No hospital examination, these details can help you easily discern your heart or girl!

Fetal movement watching men and women

There are many experiences about the sex of the fetus, one of which is to look at gender through fetal movement.Good mothers have collected several experiences about fetal movement to see the sex of the fetus with you.

1. The way to watch the fetal movement: Most of the male babies are kicking here, and there is a punch over there. Although he also turns over, there is very little, and the female baby will punch and kick, but it is more like a wavy in the belly.It seems that it is a bit of this.

2. Fetal movement position: Most of the male babies move in the belly, that is, the right side moves on the left, and the female baby moves around the navel.

3. Fetal drum bag: Regardless of the male and female baby’s fetal movement, the mother is drumming in the mother’s belly. The male baby is a small bag, as if his little fist or his little feet are on your belly.And the female baby’s big bag, you will obviously see that your belly is tall, as if the baby’s buttocks are raised.

Good mom reminds everyone that there is no direct evidence that the gender of the fetus will affect the frequency, amplitude, and location of fetal movement, and there is no scientific basis for men and women from the fetal movement.

At present, obstetrician and gynecologists can be used to determine the gender of the fetus, which is practical and reliable:

1. Ultrasonic scanning: Ultrasonic waves are a kind of sound waves. So far, it shows that it has no adverse effects on the fetus, so it is very common to use in the obstetrics and gynecology circles.When diagnosing the gender of the fetus with ultrasonic, the accuracy of the baby boy can reach more than 95%, and the reliability of the baby girl is only about 85%.

2. Pine membrane puncture: The amniotic stomatology is mainly to diagnose whether the fetus has chromosomal or neural tube defects, which are usually implemented in 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy.As you can know the fetus of the fetus, you can also know the gender of the fetus.The accuracy can reach 99%, but there is a 1%abortion rate.Therefore, doctors do not agree to do amniotic stomach just to measure the gender of the fetus.

3. Velvet Moisturizing: Also known as "Velvet Sample Sample Sample", it is usually done at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy.The main purpose is the same as the amniocentesis. It is to diagnose whether the tire’s chromosomes are normal, but some people are used to diagnose the gender of the fetus with an accuracy rate of 98%.

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