Ni Chenxi officials declare production!It is only 2 months since the registration with the low -value elite man, and the marriage and baby are fiercely married.

There are actresses to have a baby again!

On November 3rd, Ni Chenxi, the goddess of Chinese descent, took photos of the baby’s baby on the Internet.

In the picture, the baby only showed the lower half of his face, and his mouth opened his tongue. Ni Chenxi and her husband fist were placed with the baby’s little fist. The family of three touched his hand, and the picture was warm and cute.

Ni Chenxi welcomes the baby to this world, thanks to the thoughtfulness of the doctor and nurses. With three sentences "Baby Lat, Dad, Moms, Moms are all Lata", "Lat" in Cantonese is smart and powerful. It seems that Ni ChenxiReally excited.

She also said that after bed, she felt like she went to fight the game the day before, and she was fighting with life with her life.

Under her official announcement, many friends in the circle came to congratulate her.

For example, Zhen Qiqing, the cousin of Mrs. Zhen Zidan Wang Shishi, and Huang Rihuan’s daughter Huang Yanqing, etc., all of them congratulated.

(The above is Huang Yanqing, and the following is Zhan Qiqing)

Many fans said she was lucky and hoped that she was getting happier.

When it comes to Ni Chenxi, everyone will say that it is the actress who looks like Tang Luowen.

(On the left is Ni Chenxi, and the right is Tang Luowen)

It is reported that Ni Chenxi was born in Nanjing. There is a twin sister Ni Chenzhang. After that, the family immigrated to Canada together, but she studied Chinese dance since she was a child. She was also good at painting painting. She often returned to China to visit relatives. She would speak fluent Mandarin.

At the age of 18, Ni Chenxi participated in Miss Toronto Chinese contest. She successfully won the championship with her excellent appearance. However, she did not immediately enter the entertainment industry to develop. Instead, she concentrated on reading and studying. It was very positive.

After graduating, Ni Chenxi went to Hong Kong to develop, not only shooting many advertisements, magazines, becoming a well -known model, but also playing a few small characters. There are a lot of fans who like her.Essence

Ni Chenxi once had a scandal with Huang Zongze. Because of a few closer photos, the two leaned together, and Huang Zongze took her shoulders with a close face.

However, Ni Chenxi denied, and said that he didn’t want to rely on the scandal and deleted the photo.

Later, Ni Chenxi also had a relationship with Yang Zhenglong, a rich second -generation rich man. Not only did the media find that they often met and dating, but she was stood firmly at the yacht party held by Yang Zhenglong.

(The middle girl is Ni Chenxi)

There are a lot of giants pursuing Ni Chenxi, but her boyfriend she announced in 2016 was Vincent.

Two people were very high -profile. When Ni Chenxi participated in the event, she dared to play hands with her boyfriend. She sent a lot of confession words on the Internet. Everyone was fed a lot of dog food by her sweet love.

At the end of 2018, Ni Chenxi reported the news of being proposed. Her boyfriend gave her a surprise. She was still in Hong Kong in the morning and appeared in Paris in the evening. Ni Chenxi was very moved.

The wedding was planned for more than a year. It was originally prepared to be held in early 2020. Later, it was postponed, but I did not expect the baby to be caught off guard.

On the day of Father’s Day on June 21, Ni Chenxi announced that he was pregnant.

Seeing that the belly was getting bigger and bigger. For the sake of children, Ni Chenxi and her fiance decided to get married quickly. They registered and signed in September and officially became husband and wife.

Time is rushing. They only invited the men’s family and several sisters of Ni Chenxi to witness. In the register, the male occupation is an asset manager and an elite man in the financial industry.

Although the man is slightly lower than the ordinary face value, it is not a family world, but Ni Chenxi likes to be with her husband, and the two are very happy.

During the pregnancy, Ni Chenxi had revealed hard, and the baby’s weight caused back pain. Sometimes it was painful to the pubic bone. Now she is finally born, I believe she relaxes a lot.

I hope Ni Chenxi will always be happy, congratulations!

“Ni Chenxi”,”宣”,”女”

Author: Li Xixi

Responsible editor: Xiao Zhongshan

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