Nicotine in cigarettes will not cause cancer at all. Smoking is harmful to health?The truth is here!

According to official statistics, the number of smokers in my country is around 300 million, and the number of young smokers rose to more than 15 million compared with 2021, and the number of passive smokers fluctuated in the range of 400 million to 450 million. Life, whether it is a public place or a private venue, can smell the smell of cigarettes permeated in the air.

Cigarettes have special attraction to smokers. Even if the appearance of cigarettes is printed with the words that smoke are harmful to health, many people still rush to cigarettes. This behavior is caused by many factors.The dominant position, and the physical addiction to the physical factors participated in the physiological factors.

In addition, when it comes to Nicotine, I have to mention it: nicotine is not carcinogenic. When this statement appears, it can be said that many people have shocked many people. Before this view, I think many people are equal to Nicotine and carcinogens.Once Nicotine did not have a carcinogenic effect, it broke many smokers’ concerns about health, and it was more careless than previous smoking.

In addition, some smokers have put forward the theory of smoking and harmlessly based on the view that nicotine does not cause cancer. So, is it really like what they say?

Nicotine is nicotine. Modern medicine research shows that it has no carcinogenic effect, indicating that Nigerine will neither cause the body’s genes to mutate, nor will it cause the cells to split indiscriminate and unlimited division, but this does not mean that Nigerine itself is not harmful to the body.Nicotine stimulates the central nervous system and increases the secretion of dopamine. Dopamine will make the brain happy and excited. Therefore, nicotine in cigarettes can easily make smokers addicted.

In addition, nicotine can also damage the body system of the smokers, such as nicotine that can stimulate the release of the sympathetic nerve to increase the release of acetylcholine, and then promote the secretion of substances such as adrenaline.The above substances will act on the smooth muscle of the heart and vascular, which causes the blood vessels of the smokers to shrink and speed up the frequency of beating in the heart. The two factors are superimposed with each other to cause the blood pressure to increase excessively.

Nicotine is just a corner of the iceberg of harmful substances in cigarettes. According to scientific statistics, there are more than 5,000 harmful substances in cigarettes, of which there are more than 60 types of carcinogenic substances, indicating that smoking is not only harmful to the body, but also more harm.

1. Cancer

Cigarettes contain a variety of carcinogenic substances such as benzene, cadmium, and tar. They will enter the lungs and blood circulation systems of the smokers with the breath. Under the influence of cancer, these carcinogens will damage the structure and genes of normal cells and genes., Induced them with cancer.For example, when these carcinogens are repeatedly stimulated and damaged lung cells, the genetic cancer genes in the lung cells will be activated, and smokers will suffer from lung cancer.

2. Cause fetal malformations

In addition to cigarettes, it is easy to cause cancer, and it can also cause fetal malformations, because smoking can damage the quality of the man sperm cause sperm distortion. The overall chromosomal experience after combining the fertilized eggs will cause abnormalities, thereby increasing the probability of malformation of the fetus.

In addition, pregnant women smoke during pregnancy, and the harmful substances in cigarettes will enter the fetus along the placenta. The fetal nerve nerve and organ of the fetus will be affected. The probability of low intelligence and the defect of the instrumental device is much higher than that of normal people.

3. Affect the health of cardiovascular and brain blood vessels

Harmonious substances such as carbon monoxide in cigarettes can make cardiovascular and cerebrovascular muscles thicker and reduce elasticity, which can easily lead to cholesterol deposition and block blood circulation.In addition, the above mentioned that Nichotine will cause smokers to increase blood pressure. Therefore, the risk of blood vessel rupture with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is several times that of ordinary people.

4. Cause respiratory disease

During smoking, many harmful substances in cigarettes will reach the lungs through the respiratory tract. Under the invasion of toxic and harmful substances, the risk of acute bronchitis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in smokers is much higher than those who do not smoke.Especially for elderly smokers, the risk of respiratory diseases is much higher than young smokers due to the accumulation of harmful substances in cigarettes.

Because the nicotine, tar and other substances in cigarettes enter the respiratory tract, it will damage the airway epithelial cells to slow the cilia, causing the excretion of harmful substances such as sputum and pathogenic microorganisms.In addition, smoking can also lead to a decrease in lung elasticity, indirectly caused the increase in lung residual gas, which in turn causes the lungs and other conditions and leads to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Therefore, long -term smoking can easily lead to respiratory diseases.

Smoking is harmful and partially harmful. Quit smoking is a good thing for human health, especially when some abnormal symptoms occur, remind us to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Although smoking can effectively relieve tension, the disadvantages of smoking are far greater than the benefits. For people with health, we advocate him to quit smoking, let alone people who have symptoms of discomfort in the body?

1. Successive phlegm increase

Sputum is composed of various substances such as pathogenic microorganisms, necrotic respiratory epithelial cells, and inflammatory cells. Diseases such as chronic bronchitis, rhinitis, and colds in life can increase sputum.If the sputum does not cough in time, it will affect the recovery of the condition. On the one hand, sputum will occupy the smoothness of the respiratory tract to affect the smoothness of the breathing, and on the other hand, the pathogenic microorganisms contained in sputum will stimulate the lesion to increase the condition.

In the above, we have mentioned that smoking will hinder the discharge of sputum and aggravate the condition of respiratory diseases. Therefore, when abnormal sputum occurs, it is necessary to stop smoking immediately to help recover the condition.While quitting smoking, patients with abnormal sputum should also reduce the intake of greasy and sweet food, which will lead to increased sputum.

2, often cough

Cough is a common symptom of the respiratory tract. It can remove foreign objects including sputum in the respiratory tract. Clinically, respiratory diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, and foreign objects in the respiratory tract can cause cough.During smoking, the harmful gases and solids in cigarettes will continue to stimulate the mucosa of the respiratory tract, which will prolong the cough time of the smokers and the degree of cough.

Although coughing can help the primary and sputum discharge, the cough time is much greater than the advantages.First of all, cough with too long time can easily affect the quality and mood of normal life; second, long -term cough will increase alveolar pressure and cause emphysema and bronchial expansion. In addition, long -term cough can easily cause the respiratory mucosa to be impacted by the airflow and may cause tearingEssenceTherefore, it is recommended to quit smoking immediately when coughing.

3. chest tightness

Chest tightness is the abnormal feeling of the body. The symptoms are not different. In severe cases, it will feel difficulty in breathing. Clinically, respiratory diseases such as bronchial dilatation, chronic pulmonary heart disease, cardiomyocytitis such as myocarditis and coronary heart disease can cause chest tightness.Harmic substances in tobacco stimulate the bronchial and blood vessels, leading to the congestion of bronchial mucosa, plaques forming plaques in the inner wall of the blood vessels, thereby aggravating the symptoms of chest tightness. Therefore, it is recommended to quit smoking immediately when chest tightness occurs.

Smoking can adversely affect human health. When the body has uncomfortable symptoms such as cough, abnormal sputum, and chest tightness, we need to quit smoking as soon as possible.When it comes to quitting, many people have tried in life, but there are not a few failed. So how should we quit smoking scientifically and effectively?

How to quit smoking is a problem that plagues the majority of smokers. The most important problem in the process of quitting is tobacco dependence. Clinically, Nigerine is the culprit that causes smoking addiction. Its addiction mechanism is similar to addictive substances such as cocaine.Once a long -term smokers stop smoking, they are prone to abstinence syndrome such as headache and anxiety. Therefore, smoking cessation needs to rely on scientific methods.

1. Scientific reduction alternative method

For a long -term smoker, quitting smoking is a long process. Smoks must set a reduction target, requiring to complete the reduction task within the time period, and then continue to reduce the amount on the basis of the last task until 0.Due to the dependence of tobacco, smokers can use foreign objects to transfer the attention of tobacco with the help of foreign objects, such as replacing cigarettes by chewing gum and tasting food.

2. Stay away from the smoke environment

Because cigarettes are addictive, any plot of smoking in life is likely to seduce smokers to recover, so it is necessary to stay away from a cigarette environment.For example, do not place lighters, cigarette cases and other related items on the table during the smoking cessation. At the same time, pay attention not to go to smoking places, and do not smell the smell of smoke. These things will evoke the desire to smoke.

3. Drug quit smoking

For smokers with severe smoking addiction, if necessary, they need to cooperate with the drug quitting methods above.At present, the more common smoking quit drugs on the market in my country include prescription drug hydrochloride, and non -prescription pillicinine chewing glue.In the above drugs, pyrumidone hydrochloride is non -nicotine quit drugs. It can inhibit dopamine and block nicotadine acetylcholia receptor and reduce the dependence of smokers on cigarettes.

In short, we need to learn to quit smoking scientifically to avoid abstaining syndrome. During the smoking cessation period, smoking quitters are required to establish confidence and determination. At the same time, family members must encourage and give necessary help.

In the recent period, more and more people with new crown pneumonia have experienced unwell symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, and taste loss, which has a serious impact on our lives.There are not a few smokers in people infected with new crown pneumonia. At this time, is it necessary for smokers to quit smoking briefly, and then suck after the condition is recovered?

It is necessary to quit smoking for a long time, because cigarettes will adversely affect the recovery of the new crown, and may even aggravate the patient’s condition.The symptoms of new crown patients are dry cough and sore throat. As mentioned above, smoking will increase the symptoms of discomfort in the respiratory part.In addition, many new crown patients are accompanied by lung damage. At this time, smoking is undoubtedly worse. Therefore, smoking will affect or add the condition of patients with re -crowns, and it is recommended that the new crown treatment period quit smoking during the treatment period.


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