New: Is "Disappearing" a "antidote" of love and brain or "cool text" of men?

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"When the movie opened, the girl in the front row of my front row nestled on her boyfriend’s shoulder. When the movie ended the lights, the girl’s head was extremely resistant to stretching the farthest distance from the boy …"

Seeing this description, you may have guess which movie they are watching -"Disappearing her" who recently won the good box office results.

The popularity of "Disappear" is real. When your friends, classmates, and colleagues around you start to inadvertently ask each other, "Do you go to watch this movie?"Lily talks about this movie, no matter what controversy it will cause the film itself, the success of the box office is stable.

The Chinese film market in 2023 requires good news on the box office. On the one hand, the lack of capital and the breakdown of the production cycle, which leads to the embarrassing situation of "green and yellow" after the epidemic is liberalized. More importantly, the market needs urgent needA dose of "Qiangxin Needle" that is rich in topics and excitement pulls the audience back to the seats of the cinema, and re -cultivate their habit of "eating, shopping, watching movies".Objectively speaking, the Dragon Boat Festival’s "Disappearing her" has become a movie in 6 days. Its "warm field effect" also makes the industry a little more optimistic about the upcoming summer file.

Why is "Disappearing" fire?It’s simple, it is a beautiful movie.To be honest, sometimes I am very disgusted with the "Three View Party" and "Logical Party" of the movie reviews.In fact, the former can influence the film’s score but it cannot stop the choice of most people, and the latter has made Thailand the largest backbone of domestic criminal films (former friends talked about Thailand to blackened Chen Sicheng, but after all, from the film As an angle, if it takes place in my country, the male lead will be locked as a key investigation target by the police uncle after calling the police. Within three days, a blue backdrop will replace the suspense reasoning as the last destination of the story).As a popular cultural consumer product, the first important thing must not be "I can’t make you wrong" (actually impossible), but the ability to tell a story.

When I was watching this movie, I was very strongly matured by domestic film type films.From the perspective of theme, criminal suspense is the choice of the most valuable return fare in addition to comedy movies -fast rhythm, tension and stimulation, brain burning but the threshold is not too high.Coupled with the use of women’s themes of "skyrocketing", combined with the strong shake brought by the real events of this film’s material to face love anxiety, so that most cases have the final choice of "which movie to watch" in most casesWomen have inspired super empathy-the so-called "special treatment of love" is enough to make cultural consumption the strongest driving force, that is, women aged 20-40 decisively buy movie tickets.

From the perspective of performance, although "Disappearing her" has many similarities with the Spanish movie "Unsable Guests" in the fans.A "mirror reversal", but this is still a very beautiful story: falling into a desperate situation -weird abnormality -survival, puzzle solution, game -big reverse and the truth is white, each level is clear,The rhythm is bright and precisely stepped on the point. The story is constantly promoting the thinking and emotions of the audience, while the horrible creation is to abandon the primary hunting picture and the shocking sound effects.In terms of lens perspective -domestic types have gone out of the pile and rudeness of the initial stage, and gradually shifted to more delicate and professional "supporting" in terms of cost and details, everything serves the type, everything is for storytelling.

After all, in the era of short video, what is more important than business movies than to serve the audience comfortable in the dark environment that cannot play mobile phones in two hours?Chen Sicheng, as an upper limit, is not high, and the lower limit is very low, but it is extremely keen and efficient in business. In the creation, he has a small and talented and extremely pragmatic director. This time, as a producer, he once again accurately the veins of the market.

"Disappearing her" I have to mention the male lead Zhu Yilong in my personal sensory experience. His performance surprised me.Because of his fans, I allowed me to attribute him to the category of "traffic stars", and was very disgusted with "touching porcelain" Liang Chaowei in appearance marketing.But one said, this time as the most male number one male, he not only successfully completed the character formation in acting, but also lived a heart scumbag with innocent PUPPY EYES (the billboards destroyed by the audience by major theaters were destroyed by the audience.It is a kind of disguise), and this time his suit image is really the shadow of Liang Chaowei during the heyday.I even doubt his image of his "suit gambler" to pay tribute to Wang Jiawei’s classic movie "A Fei" at the end of Liang Chaowei’s textbook -a three -minute style -a poor gambler carefully managed the suit in his room, ordered cigarettes, or cigarettes.Carefully combed the mirror again, and finally extinguished the lamp and rushed to the casino to find his prey.

The classic long shot in this Chinese film history is originally the foreshadowing that Wang Jiawei was buried for the second part of "A Fei", which is the second "A Fei" in his mind, but later because of various reasonsThis time, this version of Zhu Yilong’s interpretation is a very chic "fellow creation".

"When you play the scumbag, do you have a reference and learn from the people around him, such as … Chen Sicheng Chen Dao"

The question that Zhu Yilong’s fans asked Chen Sicheng were really black humorous.

Chen Sicheng, who is "embarrassing but polite" at the premiere ceremony

Like the feeling of many people, I personally think that the most magical point of this movie is that it was a few years ago in the Spring Festival blockbuster.Chen Dao, now he has begun to play Girls Help Girls, and tries to eat the dividend of "feminism".Although this article from ZHA’s proposition composition "stepping on points" is very accurate, the elements are full and will not make most female audiences be disgusted, but many people say that after reading this "scumbag man"The so -called "female theme" movie always feels that it is a bit unclear.

First of all, although some male audiences criticize "Disappearing her" too "to please women", in fact, this is a movie that stands completely from a male perspective.There are four roles and four roles in the whole film. Among them, the "scum man" has flesh and blood, lively, and complete characters.The image of the "bad man" of the "bad man" of the little cleverness has no big pattern.

On the other hand, the two female protagonists, the true and fake wives and girlfriends, are blurred and full of machinery.Mrs. True is a kind of kindness like a piece of white paper in the warm color sun. The fake wife is a lazy and mysterious snake scorpion beauty, and the girlfriend is riding a motorcycle to smoke, drink and play billiards, and a group of younger brothers."Female lawyer -no personality, no blood, only stereotypes, or more straightforward, these three female images that are shaped by the author as absolute justice are just three types of men’s novels as men’s love objects.Typical "Goddess Template" -Miss Silly Bai Tian, the glamorous woman and the strong sister and the strong sister.

This reminds me of the female director Wen Yan’s movie "Carnival", which is also a story that describes women’s infringement. Several women of different ages and different situations are flesh, blood, story, and personality.It is hidden behind the curtain … If you are interested in comparing these two movies, you will get similar feelings to me.

Secondly, what is the "scum man" in the eyes of the male audience like?How would they evaluate this "bad man"?It is very interesting that in the eyes of men, He Fei, a man who committed a crime against his wife, is more like a "alert" to men, and this "warning world" is actually not a "do not be a scumbag man" and moreIt is "Men must not touch gambling", "Gambling dogs are not good."In fact, how she did not regret when she was pierced, but she scolded the wife who was killed by himself "not knowing nothing" and "not love me at all."When the B -ultrasound photo was to show him, he cried and cried -not because he killed his flesh and killed a woman who had a child who had children (the husband in the prototype knew that his wife was pregnant, "Go"Pushed her down the cliff), but found that she had been forgiven, and she could get two money without killing.

If I am a male audience, why do I do myself that as long as I do n’t go gambling, my life is the existence of the online cool text -in fact, the plot of the male lead gambling by mistake and crime, the author of the film can notIt is writing an assembly line -type online male frequent flow of flowing. The starting male lead is defeated, smart but no background mixes at the bottom, and then encountered the top Bai Fumei.Simple taste, just such an excellent young lady still loves you, you can forgive you the mistakes, "I don’t try anything, as long as you have me in your heart."It is just that she has no other relatives management companies, so you marry Bai Fumei and take over her home company to become the overbearing president of the clothing.

This brings a very absurd scene -in the movie theater, a couple watching a "feminist" movie at the same time in the cinema.Bitter medicine, the boyfriend next to him is also self -aggressive scum men to enjoy a heart horse killing chickens that "urban deeds become the world" … There is no wonder a big side effect of this movie is to make many couples be inAfter watching the re -examination, her boyfriend could not keep up with his girlfriend’s idea of quarreling and clinging to a breakup.

Finally, when we try to truly resume the root of this tragedy showed by "Disappearing her", we will find that we are easily "biased" by this movie.To be honest, "love brain" and "bright eyes" are very mysterious words. The "dull" of women in marriage in love is rarely because of the romantic imagination of the heroine in the film.The formation of the entire socio, economy and environment is formed.However, "Disappearing her" simply classified the tragedy to the huge gap between the rich and the poor of the male and female class -the kind silly white sweet girls of the high society in the high society encounters the men who are in the bottom of the society.So that I saw a large number of girls who guided the future marriage and love after watching the movie after watching the movie was so angry that the object must be "the door to the door"!"Sisters must never poverty alleviation in love" or simply "get married, fart!"

However, in fact, men’s spiritual control, economic exploitation and physical damage to women in marriage and love also exist in the same class with a large number of "door -to -house pairs".For example, in this movie, many people think of the story of a sports star and a movie female star. It is also the man’s silent gambling. Finally, in order to change the gambling debt, he did not hesitate to violate the woman’s rights and interests.Desperate (the actress in the movie is even so similar to this female star!) – The two of them are the same class, they are celebrities, and they are not short of money. Even the man’s reputation was better.Yu woman.

Although the movie is just a story, we don’t have to go online, but we still have to be vigilant or at least not advocating such a tendency: we originally had a saying that we could not use gender contradictions to replace the contradictions of class. Similarly, if we take itThe harm and victims between gender are replaced by one class to do evil and attentiveness of another class, which is also ridiculous and unsatisfactory.

At present, there is no doubt that we have ushered in an era when feminism occupies a top -level traffic. "Disappearing her" is a iconic work, but not "benchmark" and "example".Good -looking and deeper works to respond to the interests and enthusiasm of the audience, but this is at least a pretty good movie?Maybe the real "crying without tears" is a man who booked summer and his girlfriend to travel to Thailand and major diving training institutions.

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