My sister announced that she was pregnant … but her husband ran into the toilet to cry, netizens poked the truth

A woman in a foreign country shared her sister on the forum recently. It was originally a happy event worth celebrating the whole family. However, the woman found that her husband’s response was strange and made her suspect that her husband had concealed, so she asked netizens online.

According to Mirror, the netizen shared on the forum Reddit that he had dinner with her husband at her mother’s house. At the beginning of the original table, she was raised, but when my sister shared her pregnancy, the whole atmosphere became strange instantly.weird.The woman felt that her husband suddenly became very quiet. When the people stand up and congratulated, the husband did not get up, but he kept staring at his sister.

The woman was concerned about her husband. At that time, her husband said that she was okay, but then suddenly ran to the toilet to vomit.After vomiting, he lowered his head on the floor of the toilet again, and refused to let the woman help him up and wash his face.This makes the whole family very worried and the woman feels strange.

After returning home, her husband still said nothing. The woman cared about her husband’s physical condition, so it was normal for measuring his blood pressure and body temperature.However, around 5:30 in the morning, the woman was awakened by the crying room, and she was shocked that her husband was crying in the bathroom.The woman immediately ran into the toilet to care about her husband’s condition, but he still did not respond.

So far, the husband still refuses to talk about what happened, and only told the woman that she was a little overwhelmed.The woman couldn’t help doubt whether her husband’s response was related to her sister.The woman wrote in the text that her sister had hinted that "brother -in -law" was her own dish and wanted to associate with such people.Although her sister has a boyfriend in her interaction, all factors add up to make women feel strange.

Many netizens think that the woman’s husband may be "the child’s father". Some people leave a message to suggest that the woman talks with her sister, but some people want her not to think about it, and the husband may also have childbirth phobia.Netizens said that those who suffer from this phobia are very afraid of pregnancy, and their girlfriend often is afraid of vomiting because she dreams of pregnancy.

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