No pregnancy, "Auntie" is not late, she was stared at by ovarian cysts

A female fan was 27 years old and had not married yet. Usually, menstruation was very regular. Until two months ago, I found that menstruation was not delayed, so I went to the hospital for examination.

Only then did this cyst grow to 6cm, I am very scared. I have n’t got married and worried that I ca n’t get pregnant.

The suggestion given by Western medicine at the time was surgical resection and took off the cyst, but she didn’t want to. I really felt that there was no way. Then I found me. I hope I can help her and treat it with Chinese medicine.

The first category, people who love angry.

Angry (the source of the picture)

I feel bad all day long, I ca n’t think about it. People who love angry are prone to liver qi stagnation, liver stubborn, and do not like depression.

In a stagnation, there will be problems with the discount function, and the gas machine will be disordered. The depression’s air is like a knotted rope. If the gas is not dredged, it will be blocked on the ovaries and will get ovarian cysts.

The second category, people who love cool.

Air conditioner (source headline)

As soon as the summer arrives, the temperature rises, and some people are greedy. They love to blow the air conditioner and love ice cream, and treat the fruits as a staple food.

This bad living habit can easily form cold and dampness, and it will also affect the body’s aircraft operation. These moisture will form phlegm and wetness on the ovaries for a long time, forming cysts.

The third category, the people who are out of delivery, or the irregular menstruation.

Uterus (source headline)

Because miscarriage can easily leave blood stasis in the cell palace and ovaries. If the blood stains were not discharged at the time, this was a major hidden danger.

These blood stasis will slowly condense, plus liver qi stagnation and cold and damp accumulation, which will evolve into ovarian cysts.

The fourth type of people, who like to be fried and tired, and sitting all day without exercise.

Greasy food (source headline)

If you eat too much fried and fatter, it is easy to form phlegm dampness, the spleen and stomach is difficult to transport, and if you do n’t like to move, the air machine in your body cannot operate.Slowly form cysts or fibroids.

Therefore, ovarian cysts are actually the result of four kinds of evil qi entanglement, anger, cold, blood stasis, and phlegm.

These types of evil spirits are in your body, which affects each other and interacts with each other.

Ovarian cyst (source headline)

At this time, we need to relieve liver and qi, let the gas machine run normally, and promote blood circulation and stasis, remove the accumulated blood clots, and remove the cold and dampness of the body and soften the sputum blocks.

Let’s talk about this patient, the cyst 27 years old has grown to 6cm, not small;

And there is very little menstrual flow, there are blood clots, and the recent menstruation is not regular;

Every day I feel weak and mentally weak, and the stool is not in shape;

Looking at the tongue is like red tongue, yellow moss, and blood stasis under the tongue.

Kaifang: Guizhi, Bupleurum, Xiangfu, Angelica, Baiji, Chi Zhi, Danpi, Tao Ren, Atractylodes, Poria, Zexie.

In the first step, Guizhi played a great role.Guizhi is strong, and can open up the body’s meridians and dispel cold.

Guizhi (picture source headline)

The second step is to sparse liver and qi, and the first medicine of Chaihu Shuxian liver. In addition to the fragrant attachment, the liver qi stagnation is even more handled.

Chaihu (picture source)

The third step is to promote blood circulation and stasis, use red peony, Danpi, and peach kernel.The coldness of redness can warm the heart and cool blood; Danpi promotes blood circulation and blood stasis, eliminates evil qi, and the accumulation of evil spirits will have preheated, and Danpi can clear heat; peach kernels are "gynecological holy medicine", which specifically deal with blood stasis in the ovaries and cell palaces.Essence

Chi Yan (the source of the picture)

The fourth step is to strengthen the spleen and dampness and reduce phlegm.Poria and Zexie are special medicines for dampness. The wetness is eliminated, and phlegm wetting will not be formed.

Poria (picture source headline)

This is the recipe that specializes in ovarian cysts, drove the cold, phlegm and dampness, let the blood stasis disappear, and let the sputum disappear. They will never worry about the cysts, and menstruation will come on time.

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