My wife was pregnant and suddenly said that I wanted an electric car. I immediately bought it. She cried and said that I saved her life

My name is Zhang Jie, now 40 years old and is a ordinary white -collar worker in a second -tier city.I live a regular life, no suspense to work and get off work, and neatly on Monday to Friday, until I meet her -my wife Nana.Nana, a woman, has been different from the beginning. She is unique, but I deeply fall in love with her.

Last year, she was pregnant with our second child. I think I already know her very well, her joy, sorrow, and her advantages and disadvantages.However, a sudden request made me realize that I might not know her as I thought.She actually asked me to buy an electric car for her. As soon as she rode out, she cried and said to me, I saved her life.

I still remember that night, Nana was read on the bedside as usual.I looked at her sideways, and the moonlight passed through the window to shine on her calm face, and her eyes were deeply immersed in the book.Suddenly, she put down the book and looked at me, saying one by one, "Zhang Jie, I want an electric car."

This request surprised me a little.I looked at her in doubt and asked, "Electric vehicles? Why? You are pregnant now, riding is not safe. Moreover, there are cars at home."

She smiled and said, "I just want it." No longer explained, and picked up the book again.I couldn’t touch my head, but looking at her eyes, I knew she was not joking.

The next day, I took her to the electric vehicle sales store in the city.In the store in the store, she chose a white, looking very artistic electric vehicle.I looked at her smile, and I knew this was the right decision.

That night, Xiaoning rode the white electric car to the supermarket.I stood in front of the window and watched her back gradually, and there was a sense of satisfaction in my heart.It didn’t take long for the phone ringtone to sound, I connected, the cry of Nana came from the phone: "Zhang Jie, thank you, you saved me a life."

I was shocked, and the language was overwhelmed for a while.Then I heard her cry and said, "Do you know, when I sit on the electric car and ride on this empty street, I feel that I recovered myself. When I drove, I was trapped by myself.In the car, I can’t breathe. But now, I seem to regain my freedom again. I am no longer a pregnant woman who can only read at home. I can do what I wantI found a line of vitality from the abyss. "

I was on the other side of the phone and couldn’t reply for a long time.I found out that I didn’t really understand her, the pressure she was carrying, her inner loneliness, and her desire for freedom.With my guilt, I promised her: "Nana, no matter what happened in the future, I will accompany you, listen to you, satisfy your wishes."

Since that day, Nana has gone out of that electric car every day.Sometimes she goes to the park, sometimes she will go to the supermarket, and sometimes she will go to the lake.She became happier and smiled more.Every day she comes back and told me that the feeling of riding an electric car is too good, making her vision wider.And I also started to learn to understand her, pay attention to her emotions, and respect her choice. This may be true love.

@: This story reveals an important thing for us: understanding and respecting the emotions of others and choices are essential to maintain a healthy interpersonal relationship, especially for couples.

In the story, Zhang Jie bought an electric car in order to satisfy Nana’s wishes.This behavior seems to be bland, but it has fundamentally changed Nana’s life and helped her find her self and freedom.

We have a lot of husband who will buy gifts for our wives before getting married. Once you get married, you will not buy it. We often use a sentence "The old husband and wife, what are you buying?"However, we must know that in love for a few years, it is a lifetime after marriage.

This is not just a story about love, but also a story about human understanding.In this process, Zhang Jie also started to grow himself. He transformed from a person who only focused on the surface into a person who truly understood and respecting others.

This is a story that is deeply revealed to all of us.As a psychological counselor, I want to emphasize that truly understanding and respecting others is often more valuable than the gift of any material.Each of us has its own unique inner world, and we have our own wishes and expectations.In order to maintain and establish a good interpersonal relationship, we need to spend time to understand and understand others, not just staying on the surface.

In general, this story reminds us that true love is not just about accompaniment, but understanding, respect and support.In interpersonal relationships, what we need to do is not only to meet the needs of each other, but to understand their needs, respect their decisions, and give them a space for freedom.At the same time, we also need to learn to pay attention to our emotions and listen to our inner voice, because only when we understand ourselves can we better understand others.

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