New men’s contraceptive gel, as long as it is applied to the shoulders, can easily contraception

Source: Comprehensive overseas network, TED speech, pear video and other reports

When it comes to contraception, the current method is that men take emergency contraceptives in the same room or after the incident, but no matter what method, it cannot fully achieve the effect of contraception.Recently, a study at the University of Washington University can be said to benefit humans and invented a kind of gel can be easily contraceptive on the shoulders.

Everyone knows that the use of condoms is very uncomfortable for husband and wife life, so many men will choose to let their wives take emergency contraceptives after the incident, but it is three poisonous medicines, and emergency contraceptives are very harmful to women’s bodies.Large, causing hormone disorders in the body, making various hormones in your body difficult to balance, irritable temper, and even more excessive infertility.

Studies at the University of Washington, USA show that this kind of contraceptive gel for men, as long as this gel is applied to the shoulders or upper arm, after 8-16 weeks a day, the number of sperm in men will drop to prevent pregnancy from pregnancy.After stopping using this gel, about three to four months, the number of sperm will return to the original level and will not affect physical health.

The person in charge of this research said that a large number of babies were born every year, and 40%of these children were born due to accidents, and many men and women who cannot bear their parents’ responsibilities will give up after giving birth to their children.So on this basis, the birth of contraceptive gel is still very necessary.In the two -year test, 400 couples participated in the use of this gel contraception. Researchers believe that the effect of this gel in contraception will exceed 90%.Contraceptive gel is expected to be listed within 5 to 10 years.

In response to this, netizens also expressed their different views. Some netizens said that they like this kind of contraceptive method, while female netizens said that men will not believe that men will insist on using this gel.However, it is worth noting that although this drug can reduce the number of sperm, it cannot prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it is safer to use a condom if you want to prevent sex diseases.

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