Not to mention that the actress is pregnant and has a fat belly. These 10 goddesses have not escaped "fat and one of them"

Bringing life is a very difficult process for women. It is necessary to experience the pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy. After that, the stomach becomes larger every day.

What’s more important is that after most women are pregnant and have children, they can’t help gaining weight. Postpartum weight loss has become a difficult problem.

Looking at the entire entertainment industry, female stars give everyone a simple illusion of having a baby.

Because they are generally disclosed after three months of pregnancy, they will announce their mothers in a few months, and often make netizens emotion: Aren’t they just pregnant?Is it born?

In addition, they generally have nutritionist care and do targeted exercise. From pregnancy to production, they only have a big belly, their limbs are still slender, and their faces are still small.

For example, Lang Lang’s wife, Gina, was still 53cm before pregnancy after six months of pregnancy. She attended the event show and was criticized by netizens to make anxiety.

Yang Mi Huai Xiao Nuomi has been filming. Later, "Little Times" was launched in the film without a little pregnancy.After three days of birth, he was discharged from the hospital, and a short skirt wearing a half -leg was completely weak.

The couple were holding a baby basket, as if just went to the street.

In the following interviews, she also said particularly that she did not deliberately lose weight after giving birth, and she was eaten in three meals a day.

Similarly, Angelababy was discharged from the hospital and was glory. I saw that she was slender and wearing long leather boots to show her thin thighs. It seemed that marriage and child were just a story in a play.

Because she was not like pregnant and maternal, she was once in DY’s doubt, forcing her to clarify that she was born in "Running Man". Deng Chao and Li Chen also expressed that she had touched her belly, and it was true.

These stars were 80 pounds before pregnancy. After birth, their bodies immediately recovered as before, which was enviable.Therefore, when the general public is pregnant, if the two are fat, if they are two, they will always envy the female star to get pregnant and only have her belly.

But in fact, female stars and female stars are also different. The following stars, pregnancy also have a fat experience.

1. Shen Aojun

Shen Aojun, who has always been talked about by everyone in the costume, is a beautiful beauty in the play. A pair of peach blossom eyes are beautiful, making people unable to be attracted by her.

Princess Gao Yang in "The History of the Tang Dynasty", Sai Xishi, in "The God Doctor", is a classic beauty in the hearts of a generation of audiences.

In 2009, she married the descendants of Aixinjueluo, and the following year, she became her mother in a rare situation.

In the early stages of pregnancy, she was filming "The Time of the Corps" in the northern snowy northern and snowy. At that time, she did not know that she was pregnant, and the director of the person who came to see the clue.During the shooting, the weather was cold and the work intensity was high. She almost had a miscarriage, but in order to successfully complete the shooting, she persisted under great pressure.

At that time, she was not interested in meat, so she wanted to eat pasta. Every day, she rolled, steamed buns, etc., and she always felt hungry.

By the third trimester, she had successfully made her face fat, and her arm turned into a Kirin arm.

She was planning to give birth during production. She did not give birth to a cesarean section when she was born for more than a dozen hours. The biggest feeling in the confinement was pain.

After a child after giving birth, one ten days after she gave up at three or four in the morning, she got up to feed her child. Looking at the burly and unkery self in the camera, she suddenly came up and cried on the toilet.Essence

But in order to give her children breast milk, she gave up her figure and image. She was more out of control every day with two bowls of rice with steamed buns.

When she returned after giving birth, her figure was still quite rich. Many people felt that the childhood goddess had become a blessing aunt, but the bitterness behind her must have understood that her mother had understood it.

Second, Zhong Liti

Zhong Liti is a mixed -race beauty, with an angel face and the body of the devil.

She has been recognized as a "sexy goddess" since her debut. When her career was developing, she chose to marry a life of life. The first marriage maintained for four years and ended in failure.Two years later, she walked into the marriage hall again, and then gave birth to two daughters.

In the eyes of outsiders, she seemed to be very easy to have a baby. If she didn’t see her a year, she hugged a baby out.But in fact, she got 50 pounds every time she was pregnant.

Earlier, she was photographed by the media as long as she had a big belly, her hands, legs, and faces was fat. She couldn’t wear beautiful clothes, and she had no shiny superstar aura in the general population.

After she gave birth to her body, she recovered a lot of effort. She did not eat carbohydrates and other carbohydrates such as rice, bread, noodles. She ran once every morning and evening, and once caused dizziness due to excessive diet.

When I was young, I recovered. Later, the second child and the third child never returned to the former devil figure, but she was still beautiful.

At the age of 52, she wants to fight for another child Zhang Lunshuo, Zhang Lunshuo, but unfortunately she has not been as expected for the time being.

In the birth of a child, she is really more brave in the Vietnam War.

Three, Huang Yi

Huang Yi, who became famous with dramas such as "The Word of Flower Sears Marry the Right Lang" and "New Women’s Horse", frequently encountered scumbags at the peak of his career.

In 2011, she had a flash marriage and flickered. She married Huang Yiqing for the second time. It was when she was launching an attack on a large screen. After filming a Hollywood film and Du Qifeng’s "Poison War", suddenly there was a small small.Life came to her belly.

At that time, she was very entangled that having a child is bound to delay her career, and she was afraid that she could not be born in the future.

During her pregnancy, she suffered from gestational diabetes, and her weight soared 55 pounds.

I thought that after giving birth to a child and princess to live a happy life with their little princess, it was actually a feathers.She was violent by domestic and Huang Yiqing’s various black materials on the Internet, and her popularity was almost defeated in an instant.

After returning, not only did she fly around the sky, but her swollen figure did not recover.At that time, it was probably her most difficult day. She had to face a man who did not act as a mess at home, and faced the embarrassment of "overnight" outside.

Fortunately, Huang Yiqing "made" herself in, and she finally started her career in the second spring.

In "Sister Lang 3", she was in a good state, and her lost self -confidence finally found it.

Four, Huo Siyan

Huo Siyan and Huang Yi once set off a saliva war on the Internet for a man, and they did not escape the fatal fate of getting fat.

Huo Siyan got a fat when she was pregnant. As for the specific figures, she had two sayings in different programs. In "Mom is Superman", she said that she was more than 60 pounds when she was pregnant.

When I went to "Drive by Driving" with Du Jiang, Du Jiang answered that she was 68 pounds fat.

In "Chun Ni’s Weekend Time" and "Everyday Up", she said that she had been fat for more than 80 pounds.

Du Jiang said in "Lu Yu’s Appointment" that Huo Siyan gave birth to 158 pounds on the same day, and she herself said that she was more than 80 pounds before pregnancy, and the child was 168 catties on the day.

However, whether it is more than 80 pounds or sixty pounds, it is a huge number for Huo Siyan, who is not very tall.

During her pregnancy, she flew herself in particular. The dumplings of catfish stuffed could be dried up for three plates. She had to eat popsicles at three in the morning.Every time I asked my husband, "Am I fat", my husband always said no, and she really believed it.

Du Jiang did not dare to let her leave her eyes in the third trimester, and she had to follow her everywhere, for fear that she would be dangerous.

Her fat is completely a happy fat from her husband. Every time she goes to the hospital to do the inspection doctor, he criticizes Du Jiang and asked him to control his wife’s diet. Du Jiang always laughed and said, "Isn’t it to make a pregnant woman happy?The happiest ", the doctor was dumb for a while.

Du Jiang never thought that she could lose weight after giving birth, but she began to lose weight in the fourth month after giving birth, and she returned to her original weight in two months. She was a werewolf.

5. Li Zi

He has played Zhou Yiruo Zhao’s Li Zi again. He is the goddess of Hong Kong drama in the hearts of countless people. When she was young, she was beautiful and beautiful.

During her pregnancy, she also got a new height, and her weight reached 162 pounds.

She quit the entertainment industry in 2008, married the rich Ma Tingqiang in 2009, and gave birth to twin daughters in the next year.

At that time, she was a 39 -year -old mother. She lived deeply after pregnancy. The rich businessman’s husband smashed a million yuan to buy supplements for her. At seven months, she weighed more than 160 pounds.

In order to ensure her safety, her husband invited her four Filipino maids and two care to accompany her.During the production, it also lived in a luxury suite of 800,000 yuan for half a month.

In 2012, she gave birth to a second daughter, and then she lost weight quickly and returned to the thin world.

Now her body is still very good, her lines are clear, and they look strong and powerful.

6. Yuan Yongyi

Yuan Yongyi, who was born in the "Hong Kong Sister" champion and "Miss Master Miss", married Zhang Zhilin, married love. The two began to fall in love in 1992. After ten years of love, they married after a long -distance run.

Yuan Yongyi has starred in "New Love" and Chen Kexin directed by Er Dongsheng and "Golden Branch Jade Leaf" directed by Chen Kexin. The two films asked her to take two movies.

When she was Huai Zhang Mu Tong, Er Dao and Chen Dao were filming "Disciples" and asked her to play a pregnant woman. She agreed without hesitation when she received a call.

During the shooting, she didn’t get much fat. When she was about to get up, she got fat and got almost 50 pounds.After the confinement, she participated in the premiere of "Disciple" full of confidence. As a result, the newspaper was all fat the next day.

Looking at her like "pig head", she asked Zhang Zhilin why she would not remind her of fat, and he said it was cute.

The encouragement of her husband made her feel at ease, but since her child is born, her physique has changed, and it is easy to gain weight.Later, for a long time, the media loved to use "Hong Kong sister to become ordinary women" to describe her.

Seven, Big S

When the big S was young, he was the king of beauty.

Once she hit the navel ring, and later inflammation and bleeding. She was unwilling to remove the umbilical ring. She took out the scissors and pulled out the inflamed flesh and cut it out.

However, in order to have children, all of them can stand side by side.She has always been vegetarian, and she has always turned thin as a messenger of life.

After the birth of her two siblings, she became the most unacceptable when she was young.

If other female celebrities are pregnant, she is fat, she is really fat.Because she has been taken a lot of fat pictures, whether it is on the show or attending the event.

After she was born, she worked hard to work hard and managed her figure, but many years have passed, and it seems that she will not return to the state of the year.

However, recently, she and Gu Jun’s wedding photos were exposed, and it looked a lot thinner, but she didn’t know if it was really thinner or the credit of the trusteor.

Eight, Ma Li

Ma Li has always been a skinny beauty in the entertainment industry. She had not eaten meat for a month in order to lose weight. Later, she felt that she couldn’t eat money and couldn’t eat it. She almost made herself depressed.

Later, she became more and more obsessed with weight. After pregnancy, she should also eat, drink, drink, and was very happy.

But when she was about to give birth, her weight was 190 pounds, and various pregnancy problems followed. For example, the blood sugar was so high that she needed to get blood sugar three or four times a day to measure blood sugar, and her diet had to be controlled.Crying secretly.

However, she quickly returned to her normal posture after giving birth, and she did not delay the return of work at all.

Nine, Zhang Yiyi

The former "second sister" is so enviable that the height of 170 is the height of 170, the front and back, the A4 waist, the shoulder, and the collarbone.

After pregnancy, her weight continued to grow and was completely unprepared.When attending the event in the third trimester, his face was doubled, and he wanted to come out with a double chin, and his body became no longer light.

After returning, she participated in a variety show with her husband Yuan Hong. The status in the show is still not good. She has no curve, and her face is still swollen.

Many netizens talked about her injection and swollen, forcing her to stand up and shout to let everyone tolerate Bao Ma.

Because of her body relationship, many shows that had been found her suddenly put her pigeons suddenly, and her emotions fell to the extreme at that time.

There was no appearance for a while, and this time she participated in "Sister Lang" actually had the vest line again.The new look was amazing, as if seeing the second sister ten years ago.

Ten, Mei Ting

Mei Ting, the famous famous Mei Ting, had a marriage with the director. After divorce in 2007, she was single for a long time. In 2011, she married a photographer Zeng Jian and had a daughter and a son.

After the two babies were born, she was 138 pounds, and she was hindered when she returned.

When taking a promotional photo, the photographer spit out too fat and had no waist.Of course, the emotional quotient of the photographer is still very high, saying that the clothes are fat, let her wear a coat to cover herself.

She was ready to go out and found a circle in the closet to find that the previous skirts and jeans could not be worn, and suddenly there was no good mood to attend the party.

Her assistant came to urge her to lose weight with a bunch of scripts, so that she should not forget that she was an actor.She went to find a fitness textbook, and others said in a measure of her measurement: Your arm is a bit thick, and the waist is catching up with the hips.

She had no self -confidence at all, and said with a slight grievance: I used to be 48kg.

However, the self -control and self -discipline ability of female stars are quite amazing. After a few months, she threw off excess fat and returned to the weight before giving birth.

After reading the state of these ten female stars during pregnancy, it may alleviate the anxiety of our ordinary people when they are pregnant and having a child. It turned out that not all female stars were pregnant and had the same belly.

In the end, it is not easy for a woman to be a mother. I hope that everyone can respect their mother and the woman who has a child who has children.

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