My mother -in -law is difficult to get along. If my mother -in -law is clear in these aspects after pregnancy, the daughter -in -law should be content.

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For women who have married, it can be said that few people have never made trouble for her mother -in -law. After all, two women who have nothing to do with it suddenly become a family, plus if they live together after marriage, they live together.The problems and contradictions between each other may be more.Therefore, many daughter -in -law had concluded such a conclusion in secret, that is: mother -in -law is difficult to get along.

But having said that, those who can see the open -minded mother -in -law never plan too much on the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law. They can see themselves and do what they should do well.It is also not as hot as the water.

Here is also a suggestion for daughter -in -law. When you get along with your mother -in -law, you want to open it yourself.You know that mother -in -law is just an ordinary person, she also has her own problems to weigh, so it is impossible to satisfy you.And when you are the most difficult, that is, the days after pregnancy, if your mother -in -law can be clear in these aspects, he should be content, and your mother -in -law is already very good.

After pregnancy, the baby’s gender, mother -in -law does not ask for, and also comforts her daughter -in -law and girls.

After the daughter -in -law is pregnant, no matter what the baby is in the heart, if the mother -in -law is not strong, and if she knows the gender of the baby in advance for some reason, the mother -in -law does not mind, and even afraid that the daughter -in -law will be sad to comfort, tell them to give birth to birthThe girl is also a baby at home.When encountering such a mother -in -law, it can be said that daughter -in -law should be contentment. Although it is not important for young people for young people, there are still many people who can’t think of in the parents of the in -laws. If you encounter itSuch an enlightened mother -in -law is really grateful.

Throughout pregnancy, I have taken care of daughter -in -law, all kinds of care

For women after pregnancy, there will be many things to pay attention to during the whole pregnancy. If your mother -in -law can do it throughout the pregnancy, you can see you and your fetus. Whether it is physical or psychologically, you value your feelings.Especially when the other half makes you angry, the mother -in -law can come out for the first time to support you and reprimand his son. Then as a daughter -in -law, you should be content.Things in this way follow you, it can be said that it is rare.

When the daughter -in -law is produced, everything is focused on the safety of daughter -in -law, and the daughter -in -law treats her daughter -in -law as a daughter in action.

Some friends around me, after giving birth to a child, said that they had forged a Liang Zi who couldn’t solve it for a lifetime.The reason is nothing more than all kinds of pain when having a child, but the mother -in -law does not allow this to not allow that because of some selfish reasons. Even at the critical moment, she only cares about the fetus regardless of the mother.On the contrary, if the daughter -in -law is produced, all her mother -in -law is focused on the safety of daughter -in -law, and she will not ignore her daughter -in -law for some reasons. She requires that she must be born, and they will not spend less money.As for whether it is painless or guided by a musician during production, all obey the opinions of daughter -in -law, and they will only be a strong backing with their son.When the mother -in -law really did this in action, the daughter -in -law should be content, and your mother -in -law is really good.

My mother -in -law is difficult to get along, but if the mother -in -law is clear in these aspects after pregnancy, the daughter -in -law should be content.Moms, these things mentioned above, did your mother -in -law do it when you were pregnant?

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