Nausea and retching when brushing your teeth?Don’t worry, you may just be more toothpaste squeezed too much

Brushing your teeth and wash your face is the first thing that most people get up in the morning. Even if it is officially opened for a new day after packing.However, some people feel disgusting and nausea when brushing their teeth. What is going on?

If it is in the TV series, the direction of the plot may be pregnant or suffering from serious illness, either a great joy or a sorrow.However, in real life, brushing nausea and nausea are still more common, and the reasons behind it are not so ups and downs, it is likely that you are just because your toothpaste is crowded.Let’s talk to you today, why is brushing teeth disgusting and retching.

1. Excessive amount of toothpaste

As mentioned earlier, the most common cause of nausea when brushing teeth is more toothpaste.There are more chemical components in toothpaste and the component of the fragrance. If the amount of toothpaste is too much, the concentration of chemical components is high or the smell of toothpaste is too strong, so it will easily lead to retching.In addition, there are richer friction agents in toothpaste. This friction agent is mainly used for bubbles.Everyone may think that the more toothpaste is used, the more foams are, and the cleaning effect will be better.In fact, it is not. It is not equal to good. Too many foams can also stimulate the throat of some people to cause retching, and it will increase the difficulty of subsequent mouthwash.

It is enough to use an appropriate amount of toothpaste when brushing your teeth. Generally, adults need about one centimeter toothpaste, and children aged 3-6 use pea-sized toothpaste. As for children under the age of 3, it is enough to use a rice grain toothpaste.EssenceIf you always feel that the toothpaste can’t be foam, you can dip a little water before brushing to speed up the foam.Although toothpaste is good, don’t be greedy!

2. Brush your teeth with too cold water

If the water used during brushing is too cold and the oral temperature difference is too large, it is easy to stimulate the laryngeal anti -nerve.However, this situation is more common in winter, and the temperature in winter is really too cold.For patients with sensitive teeth, this situation is even more tortured. In a bite of water, the two feelings of teeth pain and nausea and retching are all.So in order to brush your teeth in a better brushing experience, you may wish to change the brushing water into warm water.

3. The quality of the toothbrush is not good

The quality of the toothbrush does not mainly refer to two aspects. One is that some inferior toothbrushes will have a heavy smell. Under the stimulation of the sense of smell, your body may feel that you need to vomit, so there is a situation of retching.Another aspect is that the bristles of the toothbrush are not good. Some inferior bristles have not been railled. It is very loud to use. When the brush is closer to the throat, it is easy to stimulate the throat and cause retching.So when choosing a toothbrush, try to choose a big brand of toothbrushes.

4. The brushing posture is wrong

This mainly refers to the incorrect posture of brushing the tongue. If the brushing is too deep, it will easily cause retching.However, the roots of the tongue are relatively easy to hide dirt. Brush still need to be brushed, but the strength must be reduced as much as possible, reducing the irritation, and you can also try to extend your tongue and then brush it, which can reduce the vomiting sense.

5. Pathological reasons

If you have adjusted your own brushing method according to the four situations above, you still have a feeling of nausea and nausea, then there may be other diseases, such as chronic pharyngitis, gastrointestinal diseases, oral diseases, and rhinitis.Check it, and then apply the right medicine.

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