick up the fruit while walking."

However, it is important to emphasize that these roadside greenings are not!able!eat!of!

First of all, the mango tree grown in green belts is a green plant. The reason is that it is more anti -windy. The lush branches can better cover the strong sun for the citizens. The fruit hanging branches are also part of the urban garden landscape.

Secondly, the mango trees in urban greening are mango with relatively poor varieties and low consumption value. This kind of mango and fruit stalls are different.Netizens who have eaten appeared.

In addition, the "Green Mang" fruits are jerky and silk, and may be due to the oversupply of heavy metals and harmful substances due to long -term pollution of automobile exhaust and dust.Residuals and so on.

In addition, you should remind everyone that the mango in the green belt is not only not delicious, but it may be fined at will!

According to the relevant provisions of the "Guangzhou Greening Regulations", in the green space, climbing, folding, nailing, tie trees, damage tree roots, trunk, bark; prohibit the picking of flowers, fruits and leaves, and trample on green space.Violations will be fined 20 yuan and 50 yuan.

According to the "Regulations on the Management of City and Environmental Sanitation of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone": It is forbidden to pick up the leaves and leaves of public trees, sprinkle debris from urban green space; prohibit the trample of urban green space with prohibited marks.In violation of the provisions, it is ordered to make corrections and fined more than 50 yuan to more than 200 yuan.

As for the green mango that falls to the ground, there is no need to worry. The mango trees on the street generally have daily maintenance. The green management department will trim the mango branches, and the trimmed fruits will be destroyed as green garbage.

Will Greening Mang be sold out by "charging"?

The existence of green mango is for urban beautification. For everyone’s safety and health, it is not recommended to eat it.

What’s more, the peak season of the fruit is now. Guangdong fruits are cheap and diverse. When you go to the fruit stall, you will find that you do n’t need to hit the green mango. Is the mango on the fruit stall not fragrant?

However, the greening mango is similar to the ordinary mango in the market, and many people are worried. Will anyone go to the green belt "zero yuan in goods", and then sell the green mango to the customer?

In fact, two methods can be identified:

Look at the shape

Greening Mang: Generally, a small head is blue, yellow, thick, and large in nuclear.

Consumers: There are diverse place of production, large and small skin and small nuclear.

See the number of insect eyes

The mango of the orchard is afraid of being bitten by insects, and it will be protected by bagging, and the greening mango on the roadside generally does not have a bag. Therefore, insects such as fruit flies will lay eggs on mango. Therefore, the number of insect eyes can be identified as green mango.

Pay attention to this "cottage mango"!Half one can be fatal

Although greening is not recommended to eat, eating one or two will not cause any fatal threat to people.However, it should be noted that there is another "cottage mango" toxic!

It is not only similar to that of the mango, but even the name sounds like "a fruit" -it is a sea of sea, blooming white flowers, and a green fruit that is very similar to mango.

The seafood fruit belongs to the chyanae family, which is distributed in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Taiwan. The flowering period is from March to October, and the fruiting period from July to April of the following year.The stems, leaves, and fruits of the calamine have highly toxic white milk. Eating by mistake can be poisoned and killed. Half a fruit is enough to make people fatal.

Someone is curious: Why is this tree poisonous, and it is still planted in the green belt?

Zhou Lanping, a senior engineer of the Garden Rongye and Gardening Department of Shenzhen Bay Park Management Center, previously introduced to reporters that Haiyu fruit has strong ornamental and is also a good moisture -proof tree species.If you don’t touch it, Hai Yanguo itself is not poisonous to people, but if you accidentally eat it, or the child goes to picking flowers and touches the juice of Haiyu fruit, it may be allergic.

The Shenzhen Bay Park Management Center stated that it would set a sign at a more prominent position, prompting citizens not to pick it to avoid similar situations such as poisoning.

Do you like mango?

What is your favorite fruit?

Source: Guangzhou Health Commission

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