My girlfriend is pregnant. The first thing a man thinks is to depend on 300,000 colorful gifts. Who knows that his girlfriend is just trying

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I tell”我”我 我 我, you have to be good ~

There is often such a sentence in Hong Kong films: people are alive, the most important thing is happiness.

An expression of similar meaning is: happiness is also one day, unhappy is also one day. Why not be happy?

Although these two sentences are summarized by artificially, the truth and meaning are not wrong.The most important thing is really happy, but happiness may not be as simple as you think.

Although happy is just two words, the content covered is very wide:

The natural Lotte school always feels heartless and unreasonable, and I am very happy every day. Such people will really be happy for a lifetime. Even if there are dark years, they can come out as soon as possible with their optimism.

People who do not have this condition have no doubt that they need to "find happiness". You must understand happiness, define happiness, and make yourself happy.

The spontaneous happiness is always more meaningful than the happiness given by others.Although you can say that if you have money, you can make you happy. With love will make you happy, you also have a hobby and habit that you can make you happy.

Even if "rich money can make you happy" "with love can make you happy", you can’t reverse the order.

It can make you happy with money and love, but there is no money and no love?Are you unhappy?It’s definitely not possible!You ca n’t be upside down. You must learn to make yourself happy first, as a premise to pursue things that can make you happier.

Speaking of the relationship between happiness and love, the reader below understands it. Let’s hear what she says.

I realized a deep truth from the previous love and wanted to share it with everyone.Although love has left me, I am not sad at all, but I am very happy.

I was not so optimistic before. Perhaps because of the unsuccessful reasons, I always felt that I was lonely. I always felt that I was in a single shadow, so I started to fantasize about love.Happy things.

After building such a desire in my heart, love comes, and it really has a feeling for me.

Although the ending of love is not good, the process is beautiful.The process of the process is not given to me by a man, but I give me myself, because I do n’t need a man to lie to me. I cheated myself and cheated myself very well. I feel that my life is no longer lonely.There will be love with love.

For me in this state, men do not need to do anything particularly good to me. As long as you live with me normally, there is no malice. Even if you are not kind, I will be very happy because he is by my side.Essence

Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. We who were ready to get married, came out before marriage, and let our love come to an end.

Before preparing to get married, I never thought about testing him.He tested him before marriage because one day I accidentally saw the chat records of him and his mother. What I said about money, what about the color gift, how the content of the content did not spend a penny, and marry me back.Home, how can we depend on the 300,000 colorful gifts we previously agreed.

In order to verify whether he was sincere or hypothetical to me, I lied to go to the medical examination and finished lied that I had his child.For him, this is a ready -made excuse for how to worry about how to spend money without spending money to marry me home.

I repeatedly confirmed whether he was serious. He was not only 100 % sure, but also showed an impatient look. Let me marry him quickly, don’t talk nonsense.

I told him the truth at this time:

"I don’t actually have a child, I just test you.Although lying is not good, I think it is necessary from the results.If you hear that I am pregnant with my child, I will be good to me, and I will apologize to you.But now, I can only break up with you. I can only give up my marriage, because you are not the person I want to marry. I dare not marry you. I start to calculate me before getting married.Good days!"

The reason why I want to break up with him is because I am unhappy. Love is no longer the thing that can make me happy before, but it becomes something that makes me unhappy. So why do I still do it?

Those who truly love you will definitely stand up to the test. Those who can’t stand the test are not qualified to say love.

I said earlier that I realized a deep truth, referring to this: I can’t expect love to make me happy, because such a sustenance is unreliable, I can’t ensure that love can make me happy for a lifetime.Halfway, love suddenly had a problem, and I couldn’t make me happy anymore, and it was definitely painful.

Not only does I no longer expect love to make me happy, but I also have to learn to make myself happy and meet love in a happy state, so that there will be double happiness.

Not only the girl above, other girls should also understand: happy, more important than love.

It is more important than love, not that love is not important, but that is more important to be happy.

Happy, you should exist in love first. You must be able to ensure that you have the ability to make yourself happy.You will be happier when you recognize your love.

If your recognition of love can always accompany you, then you will always have double or more happy.Even if love can’t accompany you all the time, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, you know how to make yourself happy, without love, you can still be happy.

Don’t really pin all the hope on a love. Although you want to be fulfilled, it will make people happy, but if it is not fulfilled?You will definitely fall into the mud in the "greater hope, the greater the disappointment".

Moreover, every girl must remember: Whether you have a happy first before you have love, or you have a love first, you have a happyness. Once love makes you unhappy, you can no longer make you happy, justWhen you go away.

I am Donglin Xiting, you have a story, come to me.

Do you have love before you are happy, or the other way?

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