My wife is pregnant, the child is not mine, we divorced

There is a difference between love and marriage, because love is a matter between two people, and marriage is something between two families.

In most people’s eyes, love is a very simple thing. As long as you are willing to love, then you can harvest beautiful love.

But marriage is not like this. Marriage not only requires each other to understand each other and tolerate each other, but also takes a lot of responsibilities.

But it is precisely because of a lot of responsibilities in marriage that many people are unwilling to get married easily.However, some people chose to get married for their selfish desire, but finally caught themselves into a painful marriage.

01. Because of my selfish desire, I chose to marry his wife

Lin Song and Zhang Lei met when they were in college. At that time, Lin Song met Zhang Lei during a community activity. At that time, Zhang Lei was still very green, but Lin Song liked it very much.

So Lin Song pursued Zhang Lei, and then the two were together.

Because Lin Song was famous during his college, many people knew that he liked Zhang Lei.But Lin Song did not do much, but continued to pursue Zhang Lei.

When the two were together, Zhang Lei felt that he was very happy, because Lin Song always gave him a lot of romantic surprises.So Zhang Lei fell, and began to pursue Lin Song.

The last two came together and married.After marriage, the two had a happy life, and Lin Song also loved Zhang Lei.

But in the second year of marriage, Zhang Lei was pregnant and gave birth to a son.This made Lin Song and his family very happy, so he gave his son to his parents to raise it.

02. After marriage, I found that my wife was pregnant, but she was not her own child

When Xiao Yu was with his husband, he knew that his wife was not the first time to get pregnant, and the child was not his.

This incident made Xiaoyu very angry. She felt that she was the backbone of this family. Why did she marry such a woman?So she found her husband questioning why she would marry such a woman.

Although he was very angry, Xiao Yu still forgive her husband. After all, she knew that her husband had always been a man with a heavy affection.And after marriage, the two of them were also very loving, so Xiao Yu forgive her husband.

What she didn’t expect was that when she gave birth to a child, she knew that the child she gave birth was not his.

So Xiaoyu told her parents about this. Xiaoyu thought that her parents would be angry, but her parents were not angry, but they also comforted her and said, "Our Xiaoyu is so good, do you worry about finding a good man?Why did you look at a woman like this? "

03. The wife proposed a divorce, and the husband resolutely disagreed

But later, in an unintentional, Zhao Lei discovered the ambiguous text messages of his wife and other men.

As soon as the wife saw this text message, she collapsed, and she also wanted to know what she had done wrong.

So after that, the wife proposed a divorce. She said, "Since you don’t trust me so much, let’s divorce."

When Zhao Lei heard his wife say this, he couldn’t believe it was true, because he never thought that his wife would do such a thing.

He didn’t understand where he was wrong, but his wife did not hesitate to divorce.

When Zhao Lei heard his wife was going to divorce, he asked, "Do you want to divorce me long ago?"

After listening to Zhao Lei’s words, she cried and said, "Don’t we divorce? Can you give me a chance?"

When Zhao Lei saw his wife crying so sad, he couldn’t bear to refuse, so he agreed to his wife’s request.

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