Netizens have raised a puppet cat, and three months later they harvested a bed of RMB, which is too profitable.

Among the many cat varieties, the puppet cats are definitely leading the cat in the cat. It has always been known as the "fairy". The beautiful appearance, with a pair of watery blue eyes, can be seen as if you can see the sea of stars, plus it, plus it, plus it, plus it, plus it, plus it.The gentle and beautiful cry is really hard to dislike it.

The puppet cats are really beautiful, and many people like this cat, but the price is too expensive. Generally, the puppet cats of the puppets must be tens of thousands. If it is better, the price will be higherOrdinary people can afford it.

However, for the little king of a million annual salary, it is still easy to raise a puppet cat. Many years ago, this puppet cat followed the master of the little king.Cats, so Xiao Wang has always hoped that he can find a companion for his love cat.

Not long ago, a new resident was moved in the community. After understanding, the other party just raised a male puppet cat (the cat of the little king’s family was a mother), so the little king went to the other party’s house the next day.I hope two cats can become good friends.

After knowing Xiao Wang’s intention, the other party was also very happy that he could see the cat happily playing. As a shoveling officer, it was naturally a good thing. Originally, he just wanted to be a good friend, but these two guys were carrying them.The owner secretly got better.

One month later, Xiao Wang found that his cat was pregnant. Although it was an accident, it was also beautiful. When he thought that the cat would give birth to a lot of kittens after a few months of pregnancy, Xiao Wang would wake up with a dream!

During the cat’s pregnancy, Xiao Wang worked hard and served it seriously. Finally, three months later, the puppet cat was produced, and a total of 5 small puppet cats were born.So happy.

For these 5 kittens, Xiao Wang naturally won’t take it out. He intends to send 3 to the resident. After all, it is a species made by his puppet cat. Now he has a baby.Thanks for it.

And the remaining two, Xiao Wang will help the cat’s mother take care of it. I hope they can grow up healthily. In the future, everyone can play together. From 2 two puppet cats, now it becomes 7.It is also a big family.

Although it is said to be given three to the cat father, the kitten still likes to follow the cat’s mother, and sometimes the cat father will come to the house. The family is playing happily in bed. I have to say that the genes of the puppet cats are good -looking, theyThe child born with the same is also so beautiful.

Whenever the sun is at dusk, the sun outside the window will be shown in the bedroom, and the cat mother will take the children to the sun together with its children.I enjoy it too much.

I didn’t expect that I just wanted to raise a puppet cat, and now it has become a bed of the RMB. As the master of them, it should be crazy!

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