My wife is pregnant, and "Monster Hunter World" is also released …

"Monster Hunter World" has been released for more than a month. This month, for this game, it can be described as a daughter -in -law who has been pregnant for 4 months. Looking at the archive of about 150 hours, there are thousands of thoughts.After a little sorting this month’s life, as a player who has a family and is about to be a father, maybe some sub -health during this time, maybe some responsibilities are not fulfilled, but the player is like this. Only by grasping the balance of life and games can you let you make you allow youThe fun continues.

On the day of the game on January 26, I couldn’t help but end up in the middle of the night. It was more than 3 o’clock in the middle of the night from the hunter’s world. I hurried to go to bed and sleep.In the morning, the fruit was unhappy, but the road almost touched the public bicycle on the roadside. The next weekend was not spoiled, and the night bag was wrapped in the afternoon in the afternoon.As the hunter’s strength is getting stronger and stronger, these days have been unable to endure the neglected daughter -in -law. I took out the washboard that had not been used for a long time and stood behind me and asked me if I would like to listen to a bang.

I started to justify that I did n’t touch the flowers. There were good men who did n’t have bad hobbies to play games. The daughter -in -law was still unhappy, soothed for a long time, the daughter -in -law asked the ultimate question:

If you want the game or have children, choose one by yourself.

I firmly say, I want all!

So I started to seriously formulate a plan for family life and games.

Everything takes the daughter -in -law as the core

No matter how the game is your spiritual food, the family still has to be placed first, and it is clear that your attitude is very important.

Women during pregnancy are elusive. Once something is not done, it may become the basis for her attack. At this time, it takes half a night or a whole night to do customer comfort.Therefore, everything must be in front, and the daughter -in -law must not have the opportunity to explode, and it needs to be more detailed than usual.

First of all, the big things in the family must be all contracted, and learn the recipes online as much as possible to improve their cooking skills, so that the daughter -in -law eats different dishes every day, the nutrition is balanced, master the fat, protein, green, green, green, green, green, green, green, greenThe proportion of plants, starch, and crude fiber foods.

Due to the problem of poor appetite during pregnancy, soup is a simple and easy -to -digest thing, bone soup, chicken soup, fish soup, etc. are all food.Green vegetables supplement vitamins and can prepare more different types of materials.Generally, there are three dishes and one soup for a meal.Although there are not many tricks, as a person who never cooks, these small efforts can be an important bargaining chip for my daughter -in -law to change my attitude.

The time after brushing the bowl will still not be your own, because the next thing you need to do is accompany.

Let the habit of watching the TV series with daughter -in -law who never watched Xiaoxianrou TV series can have a constructive discussion plot and the performance style of each actor. When discussing, pay attention to the daughter -in -law, the daughter -in -law,When she is good, she must boast that she is kind, beautiful and generous. The daughter -in -law said that she had to say that she had to say that she was charming and mean.

After nine o’clock in the evening, a cup of daughter -in -law can help sleep, no, supplement the protein that helps the fetus to develop milk.A cup of milk under the belly of milk also has the bottom of his heart, yawning is ready to go to sleep. After setting up everything, your time has just begun.

In addition, don’t imagine that you can have a complete weekend time to play games with peace of mind. Such days have no longer existed.

At the weekend time, in addition to the normal housework, the regular production checkup of pregnant women must also be scheduled to be on your schedule. Various examination items such as B -ultrasound, Tang’s screening, chromosomal screening, etc.And turn on reminder.In order not to delay the time, you need to make a good appointment of the hospital, reduce the queuing waiting of the hospital, and say hello to the doctor in advance, telling the daughter -in -law for pregnant women who need sufficient sleep.

After a morning checkup, the importance of sleep constantly emphasized the importance of sleep. After waiting for the daughter -in -law to fall asleep, the time that belongs to the hunter will officially begin.

The daughter -in -law said that the good game is a good game

"Later, Destroyer and Huosho Taro started their journey." The daughter -in -law lying in the bed like a good baby finished the third chapter of the hunter story I compiled.

"Then why did the Emperor Danzi be with Steel Dragon Taro again?" The daughter -in -law asked.

"I don’t know this either, I haven’t hit that place yet." I said helplessly.

"Then you go, and let me talk about it tomorrow." The daughter -in -law said.

After receiving the imperial decree, I hurriedly helped my daughter -in -law to get a quilt, gently closed the door of the bedroom, picked up the handle to start a new day’s material journey, and the other half of the brain had rotated at a high speed to make the next bedtime story.

I used the game to tell my daughter -in -law before, but I want to make my daughter -in -law interested in the official plot of "Monster Hunter World", so as to support my hunter career is basically impossible.But this does not prevent me adapting to the various protagonists in the hunter world and adapted vinegar.

The story of the four ancient dragons, Ryuna Taro, and the big brother of Torona Taro Torona Taro Taro, which is adapted by me, has been adapted.Only walking together can we make it.

In the cognition of the daughter -in -law, in addition to having a good plot of polynoma, the game that can be suspended at any time is a good game, so that as a voice control remote control, I can complete the daughter -in -law when the first time I am the first time.Various requirements.Unfortunately, the hunter does not have such an important feature, especially when I do n’t say that I do n’t say when I was online. When I encountered a cat mission, I caaged everyone.

Therefore, the first column in my props was never a reply, but to go home.

Once my daughter -in -law summoned me, even if the Dragon was extinguished, I was paralyzed with a big face and grinned in front of me. I would like to throw it home and play in front of my wife.Because of this reason, I always use a lot of more friends to go home. I have been planting excited mushrooms for a long time in the Zhisheng Research Institute.

Such a complicated four -corner love can be suspended at any time and is recognized as a good game by the daughter -in -law. The IGN score of the daughter -in -law of "Monster Hunter World" is 7 points. Advantages: love story plot twists and turns, can be paused, many clothes;The clothes and skirts are too short.

Sleep well, raise your liver

I only started to start at nearly 10 o’clock every night, and I basically insisted that it was about 1 o’clock before finishing the work. Although I knew that I could n’t stay up late, do n’t play the game, but when I thought of my daughter -in -law, I still felt that I had to be responsible for the family, so right to the family, so right?Adjustment of schedules becomes very important.I am fortunate to have superpowers that will naturally wake up naturally when I sleep only 6 hours a day. I rarely dream, and I sleep deeply.

Even so, I can sleep until 7 o’clock at 7 o’clock. I added nutritional breakfast.It means that even in the coldest winter, it is busy with his wife and children at 6 o’clock. After breakfast, you have to send your daughter -in -law to work unit to work, and then start my own work.I have owed an hour of consciousness in a short period of time, but after a long time, it will make me feel energy and unable to concentrate.

At noon break, the time that should belong to SWITCH has been given up after repeated considerations. This can be exchanged for about an hour of sleep. Goodbye to Hailar continent, goodbye to Serida, both Link, He Sheng hunter, we will see you see you again, we will see you againEssence

In the evening, the time to accompany the daughter -in -law to watch TV between 7 and 10 o’clock is also a stage that can be rest. By letting the brain completely empty and relaxing the original excited brain cells, the relaxation effect of a small amount of deep sleep is obtained.But don’t fall asleep. Once I fall asleep, my daughter -in -law will care about that I have been too tired and forced to sleep recently, which greatly reduces the hunter time.

However, a way of relaxing like this will make the daughter -in -law who watch the series lacks the feeling of someone. In order to pick up the next stubble on the discussion of the plot, when she decides which TV series, she must do everything possible to spoil herself through the way.Clean.You can choose to listen to the broadcast discussion and plot analysis of the series on the road to get off work, and write it down seriously, but remember not to owe the drama when the daughter -in -law watched the most exciting.

It is not much to say that sleeping the liver and hurting the liver. It is very important to help the liver. Please carry liver care tablets, vitamin C and composite vitamin B.Do not develop the habit of smoking or drinking a lot of coffee when you are sleepy, which is greatly damaged to the liver.Do not lack exercise in order to save your energy. In addition to the normal walking with pregnant women, hunters to open tasks and stall time are a good opportunity for you to practice push -ups.

Once the game time exceeds 12 o’clock, I will arrange some of the fierce tasks that are not so dying, such as the relieved tasks such as the dragon jade that brushes the soil salon, and I will not let me lying on the bed just lying on the bed excitedly excitedly.Can’t sleep, which has led to a less sleep time.


There are many counts of life, and such a sub -healthy state will not last for too long. With the end of the wasteland stage, the ideal set will be formed, and now it is just full of HR100. This liver explosion will slowly end.Life gradually returned to what it was before.The hard work this month is also an explanation of the hunter complex.

I once saw a joke, a woman who was preparing to travel, and found that her husband and others had made an appointment in the old place, because they suspected that her husband had abandoned travel and followed her husband.It was found that her husband and another pile of men met the game in an Internet cafe.

So girls, please cherish the boys who love to play games by your side. For this love, they are really willing to do a lot of things.

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