My pregnancy diary | Can expectant mothers take cold medicine?Is it really a good way to carry it?

Hi, long time no see!

For more than two weeks, I almost struggled with a cold.

Especially during the period of severe pregnancy in early pregnancy, I really felt like I couldn’t keep up.

Even professional gynecologists say that early pregnancy is the lowest immunity of expectant mothers. At this time, fertilized eggs should "take root" in the expectant mother’s uterus, and the fertilized eggs are aimed at mothers themselves."Foreign objects", the mothers and fertilized eggs fight against each other, will undoubtedly bring immunity damage to expectant mothers, so the cold will follow.

So, for the prospective mothers in the early pregnancy, do you have a cold, do you take some cold medicine?

The reason why expectant mothers have such a hesitation is because early pregnancy is a critical period for embryonic cell divisions and rapid development. Once you don’t pay attention, there may be problems of abortion or fetal development.Drugs are a very important cause of fetal deformity.

Therefore, as a expectant mother, due to the consideration of the health of the fetus, avoiding the drug as much as possible has become the first choice for the disease.

Of course, I am the same.

My cold continued for two weeks for two weeks to be completely cured. During this period, I tried to paralyze myself through drinking more water and sleeping as much as possible, so that I would be as comfortable as possible.Not much better, but at least, I survived.

However, I share this experience, but I just want to tell everyone:

Generally speaking, most common colds are caused by virus infections. Even if they do not take medicine, they can be cured around 1-2 weeks. During this period, you only need to pay attention to hydration and ensure rest.

Of course, each expectant mother has different constitutions and the ability to withstand the disease. If you feel very uncomfortable, then you may wish to see the doctor, and the doctor will also give as safe treatment as possible according to your specific situation.It is recommended that, of course, in terms of drugs, doctors will also prescribe drugs that have no effect on fetal development or very small effects, and expectant mothers can rest assured.

Here I want to tell you that in terms of safety and medication during pregnancy, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) divide the drugs into 5 levels according to the effects of drugs on fetal development, namely A, B, C, D, X, X, XAmong them, Class A and B are relatively safe for fetal development, and Class C and above. After the expectant mothers take it, it is likely to have to varying degrees of adverse effects on fetal development.

Therefore, in terms of medication, expectant mothers must still be very cautious, neither can completely resist all drugs, nor can they use medicine blindly without authorization.

Speaking of which, some expectant mothers may say that if I know that I have taken some medicines that may endanger the development of the fetus before pregnancy, is it impossible for the children in the belly?

In fact, this situation often occurs before 4 weeks of expectant mothers, and at this stage, there is a theory of "all or no" in the international pregnancy in the world, that is, for the expectant mother before 4 weeks of pregnancy.Some drugs may be radiated, so the impact on fetal development will move towards two extremes: one is that the fetus stops developing and naturally abortion; the other is that the fetus is not affected and normal development.Therefore, after the expectant mother did not intend to take a certain drug before 4 weeks of pregnancy, it may be patient, and it is likely that after a few weeks to do early pregnancy examination, you can see the fetal heart buds of the embryo.

In short, in the face of illness during pregnancy, expectant mothers do not have to deny the drug’s attitude towards the drug. If the body is really uncomfortable, you should seek medical treatment in time and follow the doctor’s suggestion.The correct attitude of responsibility.

During the illness, my daughter gave me a lot of warmth.

She said, "I’m busy, I don’t have time to take care of my mother", but when I cough and vomit, it was the first person to run to take a paper towel and water.

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