My mother -in -law wanted her daughter -in -law to wash her feet, her husband silently, the daughter -in -law only said 4 words

Because Zhou Xiaomei was a little bit lame, the three daughters in the family got married. Xiaomei Zhou Xiaomei was also the most well -known and sensible at home. She was very gentle and honest.

Therefore, naturally, she was bullied by her sisters. She was doing her dirty and tired work at home, but she never said anything.

When Zhou Xiaomei was 8 years old, he accidentally fell on the mountain when he went to the mountain and stunned from that. Therefore, after Zhou Xiaomei grew up, because of his feet, he had not found the family who was satisfied with the house.After good, they shook their heads.

When Zhou Xiaomei was 22 years old, the matchmaker came to the house and said that there were good families. The parents were silent after listening, because the other party was in the neighboring village.The mother -in -law’s personality is too strong, and her mother -in -law is disagreed. The daughter -in -law is running away by her mother -in -law.

My parents were reluctant, but I thought that her daughter was big, and I couldn’t stay at home to continue waiting. I also knew the situation of my home. It was really not good to be picky, so I agreed to this family relationship.

A few months later, Zhou Xiaomei finally got married. Although Zhou Xiaomei hadn’t read any books, she was doing things, she was diligent, and she made a good meal. However, her mother -in -law did not like Zhou Xiaomei.It is always said that Zhou Xiaomei is not good.

And Zhou Xiaomei has a docile personality, and he always does not talk to her mother -in -law. She is hard work, and her husband’s husband is a stuffy gourd. He doesn’t talk much at home. He is cowardly.

Zhou Xiaomei always felt that because she was married to her house, she still needed time to run in with her mother -in -law. After spending a long time, her mother -in -law would naturally accept her when she saw what she did.

So Xiaomei Zhou got up early every day to cook the family, and then went to work in the ground. She was washing and doing housework at home. She was also filial and courteous to her mother -in -law.Care.

But after more than a year, Zhou Xiaomei’s stomach had no movement at all, so her mother -in -law always complained in her mother’s mouth, saying that her daughter -in -law only entered the door in a few months, and there were two children in only three years of marriage.It is useless to say Zhou Xiaomei.

Then my mother -in -law did not know where to get the Chinese medicine from, forcing Zhou Xiaomei to drink every day. Those medicine was difficult to swallow. Every time she made Zhou Xiaomei suffering, but after drinking it for a year, the child did not conceive, but the person was fat 20.He came to death, and was disgusted to death by her mother -in -law. After a while, she said that she was not useful, and she said that she was a fat man.

And Zhou Xiaomei prayed that she could have a child every day, and finally had it. When Zhou Xiaomei knew that she was pregnant, she cried happily.

I thought I was pregnant, and my mother -in -law would be better to Zhou Xiaomei, but did not. After pregnancy, Zhou Xiaomei still had to do housework to cook. My mother -in -law never distressed her daughter -in -law who was pregnant., It’s just a wooden man.

I did n’t have a good day after marrying it. Not only was my mother -in -law targeting it every day, but the people on their pillow never comforted and cared about themselves. In addition, they were pregnant.Holding, and I have nothing, I inevitably do not know the taste, grievances and complaints have come.

When Zhou Xiaomei was 6 months pregnant, she looked fattened in itself, and she looked very big. Sometimes she was struggling from the chair. The mother -in -law was working outside that day. After returning, she said that she was tired and said how much she had gone a day.How many ways, so the daughter -in -law who was pregnant to wash her feet, saying that this can relieve fatigue.

So Xiaomei Zhou was obedient to pour water. Because of the relationship of pregnancy, the movement was slow, and her mother -in -law urged and said, "Hurry up, what are you doing?After pregnant, I went to work in the ground when I was 8 months pregnant. "

Then I kept saying that Zhou Xiaomei was very useless and so on, and the husband was silent, as if I didn’t know what happened at all.It was not worth it, so I was so angry that I said 4 words, and the whole family was dumbfounded.

My mother -in -law was stunned for a while, and I didn’t know what to say for a long time. Zhou Xiaomei said loudly, "I want to divorce"

My mother -in -law has always felt that Zhou Xiaomei is Gao Pan’s house, and she has a defect herself, and her personality is honest. Naturally, she is so bully. She always feels that she must not be able to go and scold.Unexpectedly, she would propose a divorce, and her husband did not expect.

In the end, Zhou Xiaomei and her husband divorced in pregnancy. She was very decisive and decisive. She did not know what to do in the future. She was also worried and anxious, but she believed that as long as she was diligent, she would make herself and her children live a good life.Essence

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