My mother -in -law pretended to be stomped, and let the pregnant daughter -in -law go downstairs every day.

Life is equal. Except for children who are obliged to support their parents, parents have the responsibility to raise their children, and others have no obligation and responsibility to help you. It is a duty to help you help you.Now that many mother -in -law thinks that the daughter -in -law marrys her home, she will be obliged to support herself. She will let her daughter -in -law do everything. She will not have kindness to her daughter -in -law.It ’s a stranger. If it’ s not because the two sons did not intersection at all, the daughter -in -law would be willing to take care of her mother -in -law to be a daughter -in -law, and she should be grateful, instead of taking the daughter -in -law as a matter of course.

Recently, there is a troubled thing that disturb Yulian and can’t be peaceful, that is, her mother -in -law. Her mother -in -law is almost 80 years old this year. She usually lives in another house in the same community, but the mother -in -law did not care about it a few days ago.With the inconvenience of action, Yu Lian’s husband Zhou Zheng was unwilling to worry about her mother at home and took her mother -in -law to live together.

Yulian has just been pregnant for three months, and the fetus is not stable. Zhou Zheng is usually busy at work. She can’t always take care of her at home.Later, she drank Yulian like an uncle to do this. She was not used to at home. She had to go downstairs to chat with the old lady in the community every day. But Zhou Zheng’s family lived on the seventh floor. She was inconvenient. What should I do?The mother -in -law asked Yulian to carry her downstairs. Yulian’s pregnancy response was not in response, her body was weak, and her mother -in -law was so uncomfortable by her mother -in -law.

These things Yu Lian and her husband both said. Fortunately, Zhou is a matter of understanding. He also distressed his wife and told his mother several times.Dare to call Yulian, and when Zhou Zheng went out to work, what was it? Yulian dared to be angry and said to her mother -in -law. She was afraid that her mother -in -law would hurt her child in her belly and did not dare to offend her mother -in -law on her face.

On this day, her mother -in -law asked Yulian to carry her downstairs again, just to meet Zhou Zheng who went home early. Zhou Zheng was afraid that Yulian was surprised and was not good at tearing her face with her mother. She proposed that she was carrying her mother to go downstairs.Tired of his son, the dispute between the dispute between the mother -in -law forgot that she was a lame -feet, and threw a crutch and ran a few steps. Where did Zhou Zheng not understand, his mother’s lameness was pretended.

Zhou Zheng did not expect that his mother had bullied his pregnant wife with a stomach. Zhou Zheng was disappointed with his mother. He decided to let his mother learn a little and kick her down the steps.

In many families, mother -in -law and daughter -in -law always seem to have a contradiction of poor reconciliation. The key is that they are too strong people on both sides. Some mother -in -law and daughter -in -law cannot see each other.I was happy to follow, but I didn’t know that this would hurt myself while hurting others. Last time, it would affect the harmony of the family. In the end, it was not only daughter -in -law, but also a son who was in the middle of the middle.In fact, whether it is life or family, you must follow the truth and be good for others. Only if you treat others kindly, others will also return to you in good faith, and such a life will be harmonious.

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