My mother gave birth to a second child, and the eldest daughter was lost by 0.15 by her eldest daughter.

Recently, a report was a hot search for a report that the title was "Mother had a second child, and the 6 -year -old daughter felt that her vision dropped to 0.15", which attracted the attention of netizens.

Ms. Liang found her 6 -year -old daughter declined. When she arrived at the hospital for examination, the doctor found that the child’s eyes were normal, but the problem appeared psychologically.It turned out that Ms. Liang gave birth to a second child, and her daughter felt that she was neglected, and her "stimulant eye blindness" appeared, which was heartbroken!

In recent years, with the adjustment of the policy, many families want to ask for another child, but the news of the children’s "resisting" fake monkeys in the family has frequently revealed that the child runs away from home, self -harm, and parents with parents, and parents with parents.It happened in the case of drying.

In the survey of the kindergarten class again, 96 of the 96 children were rejected by their brothers and sisters!

The psychological problems caused by children’s resistance to their parents have become a "social phenomenon."

Experts point out that parents who want to have a second child must pay attention to the ideological work of the boss. Do not ignore the psychological feeling of the child and treat the two children with an equal attitude.Do not let the boss feel cold because of the arrival of children, so that they feel that their parents’ love for them has not changed because of the arrival of new life.

How old is the age difference between the two children?

Studies have shown that if the age difference between children is less than 18 months, then the first child will generally not be jealous and dissatisfied, because they have not understood what happened!

And if the child is two years old, then the competition between children is more prominent; when children are 4-7 years old, they have the strongest knowledge of knowledge, and they are more likely to be curious and explored.Consciousness, at this age, parents’ second child is a good existence.

At the same time, at this age, children’s cognition and self -care ability will also get qualitative development and change, and parents will have more time to take care of the children.

Case: When 6 -year -old Xiaoxin saw her mother pregnant, she already understood that she had a younger brother or sister at home. She was very unhappy.: "Is it bad for me to perform well? Are you going to find a new child?" "With that child, do you still have time to control me?" "Wait for him to be born, do I leave him all the toys?"

At home, parents will be excited because of the arrival of the babies, but for children, they will not think so. After all, this is equivalent to that parents are no longer exclusive.

So after the child is born, the boss will put a certain pressure on the baby. As a child, they will be jealous and angry. Parents should make some attempts to make their parents feel that their parents have enough love to leave them to help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them to help them help them in orderChildren adapt to the life of younger brothers and sisters.

1. Tell your children that their love for them will never change

Parents need to take out a certain time to accompany their children and tell the children that the baby is coming, what kind of changes will have at home, but for their love, they will never change. There is a baby and a person who cares about him.Help children better adapt.

2. When making a decision, listen to the children’s opinions and let the children participate in the process of taking care of their younger and sisters.

Many parents have a second child, and the relationship between the eldest child is significantly reduced. In fact, when making a lot of decisions, you can let your big children join in. Don’t think they are ignorant.

You can ask your child, what name does you take for your baby?What color do you think baby clothes buy?What kind of toys are you going to buy for your baby, etc., so that children and baby can have feelings, but also make them realize that they are respected and recognized by their parents.

With a baby, you can let your big children participate in the work of taking care of the baby. If the child is only five or six years old, you can let them push the stroller, tease the baby, and sing the cradle of the baby.

If the child is older, let him sing or interact with the baby to cultivate the feelings between them.

3. Do not be too enthusiastic about the baby

Being a parent again, parents will be happy, and it is difficult to restrain their inner excitement, but if the elder child is present, parents need to restrain their love and emotions for babies, especially when children are just born, guests come to congratulate the baby.At the time, many people teased their babies and hugged their babies. Parents followed joking. At this time, the older children would feel that they were left out.

They will also hate parents to put all their enthusiasm and attention on the baby, so parents can euphemistically remind the guests who come to visit. Don’t forget that there are other children at home, and then buy gifts for the baby.At the time, don’t forget your big children.

4. Keep your parent -child communication time

Parents need to create a separate time and conditions for their children to cultivate their children’s sense of responsibility and mutual assistance. After the baby is born, the parents must also maintain the communication and interaction with the older children.

When the child is slightly larger, parents can let the two children communicate and interact together, cooperate with each other to complete many projects, such as painting together, singing together, and arranging a dance together to allow children to learn the power of unity and mutual assistance.

5. Parents try to seek truth from facts and treat their children fairly

In the process of educating their children, parents need to do a bowl of water, treat their children equally and fairly.

For example, if you buy new toys for your eldest child, you must buy new clothes for children;

Even if there is always a child with mistakes and naughty, you must seize the opportunity to give appropriate affirmation and encouragement;

Even if a child requires perfect requirements, he must seize a certain opportunity to criticize and point out his shortcomings, ensure the psychological balance of the two children, and let them feel the love from parents.

Try not to preference or emotional tilt, which will make children more sensitive and lost, and will also make such preferred children more proud and disrespectful to their siblings.

When contradictions occur, if parents prefer children without principles, then when the parents go away, the elder child will find the opportunity to retaliate against the child. If the child is more stubborn, the parents will protect him more stubborn and stubbornly.The domineering personality affects the development of two children.

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