My wife is pregnant, what can a man do?The last one is the most important

Recently, Guoguo’s mother can always receive the vomiting of a few male fans in the background:

"My wife is pregnant, I always complain that I do n’t know how to help, and I want to help me, but I just ca n’t think of helping her, but I ca n’t help her vomit, I ca n’t help her hurt.What should I do? "

Don’t worry, although as a man, you are not enough to have this heart.However, for the safety of our poor male fans!Guo Guoma still prepared everything that husbands can do during my wife’s pregnancy, please see ~

After learning the news of his wife’s pregnancy, make a good psychological preparation

During the pregnancy, expectant mothers, due to the changes in hormone levels in the body, coupled with the torture of symptoms such as pregnancy, drowsiness, and appetite attenuation, emotional fluctuations will be relatively large.

As a responsible husband, you must be mentally prepared after learning that his wife is pregnant. Keep in mind that the wife will become emotional because of the baby who is pregnant.She, accompany her.

Although the expectant mothers may continue to lose their temper during pregnancy, she will remember everything you do that the love you pay now will be doubled in the future.

0-12 weeks of pregnancy (3 months before), early pregnancy

These three months are early pregnancy, and the wife’s early pregnancy response will gradually become obvious.Taste changes, nausea and vomiting, fatigue and fatigue.At this time, her husband is about to change his living habits.

Transformed into a saint, quitting smoking, drinking and abstaining games, because in the next ten months, you should not have any idle time except for work, housework, and taking care of your wife.

Transformed into a chef and studying nutritional meals.Wife in early pregnancy is more obvious, and her appetite is not bad. Each meal should be light, and the vegetarian is matched.Because of the impact of pregnancy, each meal may be taken in a few mouthfuls, so try to eat as little meal as much as possible.Some nutrients such as folic acid and calcium tablets are recommended to obey the doctors’ arrangements and supplement it in moderation.

When you transform into a nanny, the bed single clothes should be washed frequently, and the room must be cleaned up every day. Otherwise, his wife goes home from get off work to open the door full of mold or foot odor, and you have to vomit.

When you transform into a bodyguard, every time you travel, you have to remember that the woman around you is pregnant. Do n’t hit it with others when you drive out. You should pay attention to take a little more people to take your wife to the mall to avoid going to the place where there are too many people.

In addition to doing these roles, the first birth inspection should be performed in the early pregnancy (focus! Dry):

Within 6 weeks of pregnancy-within 9 weeks of pregnancy, do the first checkup.

The contents of the inspection include: blood drawing, urine testing, B -ultrasound, etc.During the checkup, her husband should help queue, pay, send test, and receive reports, and must bring a bag with you.Prepare in the bag: chocolate, eat low blood sugar after the empty stomach is bloody; the insulation cup, the ultrasound may be urinating, most of the automatic vending machines are room temperature or cold water, bring a little hot water to his wife drink.

13-27 weeks of pregnancy, in the second trimester

By the end of pregnancy, the previous discomfort symptoms will gradually disappear. Dad has to prepare more for later, to find out the time for accompanying maternity leave, buy some must -have for babies in the future, etc. At the same time, you can also start prenatal education.

Buy baby nursery books: I recommend "Care Encyclopedia of Carey Parenting". This book is very famous, and it is also the parenting Bible of many mothers.

Starting prenatal education: The scientific demonstration of prenatal education is still not concluded, but it is recommended that during pregnancy, Dad can talk about the children in the stomach, tell stories, and occasionally the baby will respond to the belly.

Production inspection: At 12-28 weeks, the birth inspection must be performed every 4 weeks. You can fully grasp the child’s development. If you have any problems, you can respond in time. What you need to do when you accompany the delivery are the same as above. Take a small bag and accompany your wife to check for inspection!

Helping my wife’s hair, massage, etc.: The belly is relatively large in the middle of pregnancy. The doctor recommends not to bend over as much as possible. At this time, the husband can help his wife wash his hair and press massage.Although these simple things can also do it by themselves, if you do it by your husband, you will have a lot of fun.

28 weeks of pregnancy-childbirth, late pregnancy

At this time, you must gradually prepare to enter the role of the new dad. Remember to accompany your wife to count the fetal movement every day, prepare a newborn to prepare a bag, or buy some massage oil massage to prevent stretch marks.

After 28 weeks, the fetal movement began: several morning, middle, and evening, one hour each time, the sum of the number of fetal movements 3 times a day is multiplied by 4, which is the fetal movement of 12 hours in the stomach.The normal situation should be 30-40 times/12 hours. If it is less than 20 times/12 hours, it means that the fetus is abnormal. If it is less than 10/12 hours, it means that the fetus is hypoxic in the palace, and you should seek medical treatment in time.

Newborns to be produced: We have posted the content of the production package. Please reply to the "birth package" in the background to get it.

Massage: Choose a special massage oil suitable for pregnant women. Massage on both sides and chests of the belly. You can also add your arms, thighs, and calf. Be careful not to touch the stomach, which may cause the fetus umbilical cord around the neck.

The last point is the most important point

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