My October Cold Diary: The birth process of a life

Recently reading the book "Mom’s Significance: How Children Change your Life", suddenly remembered that some diaries were recorded during pregnancy.After the child was born, he has been busy, and he is about to forget how to hesitate in these ten months. Re -reading today, I feel lucky and have such a good child.

Nearly 6W

It is said that the diary of pregnancy is a matter of ease of anxiety. It has not been written because I want to wait for the situation to stabilize.

The day when the result was found on Saturday, I hurriedly wanted to go to the hospital for examination, but the Maternal and Child Health Hospital next to the home gave a bunch of useless and expensive lists, and went out of anger.Then I went to the community hospital and did not go to work on the weekend.The number of registered online is not available.And my lower abdomen was faintly painful, walking in the rain, and worried that I couldn’t help crying on the road.

Fortunately, the next afternoon was successfully asked to go to the hospital. On the third day, I got the results of the examination. The results of the examination were good. The doctor said that there was no need to worry.The middle body has been in a state of unstable state. In the middle, the body temperature is more than 37 degrees, and you can feel the rotation of the sky.Symptoms of pregnancy appear around, and it cannot be explained at all. It reached its peak recently (added a few weeks later: At that time, it did not reach the peak at that time, and it became more and more intense …).

6.3 weeks

It is more severe in pregnancy. It is difficult to maintain daily brainpower every day, because it is necessary to suppress the feeling of vomiting at all times.Going to the hospital on Friday to do the B timeout, the pregnancy vomiting almost destroyed me.In order to take 1L of water that drunk the urine, spit it out in five minutes, and sprayed out of the nose and mouth, because the eyes were so uncomfortable that the eyes were red, and they squatted in the hospital toilet, waiting for themselves to vomit and vomit.The back trembling recovered.

I can’t stay at home for a long time, because the smell of cockroaches and cockroach medicines at home cannot stand, which is too sensitive to the smell.I used to hate the food that I liked before. I ca n’t drink yogurt, do n’t drink soymilk, nor can I cook by myself, because the action of entering the kitchen will bring nausea and severe retching.

There was a short period of time this morning without nausea, but instead worried whether it would stop the fetus. I checked on the Internet nervously for a long time and turned out the previous B -ultrasound results. After watching it for a long time, I went out uneasily."Shortly after going out, the nausea of habit appeared again …

In the preparedness of pregnancy some time ago, it is said that pregnancy is a manifestation of children’s health, so you can only continue this pain but have to suffer time.

I am worried that the fetal instability is as good as the year during the early pregnancy. In the second trimester, I will not feel good at sleeping because of my big stomach. I am inconvenient to move in the third trimester. After giving birth, I will lack sleep, and no day will be calm.

Is it a selfish behavior that allows children to come to such a world that I can’t Handle?I thought about this problem before pregnancy, but I didn’t dare to think too much.I don’t have time to think now, because this is a grand proposition, and I still can’t give the answer.Each mother has the cause of her own fertility, no matter what kind of reason, she can’t stand.I like children just to meet their needs. It is for the sake of family needs. I have to say that it is bound by social rules. No matter what reason is selfish.

What I can do now is to allow children to be born in a good environment with their own controllable.This world is bad, but you can do a good job of Xiaojia, give him/her enough love, so that he/she has the courage to fight against the world.Maybe he/she is more capable of dealing with these complicated things than me.(This kind of ability is not more successful, but hope that his/her outlook on life will be more open.)

8.6 weeks

I heard that it will not be a little more at ease until 12 weeks (that is, 3 months).It is usually regarded as normal everything, and it will be regarded as a signal of the wind and crane during pregnancy. For example, the day of pregnancy stops, such as the sudden diarrhea at 12:30 last night.So he sat on the toilet ring late at night to search for "diarrhea in the early pregnancy". As a result, he scared himself half to death. After pulling his stomach, he fell asleep in panic.Dream and friends ride a bicycle to find a tofu soup that have been drinking, while riding while thinking about whether pregnant women ride a bicycle is not a good behavior.

I haven’t started to read some parenting books.The B -ultrasound did not check the progesterone afterwards, no matter what it looks like.

9.6 weeks

Tomiting gradually becomes regular, and it will bother me when brushing my teeth in the morning.Sleeping becomes a problem. Although I can go to sleep at any time every day, after the lights are turned off at eleven o’clock in the evening, my head is still active. I can’t fall asleep.What happened.

Sometimes, I worry that I can’t feel the existence of TA, such as when there is no pregnancy reaction.Pregnancy is the only signal of TA for me.Put your hands under the navel for a long time, which will be more at ease. The navel is always slightly lower than the temperature around me. I use the temperature of my palm to warm TA.

I heard that mother love (the word is too strange to put on me) was accumulated a little bit in ten months of pregnancy. Every time I touched my stomach, I seemed to cast a coin in the savings tank of my mother.EssenceI hope that I can accumulate enough, and I have enough patience to cope with everything after the birth of TA.

My mother -in -law said that when Double Eleven made me stain some urine, I was shocked to say that it was too early.It’s still early, maybe deep inside still think this is a long process.

11.3 weeks

Each birth check is like a psychological war, lying on the bed of B -ultrasound, waiting for the doctor to wipe the gel and detect it back and forth. I seem to be the meat on the cutting board. It seems that the whole fate is in her hands.Can’t wait to ask, is it normal?As a test person, she can only say that everything is normal at present.It wasn’t until the doctor showed me the list and said that there was no problem that I could breathe a short breath, but this was only temporary. After I went home, I would check what each indicator was one by one on the checklist.The meaning is the normal range. Even if the doctor said it is okay, as long as I think this item is not in the online standard, it will still be anxious to calm down.I need everything.

A few days ago, the pregnancy reversed seemed to disappear suddenly. For a few days, the lower abdomen had been fell into a pain, and I was scared to sleep. I opened my mobile phone to search for "XX tire stop" at two o’clock in the evening.I couldn’t sleep anymore.

Fortunately, everything was normal for this checkup, and I finally survived the first three months of difficulties, and then I could enter the happy April.

Added episodes: Doctors from the Municipal People’s Hospital said that the test results were normal, but when I went home, I found that the value of the head and hip diameter was not right, so I asked the doctors in the community hospital.Then I paid the doctor at Dr. Lilac again. The doctor said that the value was wrong, so the next day I went to the Municipal People’s Hospital to ask the doctor’s results. The doctor said that it was wrong.Give me a test result.It’s too irresponsible, alas.

15.4 weeks

I have not recorded recently. I have returned to my hometown. Opening the notebook is a very difficult thing for me (because of procrastination).

At 14.4 weeks, because I was very worried, I planned to go to the town to hear the fetal heart. The doctor was my distant relative and said that I couldn’t hear it. I did the B -ultrasound.I looked at it and said it was a boy.Although it was more than three months, this should be casually said, but to be honest, I was still very excited at the time.However, I don’t have much request, I just hope that the child will be born healthy and grow up safely (I hope that after I hope that the child is older, I can remember my current wish, not too high expectations for him/her.)

When I returned to my hometown at 13.5 weeks, I lost my weight rapidly at home. Looking at myself in the mirror, my waist completely disappeared. When I lay down, I could touch the position of the uterus without knowing where the position was a few weeks ago.

I worry about each period. Even if the test results were good that day, this feeling of peace of mind could not last long, and the concerns about future concerns will come into my heart again until the next check will bring a little peace of mind.Will this mentality continue until the child was born until he grew up?It is a good thing to change this mentality fundamentally.

I always feel that the baby baby is very fragile and can’t afford a little interference from the outside world, but in fact, I am its protective umbrella. I want to eat a good meal and exercise well, so that it will naturally live in a safe environment.Start to take a walk every day!Intersection

But still hope to feel the fetal movement sooner.

In the past few days, I occasionally have a tingling sensation on one side of my belly before going to bed. Sometimes there will be a sense of pull, which should be signs of rapid growth of the uterus.Today, the baby grapefront said that the baby will be gurgling like the intestine, but I can’t feel it.I was used to putting my hands on my abdomen before going to bed, and I felt carefully. Sometimes I felt the heartbeat. In fact, it was just the arterial beating of the abdomen.I hope that when there is fetal movement, I can distinguish it from intestinal motility.

In addition, the side lying on the side is not very comfortable when sleeping. You can only lie down and sit too much. When you lie down, the tail spine is uncomfortable.

17.1 weeks

I went to the Tang screen for inspection today. I should have gone yesterday. I ca n’t do any inspections after drinking a sip. I ran for a while, but I saw the new home while taking the work.The lake strolled around and ate noodles and fried chicken at Uncle’s house, which was very fulfilling.I went again today, I got the blood for half an hour, and then went to the furniture market to watch the bed and the sofa coffee table. I was busy at 12 o’clock.

The results of the inspection will not be more than half a month, I hope everything can be normal.

Each test is like a test that passed the barrier, there is no opponent, and it is a test that cannot win by his own efforts.A few days before the inspection were frightened, but it was a little better than the previous three months.

I heard the fetal heart for the first time today, and the instrument was just put on, and I heard the sound of quickly and powerful beating. This kind of voice made me worry for a few days to temporarily rest.Intersection

It is said that I can feel the fetal movement at the earliest 16 weeks, so in the 16 weeks, I was the same as Mo Yan. I spent my energy every day to pay attention to my belly.I heard that it was easy to move after meals. I heard that my baby likes light and music, so I dried my belly every day after meals and put the music and hope to feel what.I don’t know the difference between early fetal movement and intestinal peristalsis, so I look at the descriptions of others everywhere, but unfortunately I still can’t distinguish it.Sometimes I feel like a sliding passing in my belly. I do n’t know if it is. If so, it is quite frequent, but it is more likely to be my hallucination.In my imagination, he/she was swimming in the water like a small fish, playing alone.

One night before going to bed, I suddenly planned to read the study plan for my parents college that I made. Recently, I have to systematically systematically lift this matter and list a thinking guide.Text output.(The books read during pregnancy have been sorted out: I read these books with knowledge against anxiety during pregnancy)

19.1 weeks

Because of the temporary abdominal pain, my parents drove me to the hospital for an emergency department overnight. They were almost hospitalized to protect the fetus. Fortunately, it gradually returned to normal the next day.Unfortunately, I have to leave my hometown. This is a month in advance than the plan, and I am not prepared at all.

The results of the last B -ultrasound of the last time showed that it was a week earlier. I do n’t know if it was because of dysplasia or the pregnancy week. This made me a little worried.Fortunately, after going to the hospital, listening to the fetal heart is normal, and the heartbeat was slower than early pregnancy, but he was still very powerful. This time, he/she hid in the lower right corner.

The pregnancy journey is about to be over half, and the time is fast and slow. Fast is to review the novelty when I am pregnant. Now it seems that I am familiar with this state. The slowest is that every day seems to be in the past.

I heard that the fetus often heard the mother’s voice in the stomach, and she could recognize the mother’s voice after birth.In contrast, his father’s participation seems to be very small, including the entire breeding process, and the average father has no mothers.So I feel selfishly that my children should love my mother a little more than my father for a lifetime, but unfortunately this is not the case.

I started to systematically read the book of parenting, including physical care and raising concepts, which is effective and greatly reduces my anxiety.At least, I can be worthy of it, saying that I have made the biggest effort for parenting, even if my upper limit is.

21 weeks

The fetal movement is getting more and more obvious.I have forgotten when I felt the fetal movement for the first time. At first, I seemed to be a feather through the belly. I didn’t know someday.I have been worried that I do n’t know the stomach grunt and fetal movement before. In fact, it is obvious that the belly gurgling is continuous and coherent, and it feels familiar.The fetal movement is dotted, and only moves at a time, even if it is frequent fetal movement, it is not continuous.

I don’t know how the baby moves. In my imagination, he/she ran away with my belly like a pedal on the wall of the swimming pool before swimming, but I knew it must be sureIt is impossible.

The fetal movement time is getting more and more regular, less in the afternoon, and it will start frequently after 10 pm.Sometimes I didn’t move too late at night, and I was thinking about waiting for him/she to sleep again. I stayed up late without knowing it. I did not expect that the baby who was not born would also change me subtly.EssenceSometimes I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night. I felt very lonely, holding my stomach, and imagined whether he would be lonely in such a small space. Think about it. He/she may have no concept of loneliness.But late at night, knowing that he/she was with me, he was more at ease.

One night, when he was about to fall asleep, he/she started hiccups. At first, he felt very novel. The time interval was very regular.Snile.It shows that his/her lungs are developing, and diaphragm are growing.But after ten minutes of snoring, it was not good, it was about to scare me. Fortunately, it was more than twelve o’clock. He/she finally got quiet before I was able to fall asleep.This is the first time. I strongly feel that he is part of my body, we are one, and I have bred him/her, and the word "bred" was curious.

I will do a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound in a few days. I am very nervous before each inspection. I hope I can be lucky and hope everything goes well.

21.3 weeks

After about 3 weeks, the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound can be relaxed for a few days.

After all, my weight broke through 120 pounds, and it was unexpected, but I was still anxious about my figure.

Today, He Lao said that although he was not born, I love this baby too much.It is hard to imagine for a few months, and he/she established such a close connection.I still remember that I just knew that my stomach was uncomfortable when I was pregnant and worried that I cried on the road. Remember that before the fetal movement disappeared, I carefully stroked my stomach before going to bed.One night suddenly found that lying down and felt the surprise of the lower abdomen.When I was pregnant, every time I thought of pregnancy, there would be a sense of novelty, because I felt that I was not mature. I did not expect that I had accepted the identity of my "mother" so soon, although I mentioned the wordSorry.

He/she has not been born, and I am ready to resist him/her suffering that may happen to him/her.

Perseverance and independence, I thought I would not be changed, but I did not expect that after all, I was convinced by the little life in my stomach.

23.2 weeks

Feeling that fetal movement is a very beautiful thing. When staying up late, everything was silent. In the dark, only the lights of the mobile phone shown their faces. At this time, the baby kicked in the belly.Stay up late with you.

When I thought of the 15 and 16 weeks, I tried to observe the belly, hoping to find a little movement of the baby’s baby. Unfortunately, at that time, his/her little hands and feet had no strength, and even if it slipped, it could not feel it.

Even if I know that the baby will occupy a large part of his life before pregnancy, he is still surprised that he will spend a lot of thoughts every day on this unborn child.Just as I don’t know where the time before the mobile phone was born, I forgot where every day before pregnancy.

When I read the book "minimalist wardrobe" yesterday, I suddenly felt that pregnancy and leaving Beijing were an opportunity. I can take this opportunity to update the wardrobe.Luggage has not been transported from Beijing to home, and you can throw away a group of unwavering clothes when you check.During pregnancy and postpartum, you can buy less clothes as much as possible, and you can buy some favorite clothes after weight and stability.

Don’t be frustrated because you can’t work at home. This is my last free time. Without work pressure, no parenting trouble, you can do something you like with confidence.Think from another angle and treat it as an opportunity to study, not a blank period, so that the psychological burden will be much smaller.

24 weeks

The tension before the inspection is difficult for others to appreciate. You can’t wait to take everything you can exchange for a good test result.

And I discovered that this concern is just the beginning, not only will you worry about the inspection, you will worry during the production process, and you will worry about the breeding process.

I worry about whether I will grow up healthily during the newborn period. I am worried that there will be bullying when I am in elementary school. When I am in junior high school, I am worried that premature love will protect himself. Worried that he/she is on the way to school.The relationship between classmates.In short, from the moment he gave birth to him, he had a bond, and he had to worry about him/her in this life.

Dear baby, I hope you have a disease -free life, just healthy and healthy.

25 weeks

A few days ago, I finally finished the examination of a large row, and the baby was normal.But I have some problems, gestational diabetes plus anemia.I saw the baby’s appearance for the first time today, so good.Honestly, it looks better than I thought. Although I wrinkled, it was not like a little old man.And the baby cooperates very well, and it is checked in half an hour. There is no need to rest in the middle, saving a lot of things.It looked a bit handsome, as if it was a high nose bridge. My mother said that her chin looked like I didn’t know what to see.If you have a mobile phone, you can’t help but open it after a while. Although it is just formed, it looks wonderful.I was afraid that I was scared last night and I was afraid that I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night.The haze that lasted for a few days has also dissipated, the sky is clear, and the blue sky and white clouds.I also watched the solar eclipse.Really a good day.Baby, I hope you are safe.

29.4 weeks

After more than 24 weeks, after the four -dimensional examination, I saw the B -ultrasound on that round face, which was very surprised. I thought it would be wrinkled. I did not expect to be a quiet and round baby. You can even see the high nose bridge, Better than I think.Although the blood sugar is too high and anemia at the same time, it is always very happy.Because the baby has passed the large row of abnormalities smoothly, other problems are my own problems, which is relatively solved.Inspection on December 26, I went to Beijing on the 27th high -speed rail because I didn’t want to miss the ten -year love day on the 28th.Until the 13th, I went home from Beijing. This is a very happy half a month. I have no burden on eating and drinking at home.

It was 27 weeks when returning home on the 13th.Before that, except for round body, most of my time I took more than a dozen pounds and was still as light as a swallow.But after that, my body deteriorated.

First, it is difficult to sleep, and you can only lie on the side, but there is no posture lying on the right side and right on the right side. It is comfortable to fall asleep.If you drink a little more water before going to bed one day, you will definitely be awakened by urine in the middle of the night, and you have to get up at night.I didn’t sleep anymore.This is a trivial matter, you can make up for the day.

After that, the tail vertebrae and the pubic pain, this pain was not fatal, but everywhere.Especially when you start from the bed and wear pants, you are the most uncomfortable. In addition, walking will hurt.It ’s like feeling the life of the elderly in advance. If you take a step, you will launch the whole body.

After that, I started to catch a cold. If it was a normal cold, it was okay to say that it was necessary to take medicine to follow the doctor, but on the first day of the first day of the cold, on the last day of 2019, the new crown pneumonia was reported on the TV.So from January 24th to February 1st at this moment, I have experienced difficulty in breathing, darkening my eyes, dying, more than 38 degrees, respiratory pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, vomiting, vomiting, vomiting, vomitingPhysical phlegm did not ease until today.The epidemic news that is updated every day on the mobile phone can be said to be as long as the year.

To this day, I just want to return to normal life.(Remember on August 18: I did not expect that today’s half a year later, normal life is still extravagant.)

The only comfort during this period is that the baby’s fetal movement is very active, especially at night.On January 23rd, I went to the birth checkup and said that my baby’s fetal position was not right and headed to the left, so I had to lie down on my right.Sometimes the stomach on the right is old, and I don’t know what kind of posture he can toss himself when playing.Different from a few weeks ago, it was almost punching and kicking his/her mother, and his belly was old, and occasionally he kicked the bladder for a while.But I am also happy.

History is being witnessed. In the future, he will talk about his/her birth with the baby, probably "that is a new year with a raging epidemic."Occasionally, it is even more doubtful whether giving birth to a child in such a weak world is an irresponsible behavior, but now it is too late to think about it. This world cannot suddenly get better. I have no choice. I can only do my best. I can only do my best.What he can, let him/her live as happily as possible in this unstoppable world.

32.1 weeks

During the epidemic, a huge courage went to the hospital and did two -dimensional examination, fetal heart monitoring, and blood sugar monitoring.There are good results as before, but there is no big problem in general.The baby is still moving to the left, and sometimes it turns into the hips automatically. Although it is still not explained now, this means that I have always worked hard to achieve the birth of the delivery and may become futile.But from another angle, as long as you can be healthy and healthy, you don’t care about smoothing.The blood sugar that has been working hard is still exceeding the standard, and I feel that I am almost incomparable.Take another 2 months.

Keeping smooth breath becomes more and more difficult, this is what I couldn’t think of before.Sometimes a little bit full or wearing a mask is panting. Only at this time can I know how rare the smooth breathing of ordinary people is.

But these are all within the scope of tolerance. This is what my choice will bring, and I am willing to bear it.

34.1 weeks

The countdown is 41 days.

Looking at this number is getting closer and closer, there is a mood of exams when I go to school. I don’t know how I prepared and can I take a good test.But I hope to finish the test immediately, and I can remove the pressure.

I am always hungry at night, and I have eaten some snacks and drinking water.The quality of sleep is very poor, and it is content to sleep without dreams one night.Sitting here and typing have become a difficult thing because they can’t get angry.

The mentality is not very good. It may be too long at home. I really want to go out and play, watch movies to eat hot pot, and restore their previous life.I like to go to the university to travel for a day after confinement, I am afraid of extravagance.

I need to do something to divert my attention. I am afraid that I will fall into the panic that is about to come. Put my eyes farther after production.For example, in the future, I can drive my children to the library to the children’s theater on the weekend. We can go to climb the mountain together. I can watch the picture book with him/her. I want to make a photo album for TA and record the process of growing up.It’s better to list the next 100 small things to do with your baby and see how much you can do in the future.

Shopping crazy, buying things and babies used in confinement, and going downstairs through the courier every day.Today, I saw the Begonia flowers downstairs blooming. It was so beautiful that she was beautiful, and I stood under the tree and watched it for a while.

At noon, a video with my mother, Grandma went to the house to help make a mattress. The sun was very good. I made a very large and thick one. I used two small ones.Nowadays, children do n’t wear cotton clothes.I planned to see me when I came to see me. I did not expect that I couldn’t get the epidemic, and I could only mail it.

Seeing that my mother worried about it, she was guilty.After the marriage, a small family was established, and the parents ignored a lot.Looking at Taobao records, I often buy clothes and daily necessities for them a few years ago. Now I have n’t thought of what I bought for my parents. Instead, they have been worried about me.Sometimes my mother called me to complain to my life. I didn’t listen patiently. In fact, who can she talk to?

When you have to have a child, you have to realize the heart of being a parent.

36 weeks

The countdown is 28 days.

There are fewer per meals, so the problem of difficulty breathing is not so serious.

The family members were together and bought a few big things such as bottle, milk powder, bathtubs, small clothes, quilts, maternal supplies, and so on. The baby bed was also supported in the living room.Month, everything is ready, to be given birth at any time.

Occasionally you have a dream of having children. Sometimes you dream that you ca n’t find a hospital everywhere, and only 1%of your mobile phone cannot be available.Sometimes I dreamed that the cesarean section did not hurt so much, and I woke up before seeing the gender.

Fortunately, the quality of sleep has been slightly better than before, but the amount of exercise is less.In any case, enjoy the time to sleep all night.

36.3 weeks

Psychological state is not good.

It must be the impact of hormones.

Want to escape, escape from this state of delivery, go to the wild to climb the mountains to see flowers, or invest in busy workplace life, or see friends chatting, at least go shopping to see new clothes that can’t be worn, onePeople eat a small hot pot.

Because it is in a state of property at any time, everything becomes extravagant.More importantly, it is not possible to go out casually during the postpartum confinement, which means that this kind of physical and mental suffering will last for more than 2 months.

Ah, the more frustrated, the more frustrated.Get up and exercise.

It is said that I only had more than 5 pounds when I was born. My brother was born 20 days in advance. I don’t know how we survived at that time.

I have a lot of relationships with my mother. I have never had a call before. Maybe I am too idle. I have to tell her endless words that I no longer twist in many things, and I finally listen to her guidance.Or I have to be a mother by herself, and I am considerate of her difficulties.

38.1 weeks

The doctor said that the due date is 3 days earlier than I knew before.

It can be born at any time. Recently, pseudo -contractions are getting more and more frequent. The stomach in the middle of the night yesterday was awake, but there was no signal other than that.I hope to wait another week and wait until 39 weeks.

Because of the reason for a year, I have a bad mood.I don’t know how to spend the next year, anyway, it is not very happy to think of it anyway.(August 18th: At that time, Lao Cheng planned to go home. I did not expect that the epidemic impact was not easy to find a job, so I continued to stay in Beijing)

Life cannot always be satisfactory everywhere, but it is unsatisfactory in itself, coupled with the impact of hormones, the mood is worse.

The expectation of the baby’s birth was divided by this bad mood a lot.

39.4 weeks

The closer, the more calm the mentality is.Because everything is almost prepared, it is impossible to prepare further.

Presumably this is a child with a tight temper, because it will not become the head after 37 and 38 weeks, and it is estimated that it will not be too anxious.

In the end, I decided to wait for 2 months to go to Beijing and plan to bring their children. This is a difficult decision. In addition to the high rent and living cost, a person will bring your child to your time completely, it is very uncomfortable, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but I am not free, but meStill choosing this, after choosing, the mentality was a little peaceful.(August 18th: Now I have brought my children for two months, I feel pretty good.)

Records next time, it may be postpartum, I wish everything goes well.The baby is healthy and try to give birth.

The next day after writing this article, I went to the hospital.Birth on the day of the due date.

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