My nanny is pregnant, who is the child?

Recently, Xu Laoshi was in a Korean drama, named "A tasteful her", the two Korean dramas queen, Jin Xishan and Jin Xuan’er (the player of Jin Sanshun) on the same stage, seemed very enjoyable.

Jin Xishan plays a giants in the play.

It is said that women and children’s money is best to make, and South Korea is no exception. Kim Xishan’s father -in -law has made a fortune by selling toilet paper and sanitary napkins. The sons live a happy life of "serving as general manager and marrying Bai Fumei".

The eldest son marries the professor. The second son marries Kim Xishan. Miss South Korea is born and has been a stewardess. The clothes you wear are all new models of Dior, Balmain, Giambattista Vall, DOLCE & Gabbana.Anyway, Xu La wet couldn’t afford it.

Jin Xuan’er’s person in the script is a nanny of a scorpion. This is a nanny with ambitious and ambitious nanny. During the interview, he talked about Montreian to win the favor of Jin Xishan.Therefore, Xu Laidian often said that he must understand a little art.

The main content of Jin Xuan’er’s work is to take care of Antidong, who is paralyzed in bed. In addition to diet and normal rehabilitation training, Jin Xuan’er will also watch "Tiffany’s Breakfast" with Anton, enjoy music together, dance together, and insist on persistingRead poetry for him.

When reading poetry, Jin Xuan’er was charming and full of style. She was charming, and she would twist her body with the rhythm of the poem. Antidong even watched the stone and more stone!Then I took her for all kinds of department stores to buy and buy, and the jewelry jewelry was delivered. Not only did the Jin Xuan’er pay off the huge debt, but also married her!marry!marry!

Although the children disagreed, Antidong always insisted that he not only married a nanny, but also gave birth to a child.

Then there are various tears of nanny and children.

The process of tearing must be extremely complicated. "Her with taste" is now only updated to the eighth episode, but the beginning of this play has indicated that this is a tragedy -a corpse appeared in the luxury mansion.Netizens speculated that Jin Xuan’er killed Antan Dong and Jin Xishan, and then made his appearance look like Jin Xishan.

Someone compared the nanny in the case of Jin Xuan’er and Hangzhou’s arson case. It also had taste and technical. The employer not only gave her a high salary of 7,500 yuan, but also lent her 100,000 yuan to buy a house, but she still put a fire.Burn the hostess and three children.

There is a rule in the queen Agasha Christie’s novel in the golden time of reasoning novels: the female secretary becomes a real murderer, which may be much higher than the maid.The maid makes the hostess feel a headache, but they are always regarded by the "master" class at the time as a stupid and lack of educational.Those female secretaries who have been educated and ambitious.

The "maid" of the "maid" of the hostess in "Her with the taste" discussed Monet, Mondrian, Henry Mattis’s "maid", which is undoubtedly the combination of the maid and the female secretary of the novel in reasoning novels.There is also the characteristics of villain characters that are constantly rising.

Xu Laidian also remembered the nanny who had done a month in our house for a month. It was found by my father from his hometown. Although it was not diligent enough, it looked particularly honest.In a good interpersonal relationship, she knew the first time in the parents of the neighbors.

One day, she suddenly told me, "I’m pregnant!"

Hearing this news, my husband and I were stunned!I looked at him, he didn’t know where to see.

But the matter quickly came out of the water. The child was not my husband, nor the old king next door, but the nanny husband. They were reluctant before they farewell, passionate, and then the crystallization of love.

The nanny went home and gave birth to a second child. This story ended. The worst is my husband and became the laughingstock of friends. He often joked with this incident.It’s not mine! "

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