My wife is derailed but does not want to divorce me, and I don’t know what she thinks.

Ten years of marriage, three children, two daughters and one son, plus the child’s mother, if we can live together in a whole, how happy it should be!

It is a pity that some people are not satisfied with the happiness they have at the time, and they have to find new feelings outside.According to its own thoughts: For them, for them, it is not a life but a torment every day. The passion of the past has become today’s chai oil and salt sauce vinegar tea.There is no freshness, no longer passionate companionship!

Once such a person has a bad idea, as long as there is a breakthrough, they will break in directly, and there is still no consequences.No matter what they must be in their hearts anyway, they will be sad for a lifetime!

My wife is such a woman. She feels aggrieved here, and everything I pay for me feels bad.I didn’t get anything here.Being my woman has been my wife for ten years, making her regret it!

In fact, I know my wife derailed, whether it is my friend or my wife’s colleagues!She also went to the hotel and hotels to see her and another man. She walked into the hotel with her arms and came out for eight or nine hours.Sometimes I go home for two or three days in the hotel, and every time I come back, I am full of energy!Once my mother -in -law went to the hospital with a sudden illness, called her to the hospital, and saw her face blushing. When she looked at me, her face hid suddenly.It’s as if I don’t know!

Of course, my wife thinks I don’t know, because I am a fool in her eyes!A few words of tears of grievances, as well as covering the temper when you are guilty, prove that you are very innocent!She thought she was perfect, and she had no flaws to cover up. For me, she was a clown who loved to perform!

My wife became like this. After all, she was the mother of three children. In order to be with any so -called lover, her child didn’t care.What’s more, sometimes he still picks up his mother’s rights to reprimand the child, saying that the child grows older, the less obedient!

I will only coax the child to say that my mother is old and will grow older, don’t be the same as her!It is not a way to go on like this. I want to divorce my wife at my heart. Why do n’t I want to divorce before, I just for the forbearance.Her attitude towards the children is not a day or two. Now the three children do not hate her and do not like her.She did not go home, the children laugh and laugh all kinds of troubles. As long as she goes home, she sees her anger, and the children are hiding in the room!

I know that if I will endure this way, the children will suffer. In the end, the children have suffered a bad growth. I decided to divorce my wife and fulfill her happiness with her lover.I only ask her not to come to my house in the future, or I promise that I will not come to see the child again in the future, I will divorce!

I do n’t want this family, what else do you want to do? Besides, she can give birth to a few more children, and she can be a mother!My wife ran away for more than a month for more than a month. When she came back, she looked stunned. It seemed to be malnourished. This situation seemed to have three or four times!

I learned from a female colleague of my wife that it turned out that my wife had a miscarriage for her lover.She was afraid that she would be seen by me after pregnancy. In fact, she was most afraid of me in her heart. Let me catch her derailment and pregnancy in her marriage. I was afraid that I would sue her for a couple. She didn’t want to go to jail!

After my wife showed a card with me, she said, "Although I betrayed you, but you are my relative and very important person in my heart. Although I have no feelings for you, I don’t want to lose you, follow me, follow meDivorce is absolutely impossible, okay! "

In the future, my wife was affectionate with her lover. When I got home, I took a bath and brushed my teeth.What she didn’t know was that I had already sued and divorced, and waited for the court to notify her!

Her wife received a divorce prosecution, which made her very angry and torn the divorce agreement directly!After ten divorce agreements, I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. She cried to the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau that she had a good relationship with me, her feelings did not break, she didn’t want to divorce!People from the Civil Affairs Bureau said: You go back. After a month of calm time, if you want to divorce, come again at that time!

Because my forced wife went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. After returning from the Civil Affairs Bureau, her attitude and performance were not so arrogant and unscrupulous.His wife’s lover called her and dated her. She didn’t have an appointment as she had before, as if she was afraid of what to worry about!With the opportunity to stay with the lover, how good it is to divorce me, how beautiful is every day in the arms of the lover!

On the day of Children’s Day, I sent my child back to my hometown. My wife asked me what the child did. When she left in the morning, the child was still at home, and she planned to lead the children out to play!Seeing the strawberry seal on her neck, I knew that she had gone out to meet her lover just now. It was definitely missing very long for a long time.

His wife covered the strawberry seal on his neck and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After taking a shower, he never asked about the child, but just lying on the bed to play with his mobile phone!She seemed to have a heart, and she always looked at me unintentionally. Sure enough, she went straight to me and said what she wanted to live with me. I didn’t agree and told her that I couldn’t do something sorry for her lover!

A woman said that she said she was like her husband, and it was definitely painful to refuse her to be affectionate with herself.After a month of calmness for ten days, her wife did not work hard to show me well, and the law could not save her!This is also her idea. I am absolutely divorced, there is no room for peace!

My wife cried in the bedroom. I ignored her, but went to the toilet to close the water heater!When I want to take out the toilet garbage, I see that there is an unwashed woman underwear in the trash can!Ashamed to say, what style of underwear in my wife, what color and color of underwear, I don’t know as my husband!

Speaking of the disgusting, I picked up the underwear and looked at it. There were a lot of liquid secretions on the underwear, and there was definitely the disgusting thing of my wife and lover!No wonder the wife returned home to take a shower and take a bath. In terms of men and women, after the man ended once, he needed to restore his body, and women didn’t need it!So after the relationship between my wife and her lover, in order to save my divorce, it is possible to get close to me!

One month later, I took the divorce agreement and signed my wife again, but she was crazy like crazy, and the divorce agreement was torn again!I want to know why she was derailed and I didn’t want to divorce me. I asked my wife that she only cried and didn’t speak, so I decided to ask her lover to ask!

My marriage destroyer, my wife’s favorite man, I came to his home!Lover is a little scared to see me, and apologize to me or something, and guarantee that I will not harass my wife again!

After listening to my doubts, he said, "Big brother, you only know that she is with me, but when you are with me, your wife always tells me that it is impossible to marry her to divorce her!After divorcing, she was known by her mother’s family. Then her parents were very traditional, and they were very traditional. When she learned that her daughter did such a thing, how did she be a person in the future? There is another reason. Your wife has done it four times for me for me.Abortion, the uterine wall is very thin, so she had a birthplace surgery. Even if there was no birthpool, she would no longer get pregnant! "

I learned why my wife did not divorce, and I said to my wife’s lover: Seeing what you do, just care about the comfort of the lower body, regardless of the feelings of the people around you, the two of you are really selfish!

I am afraid that my wife will be mad, and at most, I will not touch her anymore in the future!If she may have abandoned these three children, she will go straight to her happiness, no one can stop it!

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