My wife is pregnant and pregnant, and the child is not born. The wife also asked her husband to apologize publicly.

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The wife is pregnant, the child is not his own, and the man decides to divorce his wife in a vigh.However, in the face of derailment, his wife sued her husband to the court and asked the husband to apologize. What name is the two?

▶ The husband and wife are divided into all year round, and the wife is pregnant unexpectedly

In modern society, in order to earn more money to live a good life, many people will leave their hometown and choose to work in a more prosperous city.Squeeze in the employee dormitory.

As a large population province, Sichuan has countless labor transportation to all over the country every year. It can be said that if there is no hard work of the Sichuan people, at least half of the high -rise buildings that you see now.

However, in the Xuyong County of Sichuan Province, there was an endless thing.

Workers who leave their hometowns

Her husband Wang Bo and his wife Yu Ping were one of the migrant workers. As early as a few years ago, the couple went to work in two different places. Wang Bo went to Yunnan and Yu Ping went to Guangdong.

The two have been married for a long time. As early as the newly married, the two had an extremely desirable marriage life. It didn’t take long for the crystallization of love.

From 2007 to 2009, the couple had two daughters one after another, and the outsiders were very envious.

Even if the two are separated from the two places, the relationship has not broken. In 2015, the eldest daughter was at the age of school, and the elderly at home and other families would not.

So after discussing, the couple finally decided to buy a suit in the county seat. Yu Ping went back to take care of her eldest daughter, while Wang Bo continued to stay in the field.


It is said that his wife takes care of the child at home, and the husband earns money outside and supports his family. No matter from which aspect, this family configuration is reasonable, it is also the living conditions of many migrant families, but this ordinary only lasted for one year.

One night in 2016, Wang Bo just finished his work. After dinner, he was going to bed for a while, but his sleepy was awakened by the ringtone of his mobile phone.

It was the wife who came to call. After answering the phone, Wang Bo first talked to his wife about the recent situation of his daughter, and asked the family that there was no shortage of money at home.Calm.

On the phone, Yu Ping said that he was pregnant, and Wang Bo was suddenly scared when he heard this.

During this period, he also went back to visit his wife, but the pressure of the two children was already strong enough. He did not intend to want a third child, so he patiently persuaded his wife.

However, Yu Ping wanted to leave this child very much. In the face of her husband’s all kinds of persuasion, he couldn’t listen to it.

Wang Bo blamed his wife why he couldn’t understand the pressure of making money, and Yu Ping complained why her husband was so cruel.

Wang Bo who answered the phone

In the end, Wang Bo defeated. In the face of his wife’s insistence, although he was helpless, he eventually agreed to his wife to give birth to the child.

The careful Wang Bo was unwilling to produce at home alone, so he asked the unit to have a long vacation and returned to his hometown in Sichuan to accompany his wife to give birth to prepare for from time to time.

During the delivery, he took care of Yu Ping to be meticulous. Every day, he almost did not come out of the door every day. He changed his wife for pregnant women’s meals, and even the laundry brushed all contracted.

Wang Bo during cooking

With Wang Bo’s careful care, it didn’t take long for the third child to be born smoothly and was a boy.

Although the husband did not want this child before, the first reason was that the family burden was too heavy, and the other point was to worry that the third child was another baby girl.

Looking at the man who was born with a man of being born, Wang Bo smiled very much and kept playing with the baby. He touched his little hand and touched his face later.

The appearance of the male Ding made the family’s children double, and Wang Bo shook his head and shook his head and said to the baby in front of him:

"Well, after all, you are born. If you are too tired, you will be tired, who makes you my son!"

But is this child really born in front of him?

Third child

▶ Parent -child identification results show that the child is not born

Everyone is in a good spirit at all. This is right at all. In the days after that, Wang Bo will show off his family as long as he meets the people he knows.

At first, everything was normal, but with the longer and longer time, he felt more and more people feel that some people looked at him wrong.

Later, he heard the discussion of the people around him by chance, and got a message that made him want to kill him:

The newly born baby boy was not born at all!

Wife Yu Ping

In fact, at the beginning, Wang Bo did not believe in what those people said, thinking that they must be jealous, and the theory of many times, but as such a statement became more and more, he could not do it even if he wanted to trust his wife.

What’s more, Wang Bo worked in Yunnan before and could not see his wife for a long time. At this time, all kinds of strange thoughts in his mind burst out.

Although some words will be very uncomfortable to the stomach, Wang Bo can’t ask his wife in a lot of money. If he really misunderstand himself, he will chill his wife’s heart.

However, if this incident was not investigated clearly, he was difficult to sleep for himself, so Wang Bo found a local hospital and specially consulted whether his wife’s pregnancy time and the time when they went out can be confronted.

However, I did not expect that this question made Wang Bo more twisted in his heart. The doctor said that the chance of pregnancy as Wang Bo was very small, almost zero.

Syonong County People’s Hospital

Thinking of Yu Ping, who was full of innocent faces on weekdays, and thought of a baby boy who had just been born, Wang Bo’s head was like a mess. At this moment, he only wanted to find a wall to hit it.

However, Wang Bo still did not choose to choose with his wife. On the one hand, he was unwilling to accept reality. On the other hand, even though he had already held it in his heart, there was no direct evidence that his wife was derailed during his own work.

Wang Bo, who was chaotic, found his family, and his family never expected that Yu Ping would do such a thing, so he encouraged Wang Bo to go to the hospital for a parent -child identification.

Wang Bo pondered some ways to finally agree with his family, but the question came again. How can you not be discovered by his wife?

It didn’t take long for Wang Bo’s sister to visit through many aspects, and she really inquired a good way.It can be tested by using saliva.

I have to say that this method is really good. Not only can it provide accurate identification results, but it can not be noticed by Yu Ping, but the baby’s saliva is the easiest to extract, and it is convenient to operate.

On the day of the operation, Wang Bo asked his family to "guest" on the grounds that he visited the newborn. Wang Bo was responsible for attracting his wife’s attention. Those family took the opportunity to extract the baby’s saliva, and the action was smooth.

After Wang Bo got saliva, he was very tangled. The family had enlightened Wang Bojan, saying that he would always face it.But Wang Bo was unwilling to go to the hospital by himself, and eventually his sister took saliva.

In the past few days, every night, he turned over the bed and couldn’t fall asleep.If the child is really not his own, then it is announced that the wife’s derailment is sitting;

But in case that child is indeed biological, how should he face the mother and child in the future.

What should be here always comes. On this day, my sister contacted Wang Bo to get the result.Although he had spent a few days of psychological preparation, when he saw the results, his heart was still occupied by despair.

The white paper in the appraisal opinion clearly states that the rough meaning is that the oral swab 1 is a man, and the oral swab 2 is also a man. From the genetic perspective, the gene is not the same.This means that the child is 100 % not Wang Bosheng.

Appraisal report

Wang Bo, who had slowed down from despair, was immediately governed by anger. He found his wife Yu Ping with the laboratory single in his hand.He thought his wife confessed his mistakes confessed.

However, a series of performances of Yu Ping made Wang Bo more angry. Yu Ping stared at the test sheet. Instead, she was ashamed of derailment in her marriage, but she was wronged.

She said that she did not expect to have been married for so many years, and her husband did not believe in herself.

Wang Bo, holding the appraisal report

After hearing it, Wang Bo was so angry and funny. He didn’t understand why a derailed woman can speak this kind of discourse shamelessly. Is this the language that speaks from the mouth of humans?

But the next operation of Yu Ping was able to die of popularity. After seeing her crying, she took the initiative to say three words with Wang Bo:


Wang Bo was stunned suddenly. Yu Ping dared to take the initiative to ask for divorce. It felt as if he was derailed. Is it unknown to bully himself?

Subsequently, the two went to the local civil affairs department for divorce. The agreement wrote that both daughters were raised by Wang Bo alone. As for the unknown son, he naturally left Yu Ping for raising.

The house purchased by the two parties was owned by Wang Bo alone, and Yu Ping had to go out of the house.

I thought that the matter came here for a while. I didn’t expect that it didn’t take long for Wang Bo to receive a prosecution from his ex -wife Yu Ping. What was going on?

Xuyong County Civil Affairs Bureau

▶ Wife who is misunderstood too deep, where does the couple go?

According to the court staff, a woman walked in with her baby on the same day, sitting on the seat and crying, and the staff grasped forward and asked, the woman was Yu Ping.

Yu Ping wiped tears and said that he would ask for a fairness and let his ex -husband Wang Bo apologize to himself.The reason for asking Wang Bo to apologize is also very strange.

Because Yu Ping stole a man and became pregnant, after Wang Bo’s trouble, the relatives and neighbors around him knew that he had a very bad impact on his reputation. Now Yu Ping can no longer live in this circle.

Since that incident, people around them saw that Yu Ping would also bypass her and still pointed behind.

Even her family was ashamed of herself, so she thought that she became caused by Wang Bo, so she decided that Wang Bo must apologize to herself.

Yu Ping took the child to the court

This is fresh. I derailed myself with someone else and attempted to let her husband raise it. Instead, I still hit a rake to let the victim apologize to themselves.

The staff then asked about the parent -child report, but in this question, Yu Ping cried even more sad, and she also took out a parent -child appraisal report.

Yu Ping said that the report was just come out. Recently, she took her son to make an appraisal again. However, the result of the report was completely opposite.Yu Ping was born.

This sudden change makes everyone present buzzing. How can the same child get two different identification reports?Which one is really fake?

The appraisal report provided by Yu Ping

Wang Bo seemed unlikely. He couldn’t always make a fake report in order to make his biological son.

In order to mediate this civil dispute, the judge first contacted the institution that provided the appraisal report to Yu Ping, and later confirmed that the report provided by Yu Ping was true and effective.

The appraisal agency reported by Yu Ping

However, when the judge saw Wang Bo’s report, he felt wrong. The name of the cover unit was inconsistent with the name of the main content. Even the name of the seal was different from the cover content.

And the appraiser who reported on the report was not checked, and it was not qualified at all.Such a hasty report gives people an irregular feeling.

The judge immediately summoned Wang Bo and asked Wang Bo to describe the steps of identifying himself in detail at that time. As a result, he found out that the entire appraisal process was not involved at all, and he was run by his sister.

After listening, the judges have accused Wang Bo of Wang Bo and personally identified how they can be so hasty!At the same time, the judge was also curious. Where did the "talent" sister in his mouth come from such an unorganized report?

The judge uses a pencil to mark doubts

With doubts, the judge immediately found Wang Bo’s family, but what the family said made everyone cry and laugh.It turned out that the family did not know where there was an appraisal agency, and even the formal process did not understand.

As for the report, Wang Bo’s sister was consulted online. At that time, her sister searched for an appraisal agency on the Internet. I did not expect to find one. The simple sister was really trustworthy.

After a long time, the whole incident was a big oolong. There was no so -called "behind -the -scenes conspiracy". So can the couple be as good as the beginning?

The judge came to Wang Bo’s house

▶ The judge gives five years of warming heart

From this point of view, Yu Ping’s back is really unjust. It is no wonder that she insisted on asking Wang Bo to apologize to herself. It is really hard for this woman.

During the subsequent visit, the eldest daughter of the husband and wife also hoped that their parents could reconcile as soon as possible. They did not want to see the misfortune of the three brothers who were divorced by their parents as soon as they were born.

What’s more, Wang Bo and Yu Ping would have a emotional foundation. If it wasn’t for the "derailment" incident, it would be impossible for the two to make trouble today.

Judge and big daughter

In order to re -aggregate the family, the judge worked hard and finally made the two successfully on the negotiating table. Unfortunately, what the judge never thought of it happened.

Wang Bo didn’t know which string in his brain, and he asked for another parent -child identification!

I don’t know if this Wang Bo listened to too many rumors or he didn’t even believe the judge. Anyway, this stupid request was raised from his mouth.

According to the thinking of normal people, the judge is not an exaggeration to pump a big ear seeds, but after all, the judge cannot do that, and the judge should agree to the questions and reasonable requirements of the parties.

After 20 days, the identification results came out. According to the results, Wang Bo was indeed the child’s biological father. Wang Bo, who saw the result, dismissed his final doubt.

Provide Wang Bo with the correct appraisal reporting agency

The judge looked almost the same, so he contacted the two to sit on the negotiating table, but although Wang Bo had no problem, Yu Ping couldn’t forgive the former husband.

Yu Ping’s encounter is indeed deeply sympathetic.First of all, a good marriage was broken because of the birth of the third son. After the divorce, he was unpredictable to endure the household. I think no matter who changed it, it is not so easy to release it.

Even if Wang Bo’s heart was suddenly open, Yu Ping still had a heavy rain, and he couldn’t wait to drown Wang Bo.

Because the unreliable parent -child identification before, whether it was Yu Ping’s relatives and neighbors, it caused her to have a lot of pressure on her life. I dare not go out every day.Own.

Therefore, in that mediation, Yu Ping didn’t want to return to Wang Bozhong anyway anyway. Wang Bo watched the ex -wife who was crying on the opposite side, and finally realized how much harm he had brought her.

Then he found the judge, saying that he was really sorry for his ex -wife, and did not want to reconcile with Yu Ping, but he could meet all the requirements made by Yu Ping.

Two husband and wife in mediation

One week later, the court opened the trial of this civil case. Fortunately, after a few days of calm, Yu Ping’s emotions had improved, and Wang Bo also apologized to Yu Ping in the court.

But then, Yu Ping made a request because when she was divorced before, she was out of the house.

So she proposed on the spot in the court that the previous divorce agreement was invalidated. As for the problems of children’s support and property division, they must be handled again.

In order to better solve the problem, after the trial, the judge led the two to the mediation room again. Fortunately, the result of this time was pretty good.

Syonong County People’s Court

The two parties signed a agreement again. The original house was moved by the two sides to the name of the younger son. The custody of the eldest daughter and the younger son belonged to Wang Bo.An additional spiritual comfort is 4,000 yuan.

However, the judge obviously still hopes that the couple will be good, so the following content is added to the mediation letter:

Considering whether the two sides can reconcile in the future, the woman still enjoys the right to residence within 5 years for this house.

I have to say that in order to make these two Zizi and good intentions, Wang Bo also gladly agreed to see the judge’s arrangement.

But whether you can recover Yu Ping also depends on the "skill" of Wang Bo, and here is also wishing the two to get married soon.

Judgment result

▶ Ningly dismantle ten temples, do not destroy a marriage, and dismantle a family maliciously

Although this incident is inseparable from Wang Bo, is the main reason really in him?

According to me, Wang Bo is also a victim in this storm. What is really hateful is the group of people who have nothing to chew their tongue behind.

Why do love most need to trust?Because this feeling is the easiest to break, even if there is a solid couple’s feelings, facing the "provocative alienation" of outsiders, all parties will be disintegrated in the end of all parties.

Although there is no way to sanction the group of people who love to talk about gossip, hell hell has extended a warm welcome to such people.

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