Neymar’s face is full of lips, showing love with pregnant girlfriend!Fans outside the mansion protest, affecting tires

On May 4, local time, Neymar’s girlfriend Bruna took a sweet photo, and saw her red lips, showing her beautiful legs, and sitting in the Brazilian star in the Brazilian star.A red lip print, such a high -profile and loving picture, is really enviable.

As we all know, Neymar is about to be a father. His girlfriend Brunea is pregnant. Before the Brazilians broke up with Brunea, but in February this year, the two broke the mirror and reunited again, but it didn’t take long for it to take it for a long time., Girlfriend Bruna is pregnant, and I have to say that Neymar’s efficiency is really fast.

This time, Brunea was wearing a conjoined skirt and deliberately covered her belly position with a towel, but I can see that there is a little pregnancy, and Neymar pointed at his girlfriend’s belly with his fingers.Birth baby.

However, Recently, Neymar’s life in Greater Paris is not good. According to the latest news from the French "Team report", Greater Paris is open to whether Neymar leaves the team. As long as there is a suitable offer, the Brazilian foot will leave.

In addition, this week, hundreds of Parisia -exaggerated fans protested the senior management of the club, and ran outside the door of Neymar’s house to sing: "Neymar get out!", "We are tired of mercenaries!"

You know, Brunea, who was pregnant at that time, was still raising his health at home, raising his fetus with peace of mind, and facing the extreme fans who were watching outside the door.It is definitely impossible to forgive the actions of Paris fans, nor can it be staying here.

In any case, Neymar has been in Paris for many years, and has made a lot of hard work. He has made a lot of contributions. Extreme fans to resist him like this, which will make the Brazilians chill.

Fortunately, there is a girlfriend Brunea beside Neymar to help him share the pressure and shift his eyes. This Meijiao Niang is also the best flower of the French Mrs. Last.It is also a loss.

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